BINGE by Tyler Oakley


I’ve read a few autobiographies in my time, most of which blab on and on about how they began from nothing and clawed their way to the top in their respected fields. I’ve never, however, read an autobiography by someone who provides such inspiration and genuine love for their supporters as Tyler Oakley’s ‘BINGE’. In his Youtube videos, Tyler exudes positivity and confidence, but his book tells the story of his life from child to present and positivity and confidence were definitely not always a part of his personality.

I won’t ruin the book by telling you everything that has happened in his personal life and career, but I will give a little insight as to how Tyler manages to take his life, however crazy it may have been so far, and set such a great example for his millions of online followers. A lot of Tyler’s followers are in fact at that age in life during which they will possibly go through a lot of what he went through, and so having someone they look up to so dearly letting them know that everything is going to be OK, is a very warming thing indeed.

Let us be honest, a book with chapters named ‘Thtory of My Life’ (dedicated to his lisp) and ‘What Michelle Obama Smells Like’ (all about his interview with the first lady!!) was never going to be boring. Tyler takes us on a VERY personal journey through his life, from eating disorders of both extremes during which time he was at at all time low, to 2014/2015; two of his most successful and influential years ever.

Tyler manages to somehow inspire his audience with every video he uploads to YouTube, and that’s possibly why he has now got 7,754,141 subscribers! He knows that they love him; adore him and would do anything for him. He says that when he feels he is in a rut he knows that he can turn to Twitter (one of his most prolific social media accounts) and whether it is 3pm or 3am there will always be someone awake somewhere in the world who will be tweeting him some sort of motivational quote, message or gif.

One of the biggest ways that he supports his fans is by telling them and reassuring them all the time that no matter what they think of themselves; or what other people think of them, they must stay true to who they are, and be unapologetically themselves. His struggle with his being accepted by certain people/members of his family because of his sexuality resonates with a hell of a lot of his fan-base, and his influence on social media has helped a lot of those people accept who they are and live with it, again,  ‘unapologetically’. He does go in to his lowest times, in which he did consider suicide.

This is where he found the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people ages 13-24. He called them and they helped him, like they help countless others who are so lost in life that they can only think of one way out. He now plays a huge role in lending a hand with getting the word out about The Trevor Project. This year Tyler raised $532,224 for the Trevor Project with the help of his army of loyal fans. He is very much changing the world. And in 2014 he met with The President of The United States of America no less, to try to raise the numbers of young Americans signing up for the government’s health-care plan.

The book is outstanding and if you’re a Tyler Oakley fan you’ve probably already bought it and have promptly read it twice over. But the best thing about it is that you don’t even need to have heard of him to love this book. He is a highly intelligent, modest, loveable, hugely influential loon. What isn’t there to love?

Tyler if this ever gets to you, know that I use the word ‘loon’ in the most adorable way it can possibly be used. And on behalf of everyone one of your subscribers/fans and now READERS! because you’re a freaking published author as well now!…

Thank You.


Until next time…






Productive People Watching

People watching is fun, very fun. Mostly, when someone says they ‘people watch’ it basically means that they look at the person and judge what they’re wearing; what they look like; and typically, they will guess their name. But when you really focus on the art of ‘people watching’ you begin to think about some deeper aspects of their character; where are they going? Who are they meeting? Are they an alien life form come to mingle with he humans? (no? just me?).

You begin to try and put together the entire life of this person, and that’s the fun of it all. Because usually, for me anyway, this is the beginnings of a story. I tend to watch people; listen to conversations, things like that and then get home and begin to construct a fictional character from this and put that person in to whatever story I might be writing at that particular time.

‘People Watching’ is very common and lots of people do it without even realising. However, for me at least, as a writer, this can sometimes be the most productive part of my day. I like writing, it’s what I do and if I could do it for a living then i’d be set. So when I go somewhere I believe to be particularly interesting I love to carry a notebook with me so I can jot down all the things I see, and then gather it all up at the end of the day in to something read-worthy.

This all stems from a project I did at University about four or so years ago. My lecturer told me that one of the best ways you will find inspiration for stories is by taking a notebook and writing down what you see and hear around you. This kind of just stuck with me and I’ve been doing it ever since. Trying to work out where the story of someone is going to go simply by jotting down a single conversation-of which you will often only hear half because the person will be on the phone- is so exciting; and it also means that you’re not trying to magically conjour up a story from thin air. See, that’s today’s top tip. Eavesdrop, it’s handy.

I guess it has become a habit of mine. But fortunately it’s not an annoying one, like when I bite my nails too much or when people have a habit of talking FAR too much, even through my favourite songs, at which point I have a ‘habit’ of telling them to “shut the hell up!” This is a nice habit which allows me to be far more productive than I would usually be. It allows me to make notes for blogs, stories, poems while I don’t really even realise it. I can chill out and simultaneously be doing work at the same time.

What I think i’m trying to say here is that people watching can be far more productive than you might first think.

Channel your nosey lifestyle in to something you can be proud of. Try it, trust me, it’s fun.


Until next time…







My Bucket List!


I’ve always loved the idea of having a bucket list; it means that you have ambition and dreams for your life. I think if I thought about it hard enough, my bucket list would just go on and on and on. I’d find it very difficult to cap what I want to be doing. From swimming with dolphins and seeing the northern lights, to sky-diving and simply holidaying in Australia.

OK, so this post is going to be a list of 20 things in my bucket list,each with a brief reason why I want to do that particular thing. I’ll agree, most of them, if not all of them are fairly generic, but I might try and add a couple that might get a few of you thinking “Hmmm, I might add that to my list.”

So in no particular order, here we go!…

1. Go on Safari in Africa – This is a big one for me. My favourite animal in the entire world is the Giraffe, I love them; they’re just adorable. So to see one in the wild, I think i’d faint due to pure excitement.

2. Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef – I’m sure this is on most peoples list. Just the feeling of being there, seeing something that amazing. The worlds largest coral reef system, which can be seen from SPACE! Plus i’d quite like to see Nemo and Dori just chilling.

3. Play Golf at Augusta National Golf Club – Only golfers will understand. But the feeling of playing the worlds most prestigious course would be incredible.

4. Publish a Book – I’m not sure whether it would be a novel or something like a poetry book; but i’d love to see my work published on the shelves of a major bookseller. It would give me tingles.

5. Go to an NBA game to see the Lakers in action – This one ranks high in my list. To actually go and see the Lakers play, with court-side seats would be out of this world.

6. Route 66 – My sister did this and she had the most amazing time. I love the idea of driving down a mega long road with nothing either side of you but baron land, wow!

7. Go to the Masters – If I can’t play the course, i’d at the very least like to go to watch the Masters live one day. Just to see all of my favourite golfers at their very best, in the most important major of the golfing year.

8. Make a living doing what I love – If I could one day forge a career out of writing, blogging, YouTubing or anything like those things, I’ll be a happy man.

9. Hold an original copy of anything by William Shakespeare – Strange one, I know, but what can I say I love the man, I even did my university dissertation on him! Someone, anyone, make this happen for me!

10. Visit the 7 wonders of the world – It’s a classic. No explanation needed.

11. Fly First Class – I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that. Actually, maybe people who don’t like flying. But I like flying, so…

12. Send a message in a bottle – I love this one. I love the idea that in 20 years or so, someone will find my message in my bottle and read it, then tell me they found it. Would be amazing.

13. Meet my favourite Musicians – Now who would I meet? You Me At Six, All Time Low, Professor Green, Rizzle Kicks, Coldplay. And i’m sure there are possibly a few more I could think of.

14. Own my own house – This might seem a bit boring to some people, but I reckon one of the best things you could do in your life is get on the property ladder.

15. Own a Dog – I had a dog when I was really little but he was a nuisance and we just couldn’t tame him so we had to give him away. I’d love to own a husky and call him Zeus.

16. Participate in a conservation project – I’d love to work with animals in Africa one day, even if it was for just a few weeks.

17. Meet the Royal Family – Now I’ve seen The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh at the horse racing, but to actually meet a member of the Royal family would simply be the most amazing experience.

18. Be in the audience for TopGear – I’d actually love to be a guest on TopGear, but since that will never happen I’d settle for watching it live in the studio.

19.  Visit the Kremlin in Russia –  It has always been on my list and will always stay there but to be honest, given the current unstable nature of the world, especially Russia at the moment, it probably might not happen any time soon.

20. Sky-Dive – Another classic. Most people want to do this; my dad did do it and loved it so I want to do it too, simple.

So there you have it, a select few of some of the things on my Bucket List. There are i’m sure, dozens more but this is all you’re going to get at the moment.

What I want to know is, what’s on YOUR Bucket List and WHY.