I find it very…Pinteresting.


Obviously one of the best blog post titles ever devised by a human being. Extremely witty; full of pure banter. Completely original in every single way.

So Pinterest, eh.

Do you need ideas for your office? Pinterest. Do you want ideas for your new living room or for the perfect bedroom? Pinterest. Are you looking for beautiful tattoo designs or pictures of your dream car? Pinterest. “Oh no, where am I going to find designs and decoration ideas for my birthday party, or the wedding?” Keep Calm and Pinterest.

Coat1  Suit1  Watch1

Pinterest is the homeland of pictures, for anything and everything you could possibly be looking for. Create boards and Pin images to them so people looking for the same things as you, can find them quickly and easily. And as you search, and search, and search for hours, upon hours, upon hours your Pinterest experience is tailored to suit you personally as a professional Pinner. Any images that Pinterest thinks you might like, go directly to your homepage. So you can log in, or open the App on your phone and you have a mixed selection of office designs, cars and bikes, dogs, cats, gardens, tattoos, music. I mean, literally everything, just waiting to be liked, and re-pinned to your own boards and profile.

Watch2 Shoes1 House2

I found Pinterest when I was looking through the app store for something new, saw that fancy looking P and thought it looked… interesting (I never pull the same pun twice), that would look Pin..diotic, ok maybe not. But you can see why I don’t try puns too often. I started using it for pictures of bands I enjoy listening to, then I gained an interest in cars and bikes. My main focus, however, is my ‘Fashion’ board. It has almost 300 Pins and is the pride and joy of my Pin..file (Profile…). I use it to Pin everything I can find about Men’s fashion. I also love my ‘Chic’ and ‘Architecture’ boards, I know, I’m SO Tumblr these days.

House2 House1 House3

You know my favourite thing about Pinterest is the fact that it is one of the more PG Social Media sites. It’s quite a chilled community and i’ve only ever really had any poor comments once or twice on one of my pins. Generally people are quite helpful or more likely they’ll keep to themselves and just enjoy pinning away. In fact, a lot of Pinterest is used by mums and their hobby craft addictions.

House6  Lux1Lux3

I think one of the things people often find weird about Pinterest is its friendly feel. Most other social media sites have darkened over the years, and have gathered a bad reputation for being confrontational and full of internet trolls. Pinterest is a social media site and App where you can just chill and not worry about any ‘keyboard warriors’ ruining your day.

Pinterest is a wonderful thing and I strongly urge everyone to give it a go. You might feel a little alienated by it at first, but trust me, you’ll be pinning like a pro in no time!

Here, I’ll leave a link to my very own Pinterest profile ‘MiddleFloorDan‘ so you can have a look and see for yourself. Then it’s up to you to set yourself up and get pinning.


Until next time…




GQ| March 2015 |

Whenever a new GQ comes out, I get a little excited. I don’t necessarily get excited to see the silly faced models wearing silly clothes – this month for example there’s a man dressed in a Gucci bar-code – I get more excited for the main feature article (we’ll speak more on that in a bit); the mad cars that are featured and crazy gadgets; among other things. It doesn’t matter what you’re searching for, this monthly mag has it all.

Let me quickly begin by saying that I don’t hate ALL fashion that these uber expensive designers create; there is some pretty swish style knocking about in there; Polo Ralph Lauren and Salvatore Ferragamo performing particularly well in this latest edition. I love looking at the latest styles and seeing how all the different designers go about it, but when, for example Dolce and Gabbana come along and plonk all their models in a white room dressed as bull-fighting Matadors…that’s where I have some issues. I mean really? Who’s going to dress like that? I don’t understand fashion sometimes and that’s why I tend to gloss over it when it begins to enter realms of pure hideousness. But enough of that; you can read all about how I don’t understand fashion, right here in my ‘Sometimes Fashion Baffles Me’ post.

Anyway, today we’re here to talk about strange concept cars; Britain’s 100 Most Connected Men (including Kevin Spacey) and obviously Kevin Spacey, who is this months feature interview with Alastair Campbell.

Let’s talk about that special 100, shall we. Because I have one or two bones to pick with you, GQ. Bone number one, Alfie Deyes. I used to like Alfie aka PointlessBlog, but recently he and a number of other large YouTubers have unfortunately become very aware that they are in fact, famous. This isn’t a bad thing in some cases; i’m sure some of these YouTubers are very intelligent and have worked hard for a very long time to achieve great things; but Alfie…i’m not convinced. You see (and i’m not trying to be too horrible here, so stay with me on this one) Alfie was rather young when he began YouTube and still is, really; and this is bad for a couple of linked-up reasons. He isn’t experienced in being ‘famous’, doesn’t know how to handle himself in many different situations and isn’t very intelligent, at all. You see Mr Deyes is a fine definition of making stupid people famous. Please stop it, and GQ, i’m disappointed.

Actually the rest of the 100 hundred seem like pretty decent choices. So i’ll leave it there. Perhaps GQ were running out of ideas when they came to Tech and Social Media.

Let us move on to one of the most unusual concept cars I have ever come across. The Chevrolet Chaparral Racing 2X Vision Gran Turismo. That’s quite a mouthful. But it’s quite a car; and very unrealistic (i.e will never happen).  Let me show you this bug-like creature.

Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo Concept chev2 chev3

Kind of speaks for itself, really. GQ themselves have this to say…

“There are pies in the sky overtaking flying pigs that are more realistic prospects than this”.

You can’t really blame them for thinking this, either. The driver sort of wears the car like an exo-skeleton in a pod, which will inevitably turn in to a burning pod of death at the side of the road, as this is more of a super-bike/hyper-car hybrid. Not good, and rather ugly as well for a hyped-up concept.

So before I leave you i’ll say a few words about Kevin Spacey. The perfect choice if you’re looking for a dark and mysterious character; someone outright scary but with that look in his eyes that gives his enemies a minor touch of hope, before he destroys them. Spacey is currently playing Francis Underwood in the Netflix original series ‘House of Cards’; I wont give any spoilers because I just want you to bask in its magnificent glory as a series. Underwood is a man who will stop at nothing to get everything and cares little for the well-being of others (this is apparent from the get-go, so I haven’t given away any spoilers). Spacey is the king of Netflix at the moment and House of Cards is an amazing series of drama, politics, money, love, death, the lot. Get on Netflix now and binge watch the lot.


Well GQ, you’ve given us another edition of some wild fashion, wild cars and wild actors that can keep us busy with debates for weeks. Thank You.

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A Quick Upadate

I was sitting at my desk the other day with a blank document open, ready to start a new blog post when I once again realised that I had no idea what direction my blog was going in. It’s quite a strange feeling, not knowing what I want the blog to be. At first I wanted it to simply be about anything and everything I felt like talking about; then I kind of decided to go down the fashion blog route for a while, because I wanted it to have more of a focus, you know. But now I think I have unconsciously decided that I want to go back to where I started, and just upload what ever I feel like.

A lot of bloggers- mostly beauty or fashion/lifestyle bloggers – will try and tell you that your blog must have a focus, one subject that you aim at a particular niche, so that you gain a strong and loyal following. I have to disagree, I want my blog to be for everyone to enjoy, and that’s not going to happen when there’s just one subject on here, is it.

So i’m going back to my roots; picking up where I left off; starting fresh; square one and all that. This will also mean that my blog posts will be a lot more frequent, as I’ll be posting things that I really want to be talking about, rather than things I feel I need to be talking about, simply because it will aim at a tightly knit niche.

So there you have it, this blog will be going back to film reviews, current affairs and talking about basically anything that I want to, just because it’s more fun than being so restricted with one subject. There might be the odd fashion post from time to time, but don’t get your hopes up!

I love getting comments on my blog, so feel free to comment on what ever you like, with any suggestions for new blog ideas. Thanks.

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Introducing !COMB!

Now there are plenty of clothing applications and online-store applications on the market these days; but a new wave of mobile application has hit iPhone and android and will change the way you search for the things you love. And in the words of its creators…

‘The Comb app is a social, search and discovery platform. With the help of the latest image recognition technology, users can upload images and the app will then scan a product database of over 2 million products from hundreds of retailers in order to find a similar result or even an exact match. Using the in-app chat feature, any product can be sent to a friend for their opinion.

The Comb is a platform for inspiring search and discovery.’

Apps like this are an absolute saviour when searching for clothes. The whole idea of simply being able to snap a picture of something you like and get that exact match and so many more options of things similar to it, is incredible. I recently snapped a picture of a simply striped white/blue rugby jumper and the results that I got back in return were amazing!

There are a few different versions of this form of App and I have tried most of them. Unfortunately none of them had actually performed in the way that I had expected them to. I downloaded Comb and it was different. For one, it worked; there were no real issues with the way the App handled its primary job; which is to find other items like yours. Secondly it provided me with items that I could actually afford. I’d tried Apps that had been recommended to me via friends or internet personalities, but when I sent the image through I would get in return a list of £500 T-Shirts or £3000 coats. That’s not what I want. What I want is great style, at prices that I can afford. Comb is the perfect App for those of you who are, lets say, picky with your choice of clothing but want a wider range of what you love; gives great style at great prices and is amazingly simple to use.

Go and download this App now and shop around endlessly for the style that you love, with no effort.

Sometimes Fashion Baffles Me…


It’s quite easy to write about fashion; talking about things that you’ve recently seen or bought; talking about someone who was wearing something noteworthy. But the thing that I really don’t get is runway fashion. Sometimes I look at the people who walk down the runway and think “who the hell dressed you?”. I mean, I understand that the the runway is for new designs and first glimpses of the new season’s look, but this? really?

scary run If you can tell me what THIS is supposed to signify or be the beginnings of then i’ll give you a shiny star shaped sticker. This is one of thousands of images that I could have pulled off the internet that just emphasises my confusion of runway fashion; if indeed you can actually call this fashion.

My point is, if you’re going to go to one of these fashion shows then why wouldn’t you showcase your actual stuff? This might just simply be me being a bit ignorant about the industry, but seriously what is the point in showcasing pieces that you’re not even going to sell. Someone please, comment and let me know!

I love fashion; I love finding new things and my recent ‘thing’ is collarless shirts. Apparently they’re an old breed that have- like many things – come full circle and are now right back in. But if I was a leading retail store or major high-class brand, and I had the idea of bringing these shirts back, I’d showcase them and maybe some other new things that i’d be selling that year instead of something like, oh I don’t know… this…


Funny, I don’t recall finding this on the shelves of my local Topman.

The above photo is one of those which absolutely baffles me. Who sat down in this meeting and decided that what they were going to put on the runway was a jacket that looks like a pair of sleeves with a sleeveless concrete T-Shirt over the top and a pair of accordion trousers? And then who’s the person who sits in front of said atrocity and thinks “Hmmm, I might like to get something that looks like that”.

Even as i’m writing this post my mind is boggled by the idea. So i’m going to stop.

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Sport Fashion: Who does it better?


Fashion in sport is a little…limited, for lack of a better word. It doesn’t ever really evolve and that’s a shame. But there are sports that seem to fit this limitation slightly better than others. Individual sports manage to look a little classier than team sports, for example. So I have here a short list of a mix of both individual and team sports so I can come to some kind of decision.

So let us begin, shall we…



I feel like I needed to get this one out of the way so I don’t have to spend too much time talking about it because I’m not the biggest football (Or in American English, soccer) fan in world and talking about it causes me to fall asleep.

They basically all wear the same thing.

Well that’s football covered. No I’m only kidding. But it’s true; they only really differ when it comes down to the pattern of the kit, nothing else ever really changes and it seems like this is it. Football fashion is a stagnant pool of unchanging boredom that makes fans believe they look like their favourite moron… I mean footballers outside of the stadium, which- and i’ve already put my foot down about this in a previous blog-is NOT the case.

There are however sport’s from which you can take the outfit and make it work for the outside world; which brings me neatly on to sport number two.



  • Individual
  • Stylish
  • Often very contemporary
  • Example being the golfers Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter who dress with this style each time they play. (even though I don’t really like Mr Poulter as he is an egotistical show-off who wants everyone to know just how rich he is) But that’s not the point, he still dresses very well.
  • Very strict dress codes make a for a much more niche audience at events which in turn allows for a more enjoyable and relaxed day out.
  • Luxury, expensive sponsors

Golf is my sport; I’ve played since I was around eleven years old and I love it. I love watching it and playing it (both in real life and on the X Box). You soon realise, when playing golf, that there is an infinitely larger choice in clothing than football and this is a good thing. It allows for the sport’s fashion to evolve in a way that football never can. Rickie Fowler, for example, wears a snapback when he plays. Now my hostility towards snapbacks is no secret, but it does mean that he is modernising the way golfers dress; thereby opening the sport up to younger audiences who see it as ‘cool’; therefore the game opens itself up to wider demographics making it a more profitable sport, end of discussion.




  • More of a scope for different outfits due to it being a very individualistic sport.
  • Cleaner, more high-class sport than football, so basic kit simply looks much better.
  • Same idea as golf, the audience is just politer. You’ll never find a crowd at tennis calling the umpire a w***** or throwing flares on to the court, for example.

Tennis is an interesting one; I only ever really watch Wimbledon and that’s about it really. But again, that’s not the point. The point is that Tennis is an individualistic sport and so, like golf, the scope for a more individual style when it comes to the kit is much larger than say cricket or football. White is obviously a very popular colour in Tennis and that’s ok. Football has so many players on each team that if both sides wore white it would be slightly confusing. But Tennis can quite easily get away with it because the most players you’ll ever see on a tennis court (unless there is some very unorthodox form of the game somewhere in the world) is four. So Tennis is limited, but when each player wears a slightly differing shade of green down the sleeve or when a sponsor is different the kit changes quite drastically and GQ has a field day.



Hey, talking of fields (a game of cricket is played on a field, right?)

Cricket is one of the most popular games on the planet; it’s a team game, so it has something in common with football; but that’s where the similarities end. The trousers and jumpers-which do admittedly often look exactly the same-  would look just as good off the field as it does on it; unlike football, where a fan wearing a football kit walking down the street can only (in my eyes) be described as a chav…

Cricket is boring, the games can go on for decades, and the fans can get a little rowdy.  But unlike football, the fashion is very conservative, and I like that. I said that football’s style of kit has become stagnant and that it will never evolve and it’s the same case with cricket; yet I’m very ok with that as well. You see, cricket is a British institution and no British institution should ever change if its traditions (like breaking for tea and sandwiches at half time) are going to stick around. If they start pimping up the kits, who knows what other chaos could ensue! They might start having energy drinks and glucose pouches at half time instead; and that can never happen.

So there are some sports that can do fashion quite well; it’s just football is most definitely not one of them.

Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know what you think and of course, what you think of fashion in the world of sport.

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Decisions, Decisions


I haven’t posted much over the last month or so; and it isn’t because i’ve become lazy or stagnant, it’s because i’m still deciding what this blog is going to be. I think i’ve figured it out now; thanks to a little advice. Let me explain…

As a blogger you’re faced with two options; firstly, you can decide to blog about whatever comes to your mind, on whatever subject you feel like writing about and hope that people notice you; and secondly you can decide to focus your blog on one subject or theme and aim yourself at one demographic in the hope that that specific niche will accept you.

I need to find that piece, that idea and structure that will complete my blog puzzle.

Here’s a picture of an incomplete puzzle. You know, just in case you didn’t know what one looked like!

incomplete puzzle

I feel like neither of those choices necessarily defines me as a writer; and also, I don’t believe that your writing should be ruled by any strict guidelines just because that’s what ‘everyone else does’, same as anything else in life. So i’ve decided that the best thing for me to do with this blog-which will be the basis of my blog’s future format-is to combine the two ‘rules’ and create my own SUPER RULE! To have a light focus (i.e Fashion) and combine it with whatever I feel like writing about. I might, for example, want to write about current affairs and decide to weave fashion in to the mix; or I might simply want to write about current affairs. I don’t want the blog to become stagnant or for lack of a better word, boring. I want it to be in some ways, innovative. I want it to be free.

So this is the structure that i’ve chosen for ‘Danny’s Blog’. I will have fashion as my focus, something to which I can return to for any post I upload; but I do want to give the blog it’s own identity, and I feel the way to do this is to simply not go with what everyone else is doing. I don’t want to write about one thing, that’s not what i’m about. I want to write about EVERYTHING!

I thought that to be a successful blogger you had to have a focus, a specific niche that you directed to a specific type of demographic so as to gain recognition. But I realise now that the most important thing about a blog- in my mind – is that people enjoy your writing, and if that means directing my writing to a wider demographic, thereby (and I take this from ALL blogging ‘tip’ books) risking not having a strong and loyal follwowing, then so be it. I feel like now my blog has a purpose, and a direction to go in.

Plus, surely aiming my writing at a wider and more varied demographic just means that there’s more of a chance of gaining a larger audience, no?

Here’s me completing my blog puzzle, you know, just in case you were wondering what that might look like!


Please, if you’re reading this, do make sure you comment and let me know your thoughts on my decision. Like this post, comment and most importantly, follow and share it.


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We Need To Talk About Jim


For all the messy-haired, skinny-jean wearing ‘stylish’ hipster YouTubers there really isn’t a very big selection who manage to remain stylish in a classy and refined way quite like Jim Chapman. He’s been in GQ’s best dressed list I don’t know how many times now and whenever you spot him on the red carpet or at any event, he’s rocking an outfit that just screams traditional English Gentleman. If you’re a fan of YouTubers (like myself) you’ll know that there are far too many bandanas and snapbacks knocking about these days and style seems to always take second place, but Mr Chapman seems to be subconsciously rebelling against this declining fashion sense among his fellow YouTube creators and is paving the way for the more fashion conscious.


It’s also worth noting that Jim is one of the most genuinely nice guys on the planet. There doesn’t seem to be a bad bone in his very well-dressed body, and it’s quite clearly not a front, either. He’s an inspiration to such a large following on Twitter and YouTube and, well, any other social networking site you can think of. But back to the main point; he manages to film videos, present TV shows, and be everywhere all at the same time AND still manages to do it looking snazzy in Burberry, or Aquascutum or any other iconic brand; incredible. Oh, did I mention he also has his own blog. What else can you do Jim? Are you a professional jet-pack racer? I wouldn’t be surprised; Chapman seems to excel at anything he puts his mind to.


There aren’t many YouTubers who I would say were particularly inspirational, but I’ll list a few of them below.

  1. Jim Chapman (obviously)
  2. Mr Ben Brown
  3. Louis Cole (fun for Louis)
  4. Tyler Oakley

ben and louis tyler

This very short list of people consists of those YouTubers who I believe inspire millions of people in many different ways. Tyler Oakley has been an inspiration to the entire gay community as well his other legions of fans; Ben Brown and Louis Cole inspire budding travellers and send out daily ‘positive vibes’ to their followers and Jim is an absolute role-model to his entire fan-base, and of course, fashion lovers world-wide.

This hasn’t been a long post, nor has it been particularly about fashion; but I just felt like I needed to, at some point, write about Jim. He deserves everything he has and as an avid viewer of his, I’m very pleased for him.

Oh, and nice suits, Jim.


Until next time…



Summer Traps

f n n

It’s all very well and good posting blogs about outfits that I like, or a T-Shirt i’ve just bought; but I figure I should at some point upload a post where I point out some traps which men often fall in to during the summer season. I’m quite confident that most of you guys know the type of thing I mean, but I really do need to let some people know what they’re doing wrong (in my eyes of course) when they think they look ‘cool’ in the warm weather. Things like sandals and socks, or certain types of snapbacks or wearing 3/4 length tracksuit bottoms.

Now obviously there are people who naturally become exempt from a few of these as soon as they turn fifty; this would include the sandals and socks business or maybe a bucket hat (strictly for fishing). So if you are in that age category please pay no attention!

I’ll try and make it short and sweet and give you the basic mistakes that you guys should be avoiding! Regardless of whether Joey Essex is wearing them or not.

First up are short (really short) shorts that are far too small for any man to be wearing. Now short board-shorts worn on holiday are Ok; but when you’re walking down the high-street in what could quite easily pass as female boxer-shorts then you know you need to draw a prolifically fat line through your list of fashion choices.

Snapbacks really do need to make their way on to this post as they seem to be synonymous with the exact type of person that I can’t stand most in this world. People who refer to themselves as ‘hipsters’ need a swift clip round the ear for trying to be different and at the same time successfully becoming a new addition to the ever-growing herd of copy-cat sheep who strive to be like everyone else. Snapbacks do, however, look ok on people who are genuinely wearing it as a part of an outfit in which it looks like a reasonable addition to the ensemble. I myself prefer the five panel caps that are a lot less wild and conspicuous than the snapback.

Bucket hats used to be confined to the fishing lake, but ever since (in this country at least) yep, you guessed it, Joey Essex wore one, i’ve seen them all over the place on the heads of people who are wearing them thinking that they are a decent fashionable item. They’re just not, lads, and you do not look fashionable. You can not justify looking like a complete wolly just because someone famous has worn the same thing beforehand.

I’m going to leave it there; this will definitely be a post that I will be coming back to as a blog to vent my anger at people who take up ‘phase’ fashion thinking that it looks good.

Please feel free to comment and let me know your fashion hates, I’m intrigued to know what you think about what i’m calling ‘phase fashion’, regarding things people wear that soon fall out of favour once they realise how daft they look.


Until next time…





Have No Fear, Smart-Casual Is Here


There are some things which men fear when it comes to fashion in the summer. We can no longer hide behind big baggy jumpers and long trench coats; we have to find a style that works for the warm weather. But sometimes a polo shirt and shorts just wont cut it. You will one day get invited to a BBQ or a garden party where the invitation states the dreaded ‘Smart-Casual’ on the dress code. I’m not entirely sure what we think is so hard to understand about Smart-Casual dress during the summer months, but I know this. When we get to parties we say one of two things; “Why didn’t you tell me to dress up, I feel silly” or “Wow am I over dressed, I should have just gone with jeans”. When this happens you need to understand that there are combinations which work really well, to ensure you stay smart enough but retain that summer coolness.

In this post i’m going to give you an outfit at a great price, that is a sure fire way to get that ‘Smart-Casual’ look; for when you get invited to a Fosters style garden party; what a ripper.


H&M BlazerSo first up is this herringbone style blazer from H&M. I love blazers, they give you that smart, understated formal look, but worn un-buttoned you can open up your wardrobe to all kinds of combinations, giving a nice touch of casual in to your smart collection. A nice blazer can be a great staple in your wardrobe; it will see you through season to season and they’re often very good quality. This grey (even though H&M call it Dark Blue) blazer will set you back only £49.99. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/27831?article=27831-A


ls shirtAnother must-have in your wardrobe is a classic long-sleeved white shirt. I like to have a few, for different occasions, but this slim-fit easy-iron shirt from H&M is a perfect starting point to build upon. When you get a little too warm and feel like taking off the blazer, just roll up the sleeves, maybe undo one more button (not two though) and you have yourself a brand new look. White is also the obvious colour for hot days; no black! And it’s is only £9.99. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/26339?article=26339-A&cm_vc=GOES_WITH_PD#


H&M ShortsI love denim, i’m not sure what it is; maybe my parents dressed me in so much denim during the 90’s that I gathered an unwanted obsession with the stuff. One of the things that I never really got used to however were denim shorts, but i’d make an exception for these stretched denim shorts from H&M (where else?). For £19.99 you get the classic denim style, feel and durability but with the comfort of the stretch element. This is also the style of denim that I go for when it comes to choosing jeans. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/25198?article=25198-A


I’m not going to add shoes to this post; I feel as though there are far too many options for an outfit like this. I myself would go for either a pair of flip flops, boats shoes (obviously) or a nice pair of smart shoes, to add some more sophistication to the look. If choosing boat shoes or flip flops, go for white to keep the outfit fresh.


So there you have it, gents; a nice way to get the best of both worlds. Smart-Casual isn’t so scary anymore, is it?

If you have any tips for a summer smart-casual look, feel free to comment on this post and let me know. And don’t forget to follow my blog and like this post.


Until next time…