Introducing !COMB!

Now there are plenty of clothing applications and online-store applications on the market these days; but a new wave of mobile application has hit iPhone and android and will change the way you search for the things you love. And in the words of its creators…

‘The Comb app is a social, search and discovery platform. With the help of the latest image recognition technology, users can upload images and the app will then scan a product database of over 2 million products from hundreds of retailers in order to find a similar result or even an exact match. Using the in-app chat feature, any product can be sent to a friend for their opinion.

The Comb is a platform for inspiring search and discovery.’

Apps like this are an absolute saviour when searching for clothes. The whole idea of simply being able to snap a picture of something you like and get that exact match and so many more options of things similar to it, is incredible. I recently snapped a picture of a simply striped white/blue rugby jumper and the results that I got back in return were amazing!

There are a few different versions of this form of App and I have tried most of them. Unfortunately none of them had actually performed in the way that I had expected them to. I downloaded Comb and it was different. For one, it worked; there were no real issues with the way the App handled its primary job; which is to find other items like yours. Secondly it provided me with items that I could actually afford. I’d tried Apps that had been recommended to me via friends or internet personalities, but when I sent the image through I would get in return a list of £500 T-Shirts or £3000 coats. That’s not what I want. What I want is great style, at prices that I can afford. Comb is the perfect App for those of you who are, lets say, picky with your choice of clothing but want a wider range of what you love; gives great style at great prices and is amazingly simple to use.

Go and download this App now and shop around endlessly for the style that you love, with no effort.


Dystopia: Introduction- Part 1

There comes a point in the existence of our species when what we always thought would be forever in our imagination, or forever on our screens; would eventually come to life. We have known for a very long time that if we continue in the direction that we have been heading, our fate will be sealed as one of a dystopian ending. I enjoy dystopian films; ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Children of Men’, ‘I Robot’, ‘Book of Eli’. I don’t like these films because they show the human race in a state of ruin, or helplessness; I like these films because no matter how much you try and deny it, and no matter how much you want your perfect Utopian life to come true; these are the films that most realistically resemble the future we are entering.

It’s no secret that our world is slowly falling apart, that tensions between countries are at an all-time high. This however is merely the beginning of what I’m talking about.  World War 3 is one thing, what comes after is an entirely different and much more serious case of affairs.

Now I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be beyond awesome to find yourself in the middle of the Capitol, just like Hunger Games; but just think for a minute, would you actually be part of that society? I mean come on; do you really think that after WW3-when this country like most others is in a state of absolute terror and devastation-the government isn’t going to crack down on EVERYTHING? They’re going to protect their own and the rest of you are going to be left out in the cold.

Sorry, that got a bit dark…

Another fine and equally terrifyingly believable way of looking at how our world is declining is through a series that was shown a while ago on T.V called Black Mirror, the episode I’m going to be talking about being ‘Fifteen Million Merits’. This is a dark satire aimed at reality television and to be honest, it basically hits the nail on the head. As a nation we’re obsessed with reality T.V; Big Brother (for some insane reason), X factor, Britain’s Got Talent. These shows all give their respective participants the shot at a better life. The thing about Black Mirror however, is that it exaggerates it; the idea being that you can’t get out of your trapped, mundane existence until you become famous through this one route. Kids have no motivation to do anything ambitious these days because they aspire to be like someone from Big Brother or TOWIE (if you read my blog you’ll know by now how much I dislike those people). My point is that if they all aspire to be like these idiots then future generations will think like this too and a massive anti-social, uneducated snowball of devolution will begin.

That last paragraph is far from my main point; it was just an angry diversion and I’ll now get back to the topic in hand.

Dystopia; It’s a scary concept, isn’t it. It’s something that we don’t often think about because we kind of believe, in a worryingly naïve manner, that this world will be the same forever; not on your life. The world is changing and we’d best be ready for it when it does. The gap between the rich and the poor is ever growing, especially in places like America, where the idea of the ‘American Dream’ is slowly fading to nightmare. The simple fact of the matter is, it’ll be us and them and the sooner we all realise this, the sooner we can get on with preparing.

I am obviously being a tad over-dramatic, but little pockets of the world are all becoming more and more irritable with one another and the idea of WW3 is becoming more of a reality.

The thing that bothers me the most about this is that for some, nothing will change; WW3 will for them simply be just another credit crunch or depression and then they’ll carry on with their perfectly ordinary lives. Gates to Royal Parks across the country WILL close to the public, businesses WILL collapse and life as we know it WILL change.

The main point that I want to make in this part (Part 1) is that our future is most probably not going to be what we have always expected. Back in the 40s, 50s and even 60s, people thought that the 2000s would be a new age of flying cars and robot servants; what we actually got was a slightly improved Ford Focus and Nick Clegg. We are improving in certain areas such as technologically, but that’s something I’m saving for Part 2.


Join me in part 2 where I explore our future from more of a technological point of view.

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Sometimes Fashion Baffles Me…


It’s quite easy to write about fashion; talking about things that you’ve recently seen or bought; talking about someone who was wearing something noteworthy. But the thing that I really don’t get is runway fashion. Sometimes I look at the people who walk down the runway and think “who the hell dressed you?”. I mean, I understand that the the runway is for new designs and first glimpses of the new season’s look, but this? really?

scary run If you can tell me what THIS is supposed to signify or be the beginnings of then i’ll give you a shiny star shaped sticker. This is one of thousands of images that I could have pulled off the internet that just emphasises my confusion of runway fashion; if indeed you can actually call this fashion.

My point is, if you’re going to go to one of these fashion shows then why wouldn’t you showcase your actual stuff? This might just simply be me being a bit ignorant about the industry, but seriously what is the point in showcasing pieces that you’re not even going to sell. Someone please, comment and let me know!

I love fashion; I love finding new things and my recent ‘thing’ is collarless shirts. Apparently they’re an old breed that have- like many things – come full circle and are now right back in. But if I was a leading retail store or major high-class brand, and I had the idea of bringing these shirts back, I’d showcase them and maybe some other new things that i’d be selling that year instead of something like, oh I don’t know… this…


Funny, I don’t recall finding this on the shelves of my local Topman.

The above photo is one of those which absolutely baffles me. Who sat down in this meeting and decided that what they were going to put on the runway was a jacket that looks like a pair of sleeves with a sleeveless concrete T-Shirt over the top and a pair of accordion trousers? And then who’s the person who sits in front of said atrocity and thinks “Hmmm, I might like to get something that looks like that”.

Even as i’m writing this post my mind is boggled by the idea. So i’m going to stop.

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Sport Fashion: Who does it better?


Fashion in sport is a little…limited, for lack of a better word. It doesn’t ever really evolve and that’s a shame. But there are sports that seem to fit this limitation slightly better than others. Individual sports manage to look a little classier than team sports, for example. So I have here a short list of a mix of both individual and team sports so I can come to some kind of decision.

So let us begin, shall we…



I feel like I needed to get this one out of the way so I don’t have to spend too much time talking about it because I’m not the biggest football (Or in American English, soccer) fan in world and talking about it causes me to fall asleep.

They basically all wear the same thing.

Well that’s football covered. No I’m only kidding. But it’s true; they only really differ when it comes down to the pattern of the kit, nothing else ever really changes and it seems like this is it. Football fashion is a stagnant pool of unchanging boredom that makes fans believe they look like their favourite moron… I mean footballers outside of the stadium, which- and i’ve already put my foot down about this in a previous blog-is NOT the case.

There are however sport’s from which you can take the outfit and make it work for the outside world; which brings me neatly on to sport number two.



  • Individual
  • Stylish
  • Often very contemporary
  • Example being the golfers Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter who dress with this style each time they play. (even though I don’t really like Mr Poulter as he is an egotistical show-off who wants everyone to know just how rich he is) But that’s not the point, he still dresses very well.
  • Very strict dress codes make a for a much more niche audience at events which in turn allows for a more enjoyable and relaxed day out.
  • Luxury, expensive sponsors

Golf is my sport; I’ve played since I was around eleven years old and I love it. I love watching it and playing it (both in real life and on the X Box). You soon realise, when playing golf, that there is an infinitely larger choice in clothing than football and this is a good thing. It allows for the sport’s fashion to evolve in a way that football never can. Rickie Fowler, for example, wears a snapback when he plays. Now my hostility towards snapbacks is no secret, but it does mean that he is modernising the way golfers dress; thereby opening the sport up to younger audiences who see it as ‘cool’; therefore the game opens itself up to wider demographics making it a more profitable sport, end of discussion.




  • More of a scope for different outfits due to it being a very individualistic sport.
  • Cleaner, more high-class sport than football, so basic kit simply looks much better.
  • Same idea as golf, the audience is just politer. You’ll never find a crowd at tennis calling the umpire a w***** or throwing flares on to the court, for example.

Tennis is an interesting one; I only ever really watch Wimbledon and that’s about it really. But again, that’s not the point. The point is that Tennis is an individualistic sport and so, like golf, the scope for a more individual style when it comes to the kit is much larger than say cricket or football. White is obviously a very popular colour in Tennis and that’s ok. Football has so many players on each team that if both sides wore white it would be slightly confusing. But Tennis can quite easily get away with it because the most players you’ll ever see on a tennis court (unless there is some very unorthodox form of the game somewhere in the world) is four. So Tennis is limited, but when each player wears a slightly differing shade of green down the sleeve or when a sponsor is different the kit changes quite drastically and GQ has a field day.



Hey, talking of fields (a game of cricket is played on a field, right?)

Cricket is one of the most popular games on the planet; it’s a team game, so it has something in common with football; but that’s where the similarities end. The trousers and jumpers-which do admittedly often look exactly the same-  would look just as good off the field as it does on it; unlike football, where a fan wearing a football kit walking down the street can only (in my eyes) be described as a chav…

Cricket is boring, the games can go on for decades, and the fans can get a little rowdy.  But unlike football, the fashion is very conservative, and I like that. I said that football’s style of kit has become stagnant and that it will never evolve and it’s the same case with cricket; yet I’m very ok with that as well. You see, cricket is a British institution and no British institution should ever change if its traditions (like breaking for tea and sandwiches at half time) are going to stick around. If they start pimping up the kits, who knows what other chaos could ensue! They might start having energy drinks and glucose pouches at half time instead; and that can never happen.

So there are some sports that can do fashion quite well; it’s just football is most definitely not one of them.

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Decisions, Decisions


I haven’t posted much over the last month or so; and it isn’t because i’ve become lazy or stagnant, it’s because i’m still deciding what this blog is going to be. I think i’ve figured it out now; thanks to a little advice. Let me explain…

As a blogger you’re faced with two options; firstly, you can decide to blog about whatever comes to your mind, on whatever subject you feel like writing about and hope that people notice you; and secondly you can decide to focus your blog on one subject or theme and aim yourself at one demographic in the hope that that specific niche will accept you.

I need to find that piece, that idea and structure that will complete my blog puzzle.

Here’s a picture of an incomplete puzzle. You know, just in case you didn’t know what one looked like!

incomplete puzzle

I feel like neither of those choices necessarily defines me as a writer; and also, I don’t believe that your writing should be ruled by any strict guidelines just because that’s what ‘everyone else does’, same as anything else in life. So i’ve decided that the best thing for me to do with this blog-which will be the basis of my blog’s future format-is to combine the two ‘rules’ and create my own SUPER RULE! To have a light focus (i.e Fashion) and combine it with whatever I feel like writing about. I might, for example, want to write about current affairs and decide to weave fashion in to the mix; or I might simply want to write about current affairs. I don’t want the blog to become stagnant or for lack of a better word, boring. I want it to be in some ways, innovative. I want it to be free.

So this is the structure that i’ve chosen for ‘Danny’s Blog’. I will have fashion as my focus, something to which I can return to for any post I upload; but I do want to give the blog it’s own identity, and I feel the way to do this is to simply not go with what everyone else is doing. I don’t want to write about one thing, that’s not what i’m about. I want to write about EVERYTHING!

I thought that to be a successful blogger you had to have a focus, a specific niche that you directed to a specific type of demographic so as to gain recognition. But I realise now that the most important thing about a blog- in my mind – is that people enjoy your writing, and if that means directing my writing to a wider demographic, thereby (and I take this from ALL blogging ‘tip’ books) risking not having a strong and loyal follwowing, then so be it. I feel like now my blog has a purpose, and a direction to go in.

Plus, surely aiming my writing at a wider and more varied demographic just means that there’s more of a chance of gaining a larger audience, no?

Here’s me completing my blog puzzle, you know, just in case you were wondering what that might look like!


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Robin All The Talent

RW 2

In 1995 a film was released which would bring in to my life, one of the greatest actors I would ever witness. ‘Jumanji’ was a piece of on-screen genius and to a kid, like me, it would forever cement  in my mind that one of the funniest men on the planet was the incredibly talented Robin Williams. Now it’s well worth noting that, at this point in my brief existence, I didn’t know the name ‘Robin Williams’; but knew him instead as “that strange man” or ” that funny man”; and that’s alright by me. When you’re a child, you’re not influenced by names or fame or reputation; you’re moved simply by pure on-screen presence; something of which Mr Williams was most definitely not lacking.

When you watch films like ‘Jumanji’, ‘Jack’, ‘Hook’ or ‘Flubber’; you see-as a child- a fellow child, masquerading as a fully grown adult. You see a crazy man, jumping and making funny voices, pulling funny faces and talking to a piece of green jelly. This is of course, something Robin Williams did rather well. But don’t forget his other roles; serious, striking and powerful. My favourite of these is most definitely ‘Good Will Hunting’. I wont in any way describe the film; I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you; but take some time out of your day to watch it, because Williams’ acting is leaps and bounds beyond what most actors could pull out of any of their hats during their entire career.

Getting back to the reasons I loved this man growing up. One of which is that, quite simply, he was there while I was growing up. There aren’t many actors; in fact you could probably count them on one hand; who made the positive impact on my childhood quite like Robin Williams. It is-when I think about it-probably the reason i’m such the stubborn person I am today. He taught us kids that growing up (and no, this isn’t just a Peter Pan reference) was out-dated and frankly, boring. He taught us that nothing in life should be taken too seriously; unless of course that something is your flying car, or your real-life jungle board game.

I honestly don’t think that we will ever see an actor who in any way matches Robin Williams’ on-screen comedic presence; or who can compare to his adorable and loving nature; whilst still managing to be a serious and imposing hero at the same time. I might be wrong, but i’m pretty sure he was most certainly one of a kind, and future comedic actors had best be aware that they have got some seriously large shoes to fill.

When I first heard of Robin Williams’ passing, I couldn’t believe it, and I am still trying to come to terms with it. I’d lost a childhood and adulthood hero and i’ll be honest, it’s difficult to accept.

My point is, that Williams was an example of a life lived, not endured; and that is my entire life philosophy in four short words. To quote the man himself, ‘you’re only given one little spark of madness; you mustn’t lose it’.

RW 1

It was shocking and heart-breaking news for me to hear; but my thoughts go out to his wife and children during this tragic time.


RIP, Funny Man, you’ll be truly missed, but never forgotten.



We Need To Talk About Jim


For all the messy-haired, skinny-jean wearing ‘stylish’ hipster YouTubers there really isn’t a very big selection who manage to remain stylish in a classy and refined way quite like Jim Chapman. He’s been in GQ’s best dressed list I don’t know how many times now and whenever you spot him on the red carpet or at any event, he’s rocking an outfit that just screams traditional English Gentleman. If you’re a fan of YouTubers (like myself) you’ll know that there are far too many bandanas and snapbacks knocking about these days and style seems to always take second place, but Mr Chapman seems to be subconsciously rebelling against this declining fashion sense among his fellow YouTube creators and is paving the way for the more fashion conscious.


It’s also worth noting that Jim is one of the most genuinely nice guys on the planet. There doesn’t seem to be a bad bone in his very well-dressed body, and it’s quite clearly not a front, either. He’s an inspiration to such a large following on Twitter and YouTube and, well, any other social networking site you can think of. But back to the main point; he manages to film videos, present TV shows, and be everywhere all at the same time AND still manages to do it looking snazzy in Burberry, or Aquascutum or any other iconic brand; incredible. Oh, did I mention he also has his own blog. What else can you do Jim? Are you a professional jet-pack racer? I wouldn’t be surprised; Chapman seems to excel at anything he puts his mind to.


There aren’t many YouTubers who I would say were particularly inspirational, but I’ll list a few of them below.

  1. Jim Chapman (obviously)
  2. Mr Ben Brown
  3. Louis Cole (fun for Louis)
  4. Tyler Oakley

ben and louis tyler

This very short list of people consists of those YouTubers who I believe inspire millions of people in many different ways. Tyler Oakley has been an inspiration to the entire gay community as well his other legions of fans; Ben Brown and Louis Cole inspire budding travellers and send out daily ‘positive vibes’ to their followers and Jim is an absolute role-model to his entire fan-base, and of course, fashion lovers world-wide.

This hasn’t been a long post, nor has it been particularly about fashion; but I just felt like I needed to, at some point, write about Jim. He deserves everything he has and as an avid viewer of his, I’m very pleased for him.

Oh, and nice suits, Jim.


Until next time…



I Want a Hat…

Well Hello there. Short post today!

I want a hat, but there aren’t many styles of hats that actually suit me. When I graduated from University the mortarboard looked absolutely ridiculous on me; baseball caps look beyond pathetic and you can absolutely forget about flat caps because I neither want to look like a seventy year old man or a beer bellied farmer. The only hats that i’ve found actually suit me are beanies, Russian style hats and now, thankfully, the five panel cap.

I think the first time I saw the five panel cap and realised that i’d quite like one was when I saw Harley from Rizzle Kicks wearing one. The only problem was that back then I had a complete mop style hair cut; and caps were just not built to handle that level of mop…ness. But since i’ve trimmed the barnet and style it properly, I think i’d quite like to try one again, and because it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to get one, I think.

If you don’t know what the five panel cap looks like, here you go. I think it’s no surprise by now that i’m quite a big fan of floral patterns at the moment…

five panel 3 five panel 4 five panel five panel 2


Leave a comment letting me know what you think of this style; and maybe suggest which one I should go for.


Until next time…



All Hail H&M

A couple of weeks ago we got a stint of really nice weather; which tempted me to go out and get something that matched the summer sun. Unfortunately-this being England-the weather is rather unpredictable and we’re now getting quite a lot of rain. Today for example, is lovely; the sun is shining and it’s actually really warm;  however yesterday I drove through a massive thunder storm and I thought I was going to get washed off a bridge…

I’m an optimistic kind of fellow, however, and I will insist on posting summery blogs until it’s clear that the season is up. So here are a few more things that I recently got from H&M that you guys need to know about, before you go out and spend too much on things for which you are buying the logo and nothing else.

So let us begin…

no collar This now stands at the top of the list of my favourite shirts. You don’t see this style of shirt knocking about too much these days and now that I’ve got one, i’m not entirely sure why. I was slightly dubious at first about getting it and then I saw Steve Booker (award winning fashion blogger) wearing it and I thought; “you know what, that’s a really good look”. It goes amazingly well with a pair of linen shorts and either flip flops or deck shoes; and i’m not sure exactly how, but it feels airier (is that a word?) than most shirts with collars.  £24.99. Great price; great shirt.

green vSay what you want about H&M, but they know how to get people spending. This deep V-Neck tee is only £3.99! and the quality is amazing. Extremely lightweight and great for warm weather (when it holds up). There’s not much I can say about this other than you should absolutely go and get a couple. I say a couple because I had to restrain myself from getting one in every colour because the price was so good. I might actually go and get the rest right now…

linen shortOK, i’m back, and I’ve loaded myself with every colour V-Neck that H&M currently own. Now, these linen shorts are what I was referring to in the first paragraph with the shirt. I recently purchased them and found that they work perfectly together; although I bought them in pink. I always try and get people to make sure they look around before buying anything, because the bargains that are lurking around these days are ridiculous. This pair will cost you a mere £14.99. You’ll  be facing double that anywhere else.

chino s£7.99 for a pair of great quality chinos? Yes please. I love chinos, and recently I’ve started to (literally) get in to chino shorts. These beige chinos go well with almost any colour you choose; but i’d stay plain and match them with a simple white T-Shirt and keep the look fresh.


Well, there you go; get yourselves down to your local H&M and have a search for some of their out-of-this-world bargains.

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It’s GQ Time!


Whenever I get a GQ I automatically head straight to two things; the main feature interview and the back fashion pages. This month is a treat beyond all measures because not only is the feature article an interview with Jessica Alba (there are also some awesome photos); but the back pages are full to the brim with awesome summer buys. So to sum up, so far it’s pretty awesome.

I’m going to point out a few of my favourites from this months edition that wont break the bank, and hopefully you guys will go out and treat yourselves to.

armandanavyredIt’s no secret by now that I like deck shoes (or boat shoes) and these Armada deck shoes from Chatham for £59.00 are not only a great price, but are perfect for the summer. Good choice, GQ. Wear them with some chino shorts and a white cotton shirt.


Watch_1If you saw my Pinterest you’d know that I have a slight obsession with watches. I have a few myself and I feel naked without my watch on. To me it doesn’t really matter if it’s expensive or really cheap, a watch is a thing of beauty and a piece of art that still baffles me when I try to figure out how they are crafted. This watch is £150.00 and worth every penny. It has a slight stealthy element to it and it definitely has a simple, understated beauty to its design. I love this watch, and am very tempted.

WayFlyerTort2_largeI don’t have many pairs of sunglasses, but I do like them, and these Wayflyer 2.0 Redwood Polarised sunny’s from Johnny Fly Co just make me want to buy more. I love the wooden-look arms and the frames have such a beautiful and warming pattern that they scream summer. Get them for $88.00 USD. No really, get them.

moorgate broguesI have never owned a pair of shoes like these, but I have recently begun to really see why you would. They work on both a formal and casual basis and they are so cheap I wouldn’t be surprised if they are sold out everywhere. £39.00. I mean come on, what more of a bargain can I possibly find you?


I love GQ, it always has something for everyone and it never fails to deliver pure quality products to its readers. Thanks, GQ.

Let me know what your favourites from any of your favourite magazines or websites are, so I can go check them out.


Until next time…