GQ | AUGUST | 2017

It’s so so strange to be writing a blog post after so long! Especially a GQ post; they’re my absolute favourite and it feels so good to be planning one out right now. Plus, you know, it’s an excuse to buy a GQ, I suppose. One quick thing, I’m not a massive fan of going to length on the feature articles of GQ, I like to leave that to you to search up and i’ll leave a link somewhere near the end of this post. I just want to give you the low-down on August’s issue. It’s my favourite GQ issue in a very long time, for quite a few different reasons and I had to write a post on it.

But actually, before we start, lets talk about the first few pages of any GQ issue. Traditionally cluttered with gaudy images of far too skinny and rough-looking male models and clothes that look as though they come straight out of an 80’s futuristic television series; GQ’s front pages are odd, to say the very least. This month, however, apart from a very average double page spread from Prada (nothing new there then) it’s a different story altogether. Patek Phillipe, Cartier and  Breitling watches (all stunning by the way). From the off, August’s GQ has a touch more simplicity and frankly, at last, some class about it. I like it.

I’ll skip very swiftly passed the Fila sliders a little further in…

…Even quicker passed the ‘Party Page’. Absolutely not, GQ!

BUT! It gives me great pleasure to bring your attention to… PAGE 42! WOOO YEAH!

“Why are you so excited to talk about page 42, Danny?” I hear you say. Well it’s a good thing you asked, dear reader. I’ll let you know. You see the headline on page 42 of GQ August 2017 is ‘Why You Need Liberace Hands’, followed by a large image of a hand covered in big rings. They include, Alexis Dove, Gucci (obviously, it wouldn’t be GQ without a bit of Gucci), Thomas Sabo, Alexander McQueen, Dior and Versace. Why does this make me happy? Well apparently, these rings are now ‘in’ and everyone has recently started wearing them, apparently, allegedly, some say – the bit that makes me happy is that I myself have been wearing my Thomas Sabo Falcon ring (not featured) since August 2016. Which would mean, dear reader, that I am one whole year ahead of the UK’s most fashionable men’s magazine, thank you *drops mic*.

Here are the rings:

  1. Alexis Dove – Buddha Signet Ring – £110-£135
  2. Gucci – Lion Head – £275
  3. Thomas Sabo – Black Ceramic – £149
  4. Alexander McQueen – Signet Ring – £225
  5. Dior – Rhodium Finish Ring – £460
  6. Gucci – Feline Head – £205
  7. Thomas Sabo – Skull – £198
  8. Versace – Greca and Medusa – £180 (This is the closest match I could find on Versace’s website)

Prices can be a bit steep but if your aim is to make a statement, well, ain’t no better way, my friend. My personal favourites out of this list are the two by Gucci, because I love big and wild rings, and these two have so much character.

We’ll skip, again, swiftly by the small ‘filler article’ on ‘male camel toes’ by Dylan Jones. There really isn’t any need, Dylan.

I had to take a minute to compose myself before this next bit. ‘Geezer Chic’ – Mark Francis (If you know you know) would be beside himself! Let me start with the associated brands:

Stone Island, Champion, Moschino, Lacoste, Reebok. They have a couple more but I do consider ‘Off White’ and ‘Ralph Lauren’ to be more acceptable.  The ones I have listed should never be considered ‘Chic’ in any sense of the word. Also what they refer to as ‘street’ I have always known as ‘chav’ (#SorryNotSorry) and any form of the ‘Shell Suit’ style track suit should be left firmly in 1995. Don’t even get me started on the silly little man-bags that these little boys carry these days, I mean what the actual Ffff-ashion faux pas!

Now let’s move on before I break my keyboard.

I’m going to skip the McLaren spread. I’ve no time for boring super cars (#JustNotSorry)

I’ve never really rated the ‘Taste’ section. Always looks a little rushed and last-minute in my opinion. Skipped.

GQ’s ‘Style’ section this month is on point. I mean, you know, besides Mr Chapman looking like a complete berk on the D&G runway. But my favourites include:

  • Gucci’s outrageuosly priced £640 Cuban collared silk shirt… (not on the website for some reason but here is a similarly priced ‘Flora Snake Print’ silk shirt.
  • Filson’s snazzy bag – £195 – Again, the actual bag seen in GQ isn’t on Filson’s website but in my opinion this tote bag is actually nicer.
  • North Skull’s incredible ring – £115 down to £80.
  • And finally, very unlike me, an absolute YES to Giuseppe Zenotti’s Kyoto Loafers £665 (again, they’re not on the site… but these William Velvet ( £715) loafers are very nice indeed, and are little (a lot) more toned down and understated than the Kyotos.

‘Bachelor Pad’ has gone all summer (obviously). You know the drill, here are my Top 3:

GQ, by all means hype up cycling, but surely not Chris Hoy (I refuse to add the Sir because I truly do not believe he deserves it). Doesn’t he spend his career cycling in a big lopsided circle?

As I said at the start of this post, I won’t mention Cara Delevingne’s feature article. Only that I will say I respect her drive, her ambition and absolute couldn’t-give-a-f*** attitude. Very good article, you can find that right !here! on GQ’s website. Go have a read.

Ahhh, my favourite section, the back pages – AKA ‘The Fashion Collection’. I’m just going to link my favourite items and let you go have a good look:

And last but certainly not least. The House Section. What can I possibly say?  A man can dream, can’t he?

OK so, if somehow for whatever reason you’ve made it this far in to the blog post, I love you, thank you. You’re a champion. I hope you enjoyed reading and are already itching to click the follow button *cough* please *cough*…

I’m definitely going to try my hardest to post every SUNDAY from this point onward. Again, if you would click the follow button on my blog, it helps me out immensely, doesn’t take any time at all and you’d never miss a post! and please do share it around, that’d be great. Thank You very much for reading.

Until next time…



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