The Tech of Tomorrow, Today!

Over the years we have been fed stories of what people think the future is going to be like. But what if those stories are now no longer needed? What if we are finally entering an age where all of the stories of high-tech gadgets which we always thought were unattainable, are finally becoming a reality?

A couple of days ago I read a story about a woman who had been fitted with the most life-like prosthetic hands ever made. The prosthetic hand was developed by a company called ‘Steeper’ and is unrivaled by competitors in its ability to perform everyday tasks. The woman in question, Nicky Ashwell had this to say, “When I first tried the bebionic small hand it was an exciting and strange feeling; it immediately opened up so many more possibilities for me.  I keep finding myself being surprised by the little things, like being able to carry my purse while holding my boyfriend’s hand. I’ve also been able to do things never before possible like riding a bike and lifting weights.” Bionic hands have always seemed a little far-fetched, but with this new technology pushing its way to the forefront of prosthetic innovation, I think we can safely say the future for anyone born without limbs or anyone unfortunate enough to have to have a limb amputated, is a bright one.bionic


Ever wanted to buy a bottle of water by simply tapping your hand on a pad? Maybe swiping and inputting four digits to unlock phone is just too much work. Or do you just with that opening doors could be that little bit less strenuous? Well the tech is here, and it’s looking good. A 15 year old lad has injected a small microchip in his hand which allows him to unlock his phone (check), open doors (check), and hand out electronic business cards (bit boring, but check). It might have a little way to go, but come on, how cool is this!? Bryon Wake completed the procedure- which consisted of a small kit purchased from an American website (where else?) by Wake in his bedroom, while his parent were none-the-wiser downstairs.

chip 1chip 2

Now can you imagine having both the badass bionic hand AND the super cool microchip, all rolled in to one super arm! That would be pretty cool, I think.

My last one is something that will forever baffle me and that I, for as long as walk this good Earth, will never understand. It’s the 3D Printer. These things came out some time ago now but even now the whole idea of printing something in 3 Dimensions is completely alien to me. 3d printer

I can’t pretend to understand how this thing works but look at it, it looks as though it has literally come straight from a sci-fi movie. And what’s more, it has a unique five colour cartridge system, which basically means it is able to blend shades to get you the perfect colour you’re looking for. Quite beautiful, I think. That is until the US government decides that miniature statues of Bugs Bunny aren’t quite enough and begin developing one which churns out only weapons of mass destruction.

You see, we are constantly trying to put ourselves down, saying that ‘maybe one day we’ll get to the future’. But if we always think like that, the future will never come, will it. What we need to start realising it that the future we think will always be a mystery, or a dream, is very much within our grasp. In fact, we have already made some tremendous strides in the way of innovation to better our lives and move forward as a species, without constantly dwelling in the past.

The bionic hand shows what medical technology is doing, and how it truly is working to better the lives of more unfortunate people; the lad who has micro-chipped his hand to unlock his phone is straight out of a sci-fi film and is innovation beyond words when it comes to easier (lazier) personal living and keep your eyes peeled wide open for the 3D Printer to take off because who knows, in this current climate and in a world full of trouble and unsettling human ambiguity, you might even be printing your dinner on one of those things in a few (hopefully very long) years time.


Until next time,



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GQ| March 2015 |

Whenever a new GQ comes out, I get a little excited. I don’t necessarily get excited to see the silly faced models wearing silly clothes – this month for example there’s a man dressed in a Gucci bar-code – I get more excited for the main feature article (we’ll speak more on that in a bit); the mad cars that are featured and crazy gadgets; among other things. It doesn’t matter what you’re searching for, this monthly mag has it all.

Let me quickly begin by saying that I don’t hate ALL fashion that these uber expensive designers create; there is some pretty swish style knocking about in there; Polo Ralph Lauren and Salvatore Ferragamo performing particularly well in this latest edition. I love looking at the latest styles and seeing how all the different designers go about it, but when, for example Dolce and Gabbana come along and plonk all their models in a white room dressed as bull-fighting Matadors…that’s where I have some issues. I mean really? Who’s going to dress like that? I don’t understand fashion sometimes and that’s why I tend to gloss over it when it begins to enter realms of pure hideousness. But enough of that; you can read all about how I don’t understand fashion, right here in my ‘Sometimes Fashion Baffles Me’ post.

Anyway, today we’re here to talk about strange concept cars; Britain’s 100 Most Connected Men (including Kevin Spacey) and obviously Kevin Spacey, who is this months feature interview with Alastair Campbell.

Let’s talk about that special 100, shall we. Because I have one or two bones to pick with you, GQ. Bone number one, Alfie Deyes. I used to like Alfie aka PointlessBlog, but recently he and a number of other large YouTubers have unfortunately become very aware that they are in fact, famous. This isn’t a bad thing in some cases; i’m sure some of these YouTubers are very intelligent and have worked hard for a very long time to achieve great things; but Alfie…i’m not convinced. You see (and i’m not trying to be too horrible here, so stay with me on this one) Alfie was rather young when he began YouTube and still is, really; and this is bad for a couple of linked-up reasons. He isn’t experienced in being ‘famous’, doesn’t know how to handle himself in many different situations and isn’t very intelligent, at all. You see Mr Deyes is a fine definition of making stupid people famous. Please stop it, and GQ, i’m disappointed.

Actually the rest of the 100 hundred seem like pretty decent choices. So i’ll leave it there. Perhaps GQ were running out of ideas when they came to Tech and Social Media.

Let us move on to one of the most unusual concept cars I have ever come across. The Chevrolet Chaparral Racing 2X Vision Gran Turismo. That’s quite a mouthful. But it’s quite a car; and very unrealistic (i.e will never happen).  Let me show you this bug-like creature.

Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo Concept chev2 chev3

Kind of speaks for itself, really. GQ themselves have this to say…

“There are pies in the sky overtaking flying pigs that are more realistic prospects than this”.

You can’t really blame them for thinking this, either. The driver sort of wears the car like an exo-skeleton in a pod, which will inevitably turn in to a burning pod of death at the side of the road, as this is more of a super-bike/hyper-car hybrid. Not good, and rather ugly as well for a hyped-up concept.

So before I leave you i’ll say a few words about Kevin Spacey. The perfect choice if you’re looking for a dark and mysterious character; someone outright scary but with that look in his eyes that gives his enemies a minor touch of hope, before he destroys them. Spacey is currently playing Francis Underwood in the Netflix original series ‘House of Cards’; I wont give any spoilers because I just want you to bask in its magnificent glory as a series. Underwood is a man who will stop at nothing to get everything and cares little for the well-being of others (this is apparent from the get-go, so I haven’t given away any spoilers). Spacey is the king of Netflix at the moment and House of Cards is an amazing series of drama, politics, money, love, death, the lot. Get on Netflix now and binge watch the lot.


Well GQ, you’ve given us another edition of some wild fashion, wild cars and wild actors that can keep us busy with debates for weeks. Thank You.

If you people have anything you’d like to say, feel free to leave a comment and like and follow my blog. It helps me out a bunch and I get all excited when I gain a brand new follower.

Until next time…



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I Haven’t Been Everywhere, But It’s On My list

Travel. It seems complicated; it’s not. It seems expensive; it is, unfortunately. Yep, travel does cost a lot of money; you can’t just arrive at an airport and hitch a ride to the nearest world-wonder. But it is one of those elusive excitements that everyone at one point in their lives has aspired to achieve. You see, last year I became part of the little community that is YouTube. Set up a channel with my sister, said some weird things and have henceforth uploaded the outcome every Wednesday. During our time on YouTube- which has been amazing, by the way – we have met and discovered some pretty inspiring people. They might not be aware, but these people have had an incredible effect on my life; one in particular, and i’ll tell you why.

Allow me to introduce you to Corey Jones aka Radventurouscorey (follow the link and subscribe to his YouTube channel). Now I’ve mentioned him in various different videos; I #ff (follow Friday) him occasionally on Twitter and try to make everyone subscribe to his channel as much as I can. That’s all very well and good, I’m sure he knows that he is a great guy; but I really want him to realise quite how much of inspirational person he really is. It’s easy for me to sit and type this out; and say he’s a good guy, but I want you, anyone reading this to go to his channel, watch his videos and tell me that you don’t leave your screens with the genuine want and need to ‘Get out in the world [and] do something creative’. The places he goes, his genuine love for adventure make you feel better; makes your day that little bit brighter. It’s a beautiful thing. Thank You, Corey. You really are Rad.

Travel is one of those things that I’ve always wanted to say I’ve done. I’m visiting America (Orlando and Miami) this year and hopefully I find as much adventure on my travels there as I possibly can. I want to visit Australia, Egypt, Canada; I want to Ski in Austria and dive in the Great Barrier Reef. All of these things cost money but that’s OK; I’ll just have to save for a bit, then I’ll be off. I don’t really feel the need to stay in five star accommodation when I go on my merry travels, a hostel here and cheap hotel there; perhaps even a roof of open air and stars (OK, that one was a bit cheesy). But you get my point, right? It’s not about the money, it’s about the adventure; the good times with even greater people and inspirational destinations.

I mentioned Corey earlier on in the post. He is one of many YouTubers who I would suggest you go and check out, if you haven’t already. Here are some more, quickly before I continue in my traveling day-dream…

1. Tal : The Traveling Clatt

I discovered Tal through Corey a little while ago and am now utterly addicted to his channel.

2. Armin : The Greatest Cookie 

Where do I even start. This guy just buzzes enthusiasm and good vibes. He vlogs, does videos similar to mine AND plays music. What’s not to love?

3. Ben : Mr Ben Brown

I’ve mentioned him in my ‘Top YouTubers” post, and many many others, I think. An all-round great guy. Definitely check him out.

4. Dan : Dan the Director

Very talented film-maker and again, great guy. I found him through Mr Ben Brown and just love his lust for life.

5. Louis : Fun For Louis

The Tarzan of YouTube. Need I say more?

Now, let me conclude my day-dream.

Do you ever look out of your bedroom window and just wonder what else is out there? What else the world has on offer? Because I do. I have that dream of putting on a rucksack, getting on the next flight from Gatwick and jetting off to start my own adventures and from that, my own stories. It seems crazy only to those who don’t have the same ambition for travel. That’s OK, I don’t judge people who are content with stagnating and not exploring the world (well, maybe a little) I just want a little more for my life, that’s all. I want to look back at my life one day and think, “Yeah, not bad”.

So that’s the plan, I guess. I want to make some money, then travel. Then make some money, then travel. I tried an office job once which wasn’t in any way connected to the field i’m interested in; it lasted all of two weeks and was boring as hell. I don’t want to live for that lifestyle.

Life is to be lived, not endured. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

Until next time…



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London I Love You

I used to visit London a lot as a child; but it’s only really recently that I have come to actually admire quite how much of a beautiful city it is. I spent eight, yes EIGHT hours filming in London last Saturday for my YouTube channel (Sibling Junction) working on a short video which massively differs from my others. Whilst walking around – and subsequently ruining every muscle in my body – I realised something. You see, ever since I was a child, London has been portrayed by the media as a crime ridden place full of gangs and violence. And then every now and again they say “oh but it’s not all bad, we’ve still got the memory of the 2012 Olympics!”.

Back to the point. There was a moment on my Saturday outing when we came to China Town; a section of London filled with vibrant colours and people and the smell, oh yes! THAT SMELL! The Chinese population were at the time celebrating their New Year, (and although to me London has always been a place of fun and excitement) the city became such a bright place. It seems weird, but what with all the tension these days with -*warning, taboo topic*- immigration, everyone just got along and the place simply…mingled. There was no atmosphere that suggested any form of tension in the city that day; it was beautiful.

Lon 4

One of the things that I love about London is how random it can be. I mean, take that Saturday for example; I was walking from Waterloo train station to the London Eye, no big deal right. I had to walk through a car park; again, what’s so random about that? In the middle of this small (not even a large) carpark, the floor was all ripped up and a structure made in to a loop replaced it with a car stuck upside down on it. Actually i’m finding this far too difficult to explain… Here it is.

Lon 7

How random can it get? It matches randomness levels of the floating house that someone (I never know who does these things) plonked in the middle of Covent Garden one day last year. Here’s a picture of that as well… Who comes up with this stuff? Really.

Lon 9 Lon91


After spending a good few hours getting some shots for the video, we made our way to Trafalgar Square to visit one of my all time favourite buildings; The National Gallery. There’s something about that building that just calms me (you know, once I manage to zone out all the rambling tourists and crying children). The thought of having so much history in one building, so much beauty over hundreds and hundreds of years of human life, is astounding. If you haven’t already visited The National Gallery and are planning a trip to London any time soon, go and have a look; it’s free entry and you get to look at the jaw dropping talent that adorns every wall. Here’s a little taster of what you can expect when you visit this quite extraordinary building. Again, try to blank out all the other people.

Lond1 Lond3



So there you go, I love London and to me it will always be the greatest and most beautiful city on the planet. Let me leave you with some other snaps I took while I was wandering around near the river that day….

Lon 1 Lon 2 Lon 3 Even managed to get a rather arty one of me crossing one of the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

Lon 5 Lon 6


Until next time, friends…





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You Me At Six and All Time Low

Walking up to the O2 stadium on the 14th February 2015 was one of the most exciting things I have ever done! I wasn’t interested in looking at the O2 or visiting one of its million or so bars and restaurants; I was pumped and ready for one of the most anticipated shows in the rock calendar. The You Me At Six and All Time Low joint headline UK arena tour. Yeah, you read that right!

I’d seen ‘You Me At Six’ perform twice before and ‘All Time Low’ once before. Each time I’ve seen these two incredibly talented bands play, the crowd has doubled and the ticket prices have doubled with it. But that’s OK, because I love them and frankly, I’d sell my soul to see that show again; it was incredible. Easily the best show I had ever seen. In fact, let me give you a little example of how much I enjoyed it; it has now been about a week since the show and my throat is just beginning to relax.

I’d first seen You Me At Six play in 2010 at the Hammersmith Apollo and from that night on, well to say I was hooked is the understatement of the century. They are- in my overly bias opinion- the single greatest band in the country, nay, THE WORLD (bit much?) at the moment. Closely followed of course by All Time Low. Obviously.

Oh, how rude of me; I almost forgot to introduce everyone!

So, people, this is You Me At Six…


So we have:

  • Centre : Josh Franceschi – lead vocals (since 2004)
  • Far Left : Max Helyer – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (since 2004)
  • Second Left : Chris Miller – lead guitar (since 2004)
  • Far Right : Matt Barnes – bass guitar (since 2004)
  • Second Right : Dan Flint – drums, percussion (since 2007)

And here is All Time Low:


  • Centre Left : Alex Gaskarth – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards
  • Centre Right : Jack Barakat – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Right : Zack Merrick – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Left : Rian Dawson – drums, percussion


I know when I go to see these two perform, that it’s going to be an awesome event. You see, these days we’re bombarded with bands that have been put together very quickly, pushed on stage and then told to sing a song that has been written for them by someone else. And surprise surprise, it’s these bands that get all the immediate worldwide attention. It completely tarnishes the music industry and undermines the hard work, pure graft and years upon years of dedication to the game that bands like You Me At Six and All Time Low have put in. But these bands don’t have a true and loyal fan-base; they have 12-15 year old girls who will inevitably grow up and won’t give two flying hoots about them in five years’ time.

You Me At Six, All Time Low and many bands like them have some of the strongest fan-bases on the planet. They’ve grown up WITH them and respect and love them for everything that they have helped them achieve. It’s these people who will stand the test of time and continue to produce music to millions of fans across the globe until they’re 60.

I don’t know, maybe i’m just being sentimental. But I really do believe that these two bands have already and are going to achieve mighty great things in their respected careers. So good luck to them.

They’re my favourites. Who are yours?  Let me know with a comment!


Until Next time



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A Quick Upadate

I was sitting at my desk the other day with a blank document open, ready to start a new blog post when I once again realised that I had no idea what direction my blog was going in. It’s quite a strange feeling, not knowing what I want the blog to be. At first I wanted it to simply be about anything and everything I felt like talking about; then I kind of decided to go down the fashion blog route for a while, because I wanted it to have more of a focus, you know. But now I think I have unconsciously decided that I want to go back to where I started, and just upload what ever I feel like.

A lot of bloggers- mostly beauty or fashion/lifestyle bloggers – will try and tell you that your blog must have a focus, one subject that you aim at a particular niche, so that you gain a strong and loyal following. I have to disagree, I want my blog to be for everyone to enjoy, and that’s not going to happen when there’s just one subject on here, is it.

So i’m going back to my roots; picking up where I left off; starting fresh; square one and all that. This will also mean that my blog posts will be a lot more frequent, as I’ll be posting things that I really want to be talking about, rather than things I feel I need to be talking about, simply because it will aim at a tightly knit niche.

So there you have it, this blog will be going back to film reviews, current affairs and talking about basically anything that I want to, just because it’s more fun than being so restricted with one subject. There might be the odd fashion post from time to time, but don’t get your hopes up!

I love getting comments on my blog, so feel free to comment on what ever you like, with any suggestions for new blog ideas. Thanks.

Until next time,



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Dystopia Part Three: The Finale

Let us wrap this up nice and quickly…

Dystopia is a pretty daunting word; it suggests absolute chaos and misery, a world full of death and no hope. But think about it for a minute; would you really want a ‘Utopia’? Would you really want a world where everything and everyone in it was perfect? I know I wouldn’t. The world is rapidly advancing and I for one am so excited to see where these new advances take us as a species. Sure we might have corporations owning everything but without these companies; Apple for one, we would be further behind than we currently are. Without having these (for lack of a better word) geniuses, at the helm of our technological world, where would we be? These people are those that need to push us forward in to tomorrow. And they’re doing it. Fast.

I started this little mini blog series as a way of finding out for myself whether or not we are actually entering a Dystopian age. But so far I have come the conclusion that a dytsopian future isn’t necessarily the disaster that it is often made out to be. Maybe the word ‘Dystopia’ can have connotations of other things other than apocalypse, or post-nuclear war; things that we associate with the end of the world. Because dystopia isn’t the end of the world; it’s simply a world in which we have fallen, and we need to pick ourselves back up. I believe that we can create new meanings for this word; as we are never realistically going to have a Utopia (which I have decided would be boring and useless) it needs to stand alone as a word that describes the ‘real future’, because that’s what it is. We aren’t looking forward in to a Utopian future; we’re looking forward to a Dystopian future and that’s okay, because that’s reality.

I think that’s exactly how i’m going to refer to a ‘dystopian’ future whenever someone begins to talk about how horrible it is. It’s reality; and however much some films try and make it the worse thing that could possibly happen; they never pretend to make it anything but a realistic foreshadowing of the future.

But you know what, i’ve just realised something; why do I keep refering to this period in our history as the future? We’re very much in it, right now. The future that we should be looking to is something much more exciting than our current perceptions of what ‘future’ is. I’m talking flying cars and USS Enterprises.

But what about YOU, what do you think of the word ‘Dystopia’?

Leave a comment and tell me!


Until next time…




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Introducing !COMB!

Now there are plenty of clothing applications and online-store applications on the market these days; but a new wave of mobile application has hit iPhone and android and will change the way you search for the things you love. And in the words of its creators…

‘The Comb app is a social, search and discovery platform. With the help of the latest image recognition technology, users can upload images and the app will then scan a product database of over 2 million products from hundreds of retailers in order to find a similar result or even an exact match. Using the in-app chat feature, any product can be sent to a friend for their opinion.

The Comb is a platform for inspiring search and discovery.’

Apps like this are an absolute saviour when searching for clothes. The whole idea of simply being able to snap a picture of something you like and get that exact match and so many more options of things similar to it, is incredible. I recently snapped a picture of a simply striped white/blue rugby jumper and the results that I got back in return were amazing!

There are a few different versions of this form of App and I have tried most of them. Unfortunately none of them had actually performed in the way that I had expected them to. I downloaded Comb and it was different. For one, it worked; there were no real issues with the way the App handled its primary job; which is to find other items like yours. Secondly it provided me with items that I could actually afford. I’d tried Apps that had been recommended to me via friends or internet personalities, but when I sent the image through I would get in return a list of £500 T-Shirts or £3000 coats. That’s not what I want. What I want is great style, at prices that I can afford. Comb is the perfect App for those of you who are, lets say, picky with your choice of clothing but want a wider range of what you love; gives great style at great prices and is amazingly simple to use.

Go and download this App now and shop around endlessly for the style that you love, with no effort.

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We Need To Talk About Jenna and JJ

Alright, let’s try and do this without being cliché, or cheesy, and without looking like too much of a kiss-ass. We’ll make this nice and short…

Let’ get cracking!

I’ve written posts about YouTube; who my favourite Youtubers are and how YouTube has become the largest video sharing platform on the planet. But what I haven’t done- to my knowledge – is tell you guys why I got in to YouTube. I want to tell you straight about the two people who inspired me to make my own channel; and who both equally –however modest they may be –  inspire millions of people every day to do whatever they want to do and never take no for an answer.  Jenna Marbles and KSI have two of the largest subscribed-to channels on YouTube, KSI with 7.2 million and Jenna with a whopping 14.1 million subscribers. And that’s not counting KSI’s second channel which has over 2.8 million; each of them with over 1 billion total views to their names. So now the numbers are out of the way, let’s get talking about them, shall we.


Jenna Marbles

OK so Jenna Marbles (I’m going to call her Jenna from now on because adding Marbles every time is just far too time consuming) was the first ‘Vlogger’ I fully got in to. I found the YouTuber Caspar Lee through a FIFA video he did with KSI and then on and on until I found Jenna; whose videos I thought absolutely rocked and I subscribed straight away. They might not be educational (although Jenna’s Drunk Art School taught me ever so much) but if you’re having a slightly bad day, or you’re feeling a bit miserable; her videos are sure to brighten it up.


It’s the same story with KSI…



KSI or KSIOlajideBT to give his whole YouTube name is by far and away my absolute top YouTuber. He is a gamer who focuses mostly on FIFA and GTA V and then supplements it with any random online games he can find. His videos are funny; and that’s exactly the point. In no way are they supposed to teach you ANYTHING, well maybe how to lose a race on GTA…

I watch all of his videos and they either cheer me up when I’m feeling down or just add to a great day. Now I found KSI through a friend of mine who told me to watch his video called ‘Two Blacks VS the World’. Now this is a bit of a strange video title but it was basically him and his brother playing FIFA online, and every time his brother messed up he whipped out the BB gun. From that moment on I was beyond hooked on his comedy/gaming/commentary videos and that was that.

One of the reasons I love these two so much is their utter randomness. For example; Jenna’s latest video ‘This are This’ a sequel to ‘What are This?’(I won’t ruin it for you; watch it) features two of her dogs, little puppy Peach and still little but older dog Kermit. We follow Peach being shown around the house by Kermit who is pointing at everything saying (well Jenna saying, in the weirdest accent ever) This are This. And that’s about it, then it gets a little creepy, but I’ll let you guys find that out for yourselves. If her videos don’t cheer you up or make you happy; there’s something wrong with your brain…

Then you have KSI who basically screams everything and shouts at everything and breaks everything for five minutes… But I love that. And for extra dose of ‘BANTER’ in your day, this is the channel for you, for sure. He often records videos with six of his fellow YouTubers, all of whom I watch avidly and whose videos are all equally well crafted; they call themselves the SIDEMEN, Subscribe to all of them at…


Zerkaahd – Main channel – Zerkaa)

BlueJumperGaming – Main channel – Woretoshaw)

Beh2inga – Main channel – Behzinga)

TBZJLPlays – Main channel – TBJZL)

MM7GAMES – Main channel – MiniMinter).

So go subscribe to those guys as well because they create some great content.



Until next time…



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Dystopia Part 2: Technology


Technology is seen in one of two lights; it is seen as the innovator of our world, the basis on which modern mankind is to evolve; or it is seen as the beginning of the end of freedom as a thing to be taken for granted. Let’s think about that for a bit, shall we…

Technology is evolving all the time, it runs our lives and if someone took your smartphone or laptop or in fact just your WiFi hub away from you for a single day, you’d probably go insane and start to question your entire existence. We rely on technology so much these days that they can do pretty much anything; for example make things so ridiculously expensive and force you to upgrade when you don’t want it, and we just blindly go along with it. So what’s to say that in 10, 15, 20 years that technology companies are to be the most powerful organisations on the planet; I mean, they’re already the richest. Apple, for example, is worth more than the entire US treasury.

So what do we do? Do we fight it? Viva la Revolution?

Simple answer, No, we shouldn’t. I’ve seen Continuum, It doesn’t end pretty. No, what we need to do is embrace this technology that is already such a huge part of our lives and develop WITH it. The world is too far gone under the control of these corporations for anyone to really have any effect on them; besides, if people did revolt against them, they’d shut down for the afternoon and the revolutionaries would go loopy because they couldn’t see whether someone had accepted them on Facebook!

The world is moving forward; and with this developing technology comes so many possibilities. We are on our way to finding a cure to Cancer, and so many other horrible diseases that are a huge issue the world over. We can do so many things with evolving technology that to say it is anything other than an innovator for good is just crazy. Disagree if you want, in fact, please do; I’d quite like a different point of view to this subject.

It saddens me that I was born when I was. I was born in 1992 and since then the world has gone tech mad! So much change and so much improvement; from the internet coming on leaps and bounds,  to the geniuses in their medical laboratories who are trying to make the world a better, healthier place. Everything is on the way up and I feel like i’ve been born right on the cusp of it all. Who knows where we could be in 100-200 years time. I dare say there will be a cure for all forms of cancer; we might even see West Ham at the top of the premiership…   … No?  …well, ok let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But you get my point; in that relatively short period the human race could do so many amazing things, thanks to the technology giants who are running our lives. It’s just a shame that- and i’m not trying to be completely morbid with this- I won’t be around to witness it all.

Anyway, I went  little bit off the beaten track there. My point is, that however much we try to say that Apple, Microsoft, Sony and any other tech titans are ruining the sanctity of life and that soon we’ll be having our Facebook feeds downloaded directly to our sculls and Mr Zuckerberg will be able to read our thoughts and control our minds, the fact of the matter is; without these people; without their groundbreaking tech or their out-of-the-box mindset, we wont be able to move forward. We’ll just stagnate if we don’t allow these people to take control, even just a little. I realise I sound a little bit like a brain-washed cyborg from a Sci-Fi film, but hey, if that’s what we need to see sense in who’s running things around here, so be it.


Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments box and get a debate going.

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