All Hail H&M

A couple of weeks ago we got a stint of really nice weather; which tempted me to go out and get something that matched the summer sun. Unfortunately-this being England-the weather is rather unpredictable and we’re now getting quite a lot of rain. Today for example, is lovely; the sun is shining and it’s actually really warm;  however yesterday I drove through a massive thunder storm and I thought I was going to get washed off a bridge…

I’m an optimistic kind of fellow, however, and I will insist on posting summery blogs until it’s clear that the season is up. So here are a few more things that I recently got from H&M that you guys need to know about, before you go out and spend too much on things for which you are buying the logo and nothing else.

So let us begin…

no collar This now stands at the top of the list of my favourite shirts. You don’t see this style of shirt knocking about too much these days and now that I’ve got one, i’m not entirely sure why. I was slightly dubious at first about getting it and then I saw Steve Booker (award winning fashion blogger) wearing it and I thought; “you know what, that’s a really good look”. It goes amazingly well with a pair of linen shorts and either flip flops or deck shoes; and i’m not sure exactly how, but it feels airier (is that a word?) than most shirts with collars.  £24.99. Great price; great shirt.

green vSay what you want about H&M, but they know how to get people spending. This deep V-Neck tee is only £3.99! and the quality is amazing. Extremely lightweight and great for warm weather (when it holds up). There’s not much I can say about this other than you should absolutely go and get a couple. I say a couple because I had to restrain myself from getting one in every colour because the price was so good. I might actually go and get the rest right now…

linen shortOK, i’m back, and I’ve loaded myself with every colour V-Neck that H&M currently own. Now, these linen shorts are what I was referring to in the first paragraph with the shirt. I recently purchased them and found that they work perfectly together; although I bought them in pink. I always try and get people to make sure they look around before buying anything, because the bargains that are lurking around these days are ridiculous. This pair will cost you a mere £14.99. You’ll  be facing double that anywhere else.

chino s£7.99 for a pair of great quality chinos? Yes please. I love chinos, and recently I’ve started to (literally) get in to chino shorts. These beige chinos go well with almost any colour you choose; but i’d stay plain and match them with a simple white T-Shirt and keep the look fresh.


Well, there you go; get yourselves down to your local H&M and have a search for some of their out-of-this-world bargains.

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Until next time…


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