Happiness Is Confusing!

This is a kind of follow-up post, I guess, to the one I posted on Sunday ‘Be Thankful’. I’ve added a couple of points I had left out (forgotten about) in Sunday’s post. Happiness is a strange thing. Do we really understand it?

You know it’s funny, people think that they have to have ‘Things’ to be happy; Lots of money, property, cars… More money. But does it really ensure happiness? I mean sure it can make life easier; it can buy lots of things that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to; You can relax and have fewer worries. But those things don’t make happiness. It sounds like such a cliche and i’m sure you’ve all heard it before, but to me, Happiness really is enjoying the little things.

It’s such a strange concept to some people; “How can you be happy without money?” I can’t even express how sorry I feel for these unfortunate people. They’ve been caught up in a world where money rules, and unfortunately for them, they’ve been made victims of that nasty culture.  By nasty culture I am in fact referring to my own culture, but it seems to me that it’s how you interpret the word happiness that is the most important thing. Your surroundings should never have any affect on who you are and how you behave, regardless what society wants you to believe. Everyone has a choice, and it’s the limits of your own imagination and ambition that will get in the way of your future – the future you actually want, not the one you’re expected to lead.

I like to talk about this kind of subject, it interests me because it’s such a personal thing. You could ask dozens, hundreds of people the same question – What is happiness? – and you might not get the same answer once. The human mind is an amazing thing, and the different ways that individuals will perceive the same topic is mind boggling. I will never understand it, the human brain – and I think i’d rather not , if I’m honest. I just see it as a rather marvellous and wonderful thing. I also don’t think anyone will ever truly understand the human brain, it’s far too complicated. Which I guess kind of means that it’s too complicated to understand itself… (OK my brain now hurts).

But trust me, I’m no brain scientist (that’s what they’re called, right?). Maybe one day someone will come along with all the answers; maybe someone already has all the answers. Who knows. Happiness, in my opinion at least is a hard one to pin down. Take a look at these charts from 2014 (i’m assuming that since then, because of Brexit and Trump and the like, that things may have slightly altered in the west…) showing the percentages of people around the world who believe they are happy, and a separate chart showing those who want a simpler life:

The graphs essentially show that people are happy with their hectic lifestyles but at the same time wish their lives were more simple. Maybe, then, population is a key factor? With countries such as India, China and the US (with their massive population) at the top half of the ‘I wish my life was more simple’ chart. But then at the same time, these same countries are in the top half of the ‘Happiness’ chart… Yeah, i’m baffled. And it can’t possibly have anything to do with crime rates, seeing as countries such as Sweden (very low crime rate) and South Africa (relatively high crime rate) are so close to each other in the happiness chart. I guess what i’m getting at is happiness is an entirely random and personal thing. If you choose to be happy, wherever on Earth you happen to be, then you will be happy. Money, in my humble opinion doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be a contributing factor either; different cultures see different definitions to the word happiness, and some might not require money to define that happiness.

Not a very long post today, but this is a subject i’m really interested in- happiness, the human mind and how it perceives things differently depending on who you are, where you live and how you’ve been raised. So I’m probably going to do more of these posts, every now and again, because there will always be little bits that I somehow miss out.

If you have any thoughts on this topic, or if you would like to see more like this one, please feel free to get involved and leave a comment 🙂


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