Dr Who!

Now i’m going to tell you all why Dr Who is the greatest television franchise ever; (except for Top Gear, obviously).

I first started watching Dr Who, like many people my age when Mr Eccleston came on the screen as the edgy and if i’m honest (and I might be being a bit mean because I don’t really like him as an actor) not very good Dr. I didn’t really watch his time as the lord for him, but more for the bad guys, who will never cease to scare me sometimes.

You might be thinking, “Well, Danny, come on now, how can you think it’s the greatest franchise ever if you’ve only really paid attention to just three Dr Who’s?” Well I wasn’t even knocking about when the old Dr Who’s were around so these are my only three Dr’s, and they are the three who have brought the world of the Doctor to life for me, and who made me geek out over the 50th Anniversary.

Dr Who has however been a success in the UK and indeed around the world because it just absolutely has every viewer of every age under its spell from the off.

My favourite Dr will always be David Tennant, but my god did Matt Smith do a good job replacing him; he had some impressive shoes to fill and he filled them brilliantly, with new laces and a bow tie to finish the look, (because bow ties are cool). People were a bit nervy when he stepped up because everyone (including me) was like “Who the hell is this guy no one has ever heard of”, well we’re not saying that anymore are we!

Shall we get on to the baddies, . And my favourites aren’t the Darleks or the Cyber-Men, it’s the Silence. Creepy guys i’m sure you’ll agree…

And my favourites aren’t the Darleks or the Cyber-Men, it’s the Silence. Creepy stuff i’m sure you’ll agree…

Wait have I been here before? What are these marks on my arm?!!

Anyway.. That was weird.

I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t find Dr Who entertaining; These are the people who left childhood far behind and forgot how amazing the show is from when they were little, they say “Oh, it’s not scary, it’s boring” blah blah blah

It isn’t absolutely horror movie terrifying but it is crazy creepy sometimes, and that’s why I like, nay, LOVE IT. Put your hand up if you thought the children with gas masks were the creepiest things ever!

Ha, you put your hand up, didn’t you. DIDN’T YOU!

Dr Who is genius, pure genius. And whoever comes up with all the different stories and ideas for all the episodes either needs an Oscar or therapy…or both. I’ll love it forever and you should too. Simple.


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