Decisions, Decisions


I haven’t posted much over the last month or so; and it isn’t because i’ve become lazy or stagnant, it’s because i’m still deciding what this blog is going to be. I think i’ve figured it out now; thanks to a little advice. Let me explain…

As a blogger you’re faced with two options; firstly, you can decide to blog about whatever comes to your mind, on whatever subject you feel like writing about and hope that people notice you; and secondly you can decide to focus your blog on one subject or theme and aim yourself at one demographic in the hope that that specific niche will accept you.

I need to find that piece, that idea and structure that will complete my blog puzzle.

Here’s a picture of an incomplete puzzle. You know, just in case you didn’t know what one looked like!

incomplete puzzle

I feel like neither of those choices necessarily defines me as a writer; and also, I don’t believe that your writing should be ruled by any strict guidelines just because that’s what ‘everyone else does’, same as anything else in life. So i’ve decided that the best thing for me to do with this blog-which will be the basis of my blog’s future format-is to combine the two ‘rules’ and create my own SUPER RULE! To have a light focus (i.e Fashion) and combine it with whatever I feel like writing about. I might, for example, want to write about current affairs and decide to weave fashion in to the mix; or I might simply want to write about current affairs. I don’t want the blog to become stagnant or for lack of a better word, boring. I want it to be in some ways, innovative. I want it to be free.

So this is the structure that i’ve chosen for ‘Danny’s Blog’. I will have fashion as my focus, something to which I can return to for any post I upload; but I do want to give the blog it’s own identity, and I feel the way to do this is to simply not go with what everyone else is doing. I don’t want to write about one thing, that’s not what i’m about. I want to write about EVERYTHING!

I thought that to be a successful blogger you had to have a focus, a specific niche that you directed to a specific type of demographic so as to gain recognition. But I realise now that the most important thing about a blog- in my mind – is that people enjoy your writing, and if that means directing my writing to a wider demographic, thereby (and I take this from ALL blogging ‘tip’ books) risking not having a strong and loyal follwowing, then so be it. I feel like now my blog has a purpose, and a direction to go in.

Plus, surely aiming my writing at a wider and more varied demographic just means that there’s more of a chance of gaining a larger audience, no?

Here’s me completing my blog puzzle, you know, just in case you were wondering what that might look like!


Please, if you’re reading this, do make sure you comment and let me know your thoughts on my decision. Like this post, comment and most importantly, follow and share it.


Until next time…




About A Message In A Blog

Hi, I'm Danny. Welcome to A Message In A Blog. The name of my blog simply is a play on the phrase 'A Message In A Bottle', but you know, this is a blog so... see what I did there? I always found the idea of a message in a bottle fascinating and thought it was an apt name (I hope this blog proves worthy!). I'm trying to find my niche (truly, I am) but for now my posts are focusing on positivity, happiness and living your life how YOU want to live it. Simple. I very much welcome comments on my posts, love them in fact, so feel free to do that. And if you find yourself reading this, please do click that follow button and you'll never miss a post. Clever, eh!
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