Summer Traps

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It’s all very well and good posting blogs about outfits that I like, or a T-Shirt i’ve just bought; but I figure I should at some point upload a post where I point out some traps which men often fall in to during the summer season. I’m quite confident that most of you guys know the type of thing I mean, but I really do need to let some people know what they’re doing wrong (in my eyes of course) when they think they look ‘cool’ in the warm weather. Things like sandals and socks, or certain types of snapbacks or wearing 3/4 length tracksuit bottoms.

Now obviously there are people who naturally become exempt from a few of these as soon as they turn fifty; this would include the sandals and socks business or maybe a bucket hat (strictly for fishing). So if you are in that age category please pay no attention!

I’ll try and make it short and sweet and give you the basic mistakes that you guys should be avoiding! Regardless of whether Joey Essex is wearing them or not.

First up are short (really short) shorts that are far too small for any man to be wearing. Now short board-shorts worn on holiday are Ok; but when you’re walking down the high-street in what could quite easily pass as female boxer-shorts then you know you need to draw a prolifically fat line through your list of fashion choices.

Snapbacks really do need to make their way on to this post as they seem to be synonymous with the exact type of person that I can’t stand most in this world. People who refer to themselves as ‘hipsters’ need a swift clip round the ear for trying to be different and at the same time successfully becoming a new addition to the ever-growing herd of copy-cat sheep who strive to be like everyone else. Snapbacks do, however, look ok on people who are genuinely wearing it as a part of an outfit in which it looks like a reasonable addition to the ensemble. I myself prefer the five panel caps that are a lot less wild and conspicuous than the snapback.

Bucket hats used to be confined to the fishing lake, but ever since (in this country at least) yep, you guessed it, Joey Essex wore one, i’ve seen them all over the place on the heads of people who are wearing them thinking that they are a decent fashionable item. They’re just not, lads, and you do not look fashionable. You can not justify looking like a complete wolly just because someone famous has worn the same thing beforehand.

I’m going to leave it there; this will definitely be a post that I will be coming back to as a blog to vent my anger at people who take up ‘phase’ fashion thinking that it looks good.

Please feel free to comment and let me know your fashion hates, I’m intrigued to know what you think about what i’m calling ‘phase fashion’, regarding things people wear that soon fall out of favour once they realise how daft they look.


Until next time…





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