Better than I thought!

I’ll admit, when I first heard about Heroes, and Breaking Bad I had reservations as to whether they would live up to the hype. I put off watching Heroes for years, never watched it until a few weeks ago when I found out that it’s actually amazing and the character Sylar is played by none other than Zachary Quinto; Yes, SPOCK! Now, that’s not the only brilliant thing about this series, the fact that it is all about unusual heroes who, let’s face it, have no idea how to be heroes is amazing. The character who really sells the whole show is Hiro; this guy is incredible and as soon as his character came in to the show I was immediately hooked. The only problem with Heroes is the fact that there really isn’t much room for development once they all start using and abusing their powers, it becomes slightly samey! One of the things that really annoyed me about the show once it began to pick up and get later in the series is the thought they had of bringing new characters in to it. This was a bad idea because it just showed outright that they had run out of ideas and were clutching at straws to fill the time. Problem two, the length of the seasons,I mean geez, 20 odd episodes for one season, come on guys, shorten it up and get the people wanting more. The only two characters who really sell the show are Hiro, obviously and Noah Bennett, this guy is your typical vigilante/ policeman/ Jame Bond bad-ass! This is the reason I watch the show. I think maybe two seasons would have been enough though, I have to admit I’ve given up watching it; it got boring.

Breaking Bad is now officially one of the top five series ever in my mind, with, and this is something Heroes never had, ample room for development of characters, plot and with the popularity of the show, the money it’s raking in must be astronomic, so the whole set-up can improve exponentially. When I first watched the pilot episode I will say I was disappointed; I thought it was going to be EPIC!, It wasn’t, but now i’m getting in to the second series, I freaking love it. I think, and I can’t really be the only one who thought this that I was expecting Brian Cranston to be Hal from Malcolm in the Middle; he isn’t, he’s amazing and has created one of the best characters in television history. I’ve never seen Aaron Paul before Breaking Bad, but he is outstanding as well. The award for best actor however has to go to RJ Mitte, who plays Cranston’s cerebral palsy suffering son Walter White Jr. Mitte, who according to IMDB (so don’t quote me on this) actually suffers from a mild case of the disorder, but the way he performs as someone suffering a lot more severely is unbelievable, hats of to him.

The two shows are brilliant there’s no denying it. Yes Heroes gets a little stagnant but to begin with and for a long time it is a fantastic bit of television. And although i’m only on Season 2 of Breaking Bad, I already love it and can not wait to find out what happens in each episode from now on.

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