Fear- Part 1

I’m in no way an expert on this subject. But here’s the start of my brief and uneducated opinion…

It doesn’t matter what or who you fear, if you’re scared of something, whether it’s rational or not, it’s very difficult to get in to a mind-set in which you can confidently tell yourself “it’s OK, it can’t hurt me”. I myself am scared, nay, freaking petrified of spiders, big or small. But I live in England, a country where there are, as far as I know, zero species of the creepy little buggers that can actually harm me. But in my mind, they are terrifying. I think it’s the way that it doesn’t matter from which direction you’re looking, they can 1. Always see you and 2. Are able to get going in a split second at horrific speeds in any direction they fancy. Tell me i’m being irrational now.

Meanwhile in land of being afraid of buttons and moths…

Now I never poke fun of anyone for being afraid of anything, but being afraid of buttons is just hilarious and there’s no arguing.

There are, however, more forms of Fear that aren’t as obvious as being scared of a physical thing. Being afraid of failure, and so therefore spending your entire life not trying, that is a rational fear. Being afraid to love because you’ve been hurt before, that is a rational fear. Being afraid of taking the big strides to success because you’re anxious about what other people might be saying about you behind your back, that is a rational fear.

Actually, somehow arachnophobia doesn’t quite seem that bad.

You see I feel like when it comes to this subject, we spend far too much time focusing on the physical fears from which a person might suffer and not enough time focusing on those which are hidden and that often, are the ones which are more damaging. We know how to cure people of their fear of spiders; by putting them in a room full of spiders; and I should imagine that it’s not too hard to cure someone of their fear of buttons. One of the most difficult things is to cure someone of a fear that is rooted so deeply in their mind as something that can never be overcome. It goes beyond fearing what other will think; it’s deeper than that. This is about how an individual feels about their own self worth. So.

How do you stop someone fearing themselves? Time.

People need time to be able to get their thoughts straight, so they can begin to gradually get their worries out in the open, preferably with someone to whom can go and be 100% trusting in their ability to have a conversation in complete confidence. Trust is key to someone who has a mindset in which everyone is against them.

I’m going to pick this up again with Part 2 in a few days…


Until Next time…





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