London I Love You

I used to visit London a lot as a child; but it’s only really recently that I have come to actually admire quite how much of a beautiful city it is. I spent eight, yes EIGHT hours filming in London last Saturday for my YouTube channel (Sibling Junction) working on a short video which massively differs from my others. Whilst walking around – and subsequently ruining every muscle in my body – I realised something. You see, ever since I was a child, London has been portrayed by the media as a crime ridden place full of gangs and violence. And then every now and again they say “oh but it’s not all bad, we’ve still got the memory of the 2012 Olympics!”.

Back to the point. There was a moment on my Saturday outing when we came to China Town; a section of London filled with vibrant colours and people and the smell, oh yes! THAT SMELL! The Chinese population were at the time celebrating their New Year, (and although to me London has always been a place of fun and excitement) the city became such a bright place. It seems weird, but what with all the tension these days with -*warning, taboo topic*- immigration, everyone just got along and the place simply…mingled. There was no atmosphere that suggested any form of tension in the city that day; it was beautiful.

Lon 4

One of the things that I love about London is how random it can be. I mean, take that Saturday for example; I was walking from Waterloo train station to the London Eye, no big deal right. I had to walk through a car park; again, what’s so random about that? In the middle of this small (not even a large) carpark, the floor was all ripped up and a structure made in to a loop replaced it with a car stuck upside down on it. Actually i’m finding this far too difficult to explain… Here it is.

Lon 7

How random can it get? It matches randomness levels of the floating house that someone (I never know who does these things) plonked in the middle of Covent Garden one day last year. Here’s a picture of that as well… Who comes up with this stuff? Really.

Lon 9 Lon91


After spending a good few hours getting some shots for the video, we made our way to Trafalgar Square to visit one of my all time favourite buildings; The National Gallery. There’s something about that building that just calms me (you know, once I manage to zone out all the rambling tourists and crying children). The thought of having so much history in one building, so much beauty over hundreds and hundreds of years of human life, is astounding. If you haven’t already visited The National Gallery and are planning a trip to London any time soon, go and have a look; it’s free entry and you get to look at the jaw dropping talent that adorns every wall. Here’s a little taster of what you can expect when you visit this quite extraordinary building. Again, try to blank out all the other people.

Lond1 Lond3



So there you go, I love London and to me it will always be the greatest and most beautiful city on the planet. Let me leave you with some other snaps I took while I was wandering around near the river that day….

Lon 1 Lon 2 Lon 3 Even managed to get a rather arty one of me crossing one of the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

Lon 5 Lon 6


Until next time, friends…





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