We Need To Talk About Jenna and JJ

Alright, let’s try and do this without being cliché, or cheesy, and without looking like too much of a kiss-ass. We’ll make this nice and short…

Let’ get cracking!

I’ve written posts about YouTube; who my favourite Youtubers are and how YouTube has become the largest video sharing platform on the planet. But what I haven’t done- to my knowledge – is tell you guys why I got in to YouTube. I want to tell you straight about the two people who inspired me to make my own channel; and who both equally –however modest they may be –  inspire millions of people every day to do whatever they want to do and never take no for an answer.  Jenna Marbles and KSI have two of the largest subscribed-to channels on YouTube, KSI with 7.2 million and Jenna with a whopping 14.1 million subscribers. And that’s not counting KSI’s second channel which has over 2.8 million; each of them with over 1 billion total views to their names. So now the numbers are out of the way, let’s get talking about them, shall we.


Jenna Marbles

OK so Jenna Marbles (I’m going to call her Jenna from now on because adding Marbles every time is just far too time consuming) was the first ‘Vlogger’ I fully got in to. I found the YouTuber Caspar Lee through a FIFA video he did with KSI and then on and on until I found Jenna; whose videos I thought absolutely rocked and I subscribed straight away. They might not be educational (although Jenna’s Drunk Art School taught me ever so much) but if you’re having a slightly bad day, or you’re feeling a bit miserable; her videos are sure to brighten it up.


It’s the same story with KSI…



KSI or KSIOlajideBT to give his whole YouTube name is by far and away my absolute top YouTuber. He is a gamer who focuses mostly on FIFA and GTA V and then supplements it with any random online games he can find. His videos are funny; and that’s exactly the point. In no way are they supposed to teach you ANYTHING, well maybe how to lose a race on GTA…

I watch all of his videos and they either cheer me up when I’m feeling down or just add to a great day. Now I found KSI through a friend of mine who told me to watch his video called ‘Two Blacks VS the World’. Now this is a bit of a strange video title but it was basically him and his brother playing FIFA online, and every time his brother messed up he whipped out the BB gun. From that moment on I was beyond hooked on his comedy/gaming/commentary videos and that was that.

One of the reasons I love these two so much is their utter randomness. For example; Jenna’s latest video ‘This are This’ a sequel to ‘What are This?’(I won’t ruin it for you; watch it) features two of her dogs, little puppy Peach and still little but older dog Kermit. We follow Peach being shown around the house by Kermit who is pointing at everything saying (well Jenna saying, in the weirdest accent ever) This are This. And that’s about it, then it gets a little creepy, but I’ll let you guys find that out for yourselves. If her videos don’t cheer you up or make you happy; there’s something wrong with your brain…

Then you have KSI who basically screams everything and shouts at everything and breaks everything for five minutes… But I love that. And for extra dose of ‘BANTER’ in your day, this is the channel for you, for sure. He often records videos with six of his fellow YouTubers, all of whom I watch avidly and whose videos are all equally well crafted; they call themselves the SIDEMEN, Subscribe to all of them at…


Zerkaahd – Main channel – Zerkaa)

BlueJumperGaming – Main channel – Woretoshaw)

Beh2inga – Main channel – Behzinga)

TBZJLPlays – Main channel – TBJZL)

MM7GAMES – Main channel – MiniMinter).

So go subscribe to those guys as well because they create some great content.



Until next time…



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