A Quick Word About DAVE ERASMUS

I love discovering inspirational people on YouTube and other social media platforms; it gives me real sense of pride in our online communities. This short post is all about DAVE ERASMUS; The man in woods, the guy with the hut, lover of huge courgettes and admirer of butterflies and bluebells (Yes, his content really is that adorable!)

Now, this is YouTube we’re talking about, so I didn’t just stumble upon him one day. I saw Dave in other videos posted by other YouTubers, Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) being the most prominent. He always seems to me to be someone who loves life. I don’t mean that in a generic sense, I mean he genuinely loves ALL life. His living in the woods isn’t some stunt for views, its real. Him looking at a butterfly in awe and being genuinely happy to have seen it isn’t fake or staged, its real. The fact that he waited all those weeks just to see the first bluebell pop out of the ground, and then getting so exited on camera when he finally saw one isn’t fake, it’s real emotion. It’s all real love for all life. I don’t know, he just seems like a genuinely good guy.

To give you an idea of the kind of guy Dave is, here is one of his videos on YouTube. (I really hope I don’t get in to trouble for using this video!)

I mean did you SEE his reaction to seeing the glowing caterpillar for the first time?! How can you not like watching that? There’s a very good reason Dave’s Like:Dislike ratio is so big on his videos. This one for example, 748 Likes to 3 Dislikes, THREE!

Dave has decided to- as he states in his twitter bio- Live ON+OFF Grid Building & Enjoying Corcovado. Corcovado is the name he has given the land on which he is now living. He is gradually building his very own shepherds hut out of any sustainable materials he can find, which have the lowest possible impact on the planet and his immediate environment. He is, in the meantime, living in a pre-built hut. Not too shabby.

His new hut (bigger) is coming along nicely…

If making his own hut wasn’t enough of a project to tackle, he also (with the help of Sean (@seanelliottoc) and Alfie (@PointlessBlog) completely restored an old van in to something quite amazing. They sold it on Ebay for roughly £2000 and any money raised was given to a charity of their choosing. Lads Lads Lads!

YouTube gets bad press all the time. This person has said that, he or she did this or that. But every now and again someone (Dave in this case, obviously) comes along in his built-from-scratch shepherds huts, homemade wooden furniture, freshly grown organic veg, DANCEFLOOR IN THE BLOOMIN’ WOODS! and restores all faith in humanity (and thankfully, YouTube). And all done with the help from a whole bunch of people who watch his videos and who, like Dave, want to make a difference in how we perceive our planet, and how we can move forward as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly species.

YouTube (if you go to the right places) can be such an inspirational place. And YouTubers like Dave are a complete testament to that. You can be having a stressful day, or just be feeling a bit down in the dumps and you go to Dave’s channel, or you go to Alfie’s channel or you go to whichever is your favourite channel and for 10 minutes or so, everything is cool and everything is calm and chill. And that’s what I love about Dave. It’s a feel-good channel, full to the brim with like-minded people all coming together to make something amazing.

Cheers, Dave 🙂

Please do go over to Dave’s YouTube channel (Psst tell him Danny sent ya) and give his videos all the love they deserve. He’s a champ!


And until next time…


Little disclaimer > I do not own any of the photographs in this blog post, nor do I own the video (That’s all Dave).

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2 Responses to A Quick Word About DAVE ERASMUS

  1. An excellent and inspirational story! Dave certainly is a likable guy.

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