Over the past month or so, the internet has blown up over a certain YouTuber’s attempt at ‘fat shaming’ over-weight people. Nicole Arbour (I had to google it because i’d never heard of her) uploaded a video called ‘Dear fat people’. Now, i’ll be honest, i haven’t watched more than about 20 seconds, and i’m not going to, for obvious reasons and the fact that I can’t stand that the girl clearly is trying to BE Jenna marbles.

Anyway, she, I believe, tries to shame overweight people for no real reason. So i’ve heard. But, this is a subject that does need talking about and that’s what i’m going to do here.

Let us have a quick look at a couple of statistics from the last couple of years, shall we:

  • 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in 2014, and 13% of those were obese.
  • In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 600 million were obese *insert unbelievably shocked reaction*.
  • 42 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese in 2013. *insert ‘disappointed-in-human-race’ reaction*

I mean what the hell, people?

It boils down to something so simple it’s painful to say.   STOP EATING!

The simple fact of the matter is, you become over-weight when you take in more calories than you burn off. Now I know, I know, some people are born naturally larger than average and that’s OK. But to all of those people who spend their days in fast-food chains and who guzzle fizzy drinks, there is no excuse. Simple.

Our intake of sugar is crazy off the charts. Women should have no more than 6 teaspoons per day, which is 25 grams or 100 calories from sugar. And us men?  We can have up to 9 teaspoons of sugar daily, or 38 grams of sugar, which is around 150 calories from sugar. No matter your gender, a single 12-ounce can of Coke goes over the maximum sugar allowance for the day. FOR A WHOLE DAY!

And did you know that that Mango and Pineapple fruit smoothie that you’re giving your 5 year old because ‘it’s a healthier option to coke’ contains 40 grams of sugar. Yeah. 10 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR!  And the choc-chip frappe? 47 grams…

And yet people still allow their children to drink this stuff!!

If we simply educate our children from day one that these products are damaging to their health, and we teach them how to eat properly and bring them up in a healthier environment, where they don’t crave these sugary drinks, or crisps or cakes, then that generation would grow up healthier and so on and so on, surely? It’s not hard!

I’m not for one second saying that everyone should be super skinny and be the same size, because that’d be a bit like communism, really. But to just look after your body and be sensible with what you feed it. If we take these steps together, it CAN work.

Even with people such as Jamie Oliver who tell us to be super healthy and then simultaeneously feeds his customers super sugary food in his multi-million £, massively successful chain of super healthy restaurants.

See, I didn’t call anyone fat, I didn’t ‘fat shame’ anyone. Just pointing out some simple PREVENTABLE truths.

But please, for the sake of the generations to come. Stop it with this excessive eating culture.



Until next time…



Dealing With Writer’s Block

writer's block

Have you got any idea how difficult it is to write a post about dealing with Writer’s Block, whilst at the same time suffering from writer’s block? It’s the most unproductive situation you could possibly get yourself in to. So I’m going to write this with the hope of 1. Getting out of a writing rut and 2. Possibly helping others having the same issue by letting them know how I manage to break through the ‘writer’s block’ wall; thereby killing two birds with one stone. Simple. In fact, it is possible that this might be more than just a one-part blog post. I might need two or three.

It’s also worth noting that not all people beat writer’s block in the same way and I would humbly welcome any and all comments on this post letting me know how any of you do it. Thank You.

Right, shall we begin?

If I was given a pound for every time that I stopped writing because my mind just went blank, I’d probably be a freaking billionaire by now. You see, I’ve always loved writing, but my main issue is not having the right ideas at the right time. When i’m not boosted by the right idea, the project i’m working on becomes stale through lack of motivation. But when something comes in to mind, or is given as a suggestion and I like it -this post was given as a suggestion to me- I can write non-stop for hours and it turns out OK (hopefully).

One of the ways some writers will tell you is a good way of getting out of writer’s block is by sitting in a quiet room, with nothing but a pen and pad or laptop and stare at either one until an idea comes in to your head; but I disagree. How can anything of any worth come in to any mind that is simply sitting doing nothing? As a blogger who doesn’t like to focus on a single subject; I often like to post things A. Of current trend or B. Which have or soon will have importance or impact in the world we live in. So it’s not OK nor is it in any way productive for me to sit a room and wait for an idea that may or may not come to mind.

I like to search anything and everything for the latest news or ‘trends’ – please bear in mind that I hate using that word but as it is in fact currently ‘trending’ it seems fitting for me to use it. Some of the best places to find these ‘trends’ include Twitter, Buzzfeed, YouTube, and of course, the news. BBC News; because let me tell you, if you think that you’re going to find something of note, or of any cultural value while browsing through The Sun; you’re quite delusional.

A lot of the time I just like to air my thoughts on what might be bothering me about our species. Sometimes I hate humans, and honestly, I think, what with everything that is happening lately, that that is entirely justifiable. So a while ago I posted a three-part mini blog series on here called ‘Dystopia’. It’s one of my favourite movie genres and also one subject that I can not stop thinking about and so I just had to put it down in a blog post.

I love to talk about the online world and how it is shaping and affecting our minds. More importantly, I like to spend some time talking about the people who are making this online revolution happen. I’ve done posts on Jenna Marbles, Jim Chapman and KSI and am currently in the process of planning the big one, PewDiePie. I think that’s very important with a blog; to write about things which interest YOU. If you write on something that you love, then that love will show in your words and people will enjoy your posts so much more because of it.

There are ways in which you can get yourself out of a rut when it comes to writer’s block. You can plan and plan until you’re blue in the face, you might never actually get around to writing the final piece. You could sit in a quiet, empty room until a spark of inspiration hits you suddenly; but that might never happen and you’ll be sat there wondering if you’ll ever get the right idea. Or. as I often do; you can stop thinking about what others might enjoy, and just write what you DO enjoy. As I said before, if you enjoy what you’re doing, then others will start to enjoy it with you. Be yourself.

I love to hear how others manage to break through ‘The Wall’ when it comes to writing; so any comments that you feel might be helpful to others who have issues with it would be amazing.


Until next time…




We Need To Talk About Jenna and JJ

Alright, let’s try and do this without being cliché, or cheesy, and without looking like too much of a kiss-ass. We’ll make this nice and short…

Let’ get cracking!

I’ve written posts about YouTube; who my favourite Youtubers are and how YouTube has become the largest video sharing platform on the planet. But what I haven’t done- to my knowledge – is tell you guys why I got in to YouTube. I want to tell you straight about the two people who inspired me to make my own channel; and who both equally –however modest they may be –  inspire millions of people every day to do whatever they want to do and never take no for an answer.  Jenna Marbles and KSI have two of the largest subscribed-to channels on YouTube, KSI with 7.2 million and Jenna with a whopping 14.1 million subscribers. And that’s not counting KSI’s second channel which has over 2.8 million; each of them with over 1 billion total views to their names. So now the numbers are out of the way, let’s get talking about them, shall we.


Jenna Marbles

OK so Jenna Marbles (I’m going to call her Jenna from now on because adding Marbles every time is just far too time consuming) was the first ‘Vlogger’ I fully got in to. I found the YouTuber Caspar Lee through a FIFA video he did with KSI and then on and on until I found Jenna; whose videos I thought absolutely rocked and I subscribed straight away. They might not be educational (although Jenna’s Drunk Art School taught me ever so much) but if you’re having a slightly bad day, or you’re feeling a bit miserable; her videos are sure to brighten it up.


It’s the same story with KSI…



KSI or KSIOlajideBT to give his whole YouTube name is by far and away my absolute top YouTuber. He is a gamer who focuses mostly on FIFA and GTA V and then supplements it with any random online games he can find. His videos are funny; and that’s exactly the point. In no way are they supposed to teach you ANYTHING, well maybe how to lose a race on GTA…

I watch all of his videos and they either cheer me up when I’m feeling down or just add to a great day. Now I found KSI through a friend of mine who told me to watch his video called ‘Two Blacks VS the World’. Now this is a bit of a strange video title but it was basically him and his brother playing FIFA online, and every time his brother messed up he whipped out the BB gun. From that moment on I was beyond hooked on his comedy/gaming/commentary videos and that was that.

One of the reasons I love these two so much is their utter randomness. For example; Jenna’s latest video ‘This are This’ a sequel to ‘What are This?’(I won’t ruin it for you; watch it) features two of her dogs, little puppy Peach and still little but older dog Kermit. We follow Peach being shown around the house by Kermit who is pointing at everything saying (well Jenna saying, in the weirdest accent ever) This are This. And that’s about it, then it gets a little creepy, but I’ll let you guys find that out for yourselves. If her videos don’t cheer you up or make you happy; there’s something wrong with your brain…

Then you have KSI who basically screams everything and shouts at everything and breaks everything for five minutes… But I love that. And for extra dose of ‘BANTER’ in your day, this is the channel for you, for sure. He often records videos with six of his fellow YouTubers, all of whom I watch avidly and whose videos are all equally well crafted; they call themselves the SIDEMEN, Subscribe to all of them at…


Zerkaahd – Main channel – Zerkaa)

BlueJumperGaming – Main channel – Woretoshaw)

Beh2inga – Main channel – Behzinga)

TBZJLPlays – Main channel – TBJZL)

MM7GAMES – Main channel – MiniMinter).

So go subscribe to those guys as well because they create some great content.



Until next time…