Get Yourself a Happy Place


I suppose everyone’s got some form of Happy Place, haven’t they. Whether it be in physical form; somewhere they visited as a child, which holds fond memories or times spent with loved ones or whether it be just somewhere they go in their mind to escape everything; a state of mind which relaxes them and calms them.

I myself kind of enjoy both; I like to be alone sometimes, I think it’s good for you; it allows you to be alone with your thoughts and not have any distraction keeping you from focusing on yourself from time to time. I like writing, it’s what I do, and in some ways it’s the only thing i’ve ever really been any good at. For me to sit alone at home and write a blog post, or a short story, makes me happy.

I also enjoy coffee shops, whether that be a big named place or a small independent coffee shop; there’s something about them that calms me, people just seem nicer when they’re sipping on a cup of coffee or a nice cup of tea than anywhere else. It’s quiet (usually) and I feel that sitting in a coffee shop is when some of my best words are written. Coffee shops are a ‘Happy Place’ of mine.

If you’re an anxious person, or someone who simply can not stand to be constantly around other people then you, my friend, need yourself a ‘Happy Place’. It seems so silly when I put it like that, like i’m telling a child to go outside and play, or something, but it’s true. Having somewhere to which you know you can go, alone, and chill out, is so important. You need it.

Often it doesn’t matter where I am. For example, right now i’m currently sitting on a rather packed train on my way home from London and i’m chill as you like, because i’m writing, and that, as you know, is my ‘Happy Place’. Writing anything; blog posts, poetry, lyrics, even short stories, it’s therapeutic for me, I love it.

Not a particularly long post, but I think it’s important that you know that you can spend some time on your own; and be alone with your thoughts. Because sometimes that’s exactly what we all need.

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About A Message In A Blog

Hi, I'm Danny. Welcome to A Message In A Blog. The name of my blog simply is a play on the phrase 'A Message In A Bottle', but you know, this is a blog so... see what I did there? I always found the idea of a message in a bottle fascinating and thought it was an apt name (I hope this blog proves worthy!). I'm trying to find my niche (truly, I am) but for now my posts are focusing on positivity, happiness and living your life how YOU want to live it. Simple. I very much welcome comments on my posts, love them in fact, so feel free to do that. And if you find yourself reading this, please do click that follow button and you'll never miss a post. Clever, eh!
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  1. calmkate says:

    great advice, thanks for the follow 😉

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