You hear people say it a lot, these days – “oh i’m so jealous of this person” or “i’m really jealous that they have this or that” – and I suppose that’s fine. People will always be jealous of others whom they believe to have more than them. But I think if those same people spent more time being thankful for what they actually have, then they would become happier over time, as they’re not constantly lusting over the things that others might have. For example, sure those people have a bigger house, they have a nicer car and their clothes are more expensive; and i’m sure that those things allow the person to live a comfortable and happy lifestyle. But if you focused on what you do have; a loving home, a car that gets you from A to B, and clothes on your back; you’ll be more aware that there are others who are looking at you at that very moment wishing for those simple things that you take for granted every single day.

You see we spend our lives seeking ‘more’, we want more money, we want a bigger house, we want a flash car, we want nice clothes from top brands and we want everyone to see us enjoying all of those things. If one day you end up achieving that, and you get all those things, then so be it; you got it, flaunt it. Why not? But right now you might not have it so be thankful for all the other wonderful things in your life.

I myself try my absolute hardest to make sure I see the good side of every situation. For example the other day I walked in to town to grab a coffee. Now this isn’t anything special but on that particular day i’d been told that i’d been unsuccessful in getting a job for which i’d gone to an interview. Usually i’d go back home, have a sulk and think about how useless the successful candidate would be at the job compared to myself. But that day I went out and grabbed a coffee and as I was walking home I suddenly felt a wave of happiness wash over me. I was in such a good mood and really, I had no reason to be. But, the weather was incredible, the coffee was good, the people I walked by all had smiles on their faces, I had a smile on my face and at that moment in time, just that half hour walking home, life was ok, all was good. You see, seeing the good things in life- that every situation and every moment, no matter how bad it first may seem, in a good light, is what makes it all worthwhile. I didn’t have the job; but I had my health, my coffee and a smile to go with it. I also saw a little dalmatian puppy, and for some reason those little guys are mad rare these days, so if that doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.

There is, however, an issue to this. I’ve found, in my extensive research (a bit of googling and mostly common sense if i’m honest…) that Social Media is the main culprit for this absolute tidal wave and age of jealousy and hate.  Then it comes to kids, children who are being made to grow up far too quickly these days. Magazines, Instagram, Reality Television, ‘Celebrity Culture’; they’re all contributing factors to children as young as 10 or 11 wanting to grow up, and in effect, skip childhood altogether! Being a kid isn’t ‘cool’ anymore, especially if you’re a kid. We also seem to be living in a whole new and advanced-level age of selfish, greedy, ungrateful children who, with all their iPhones and iPads and iMacs and iPods and – i’m sensing a little trend here… My point is, kids these days never seem satisfied with what they’ve got, and the ‘things’ that they are given are never good enough because they’ll never size up to whatever the latest ‘thing’ is.

I don’t know. Maybe this is a western thing. Maybe in other cultures children aren’t so hell bent on becoming famous, or rich. Maybe in other cultures children are raised and taught to love and be grateful, and to not expect the best and the newest and for sure, taught not to expect the world to fall to their wants and desires. Maybe in other cultures children are taught that what they have, that what their parents can give them, is enough. Maybe they’re taught that hard work, graft, ambition and dedication are what it takes to create a better life for themselves. Maybe they’re taught that reality television isn’t reality at all and that that path is only there for those seeking greed and fame, not happiness. But what do I know.

I guess what i’m trying to get at with this post, should anyone see it, is that life is full of ‘things’ that are going to eventually make you feel jealous or envious of others. Life is full of people and ‘celebrities’ and magazines and social media all in cahoots as to how they can form a plan to make you feel a little worse about yourself. And for the most part, they’ll succeed. It is a shame but that’s just the culture we live in. My point is that perhaps if people tried a little harder to ignore the bad side of this ‘social media society’ – for example the teen magazines telling ten year olds that they should look this way, or that – that maybe we can be a happier society. We don’t need to get rid of social media, I myself love a bit of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest (the list goes on). But we do need to start taking less notice when it tries to make us want to be a certain way, or be like a certain person or get down to a certain weight. When it tries to make us forget that what we have, and that what we are able to financially get, isn’t inferior, and that it is enough.

Just a quick thought. Think about it. And if you made it this far, thank you, you’re a hero. Feel free to comment what you think on the subject, i’m very interested to find out!


And until next time…

















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