It’s GQ Time!


Whenever I get a GQ I automatically head straight to two things; the main feature interview and the back fashion pages. This month is a treat beyond all measures because not only is the feature article an interview with Jessica Alba (there are also some awesome photos); but the back pages are full to the brim with awesome summer buys. So to sum up, so far it’s pretty awesome.

I’m going to point out a few of my favourites from this months edition that wont break the bank, and hopefully you guys will go out and treat yourselves to.

armandanavyredIt’s no secret by now that I like deck shoes (or boat shoes) and these Armada deck shoes from Chatham for £59.00 are not only a great price, but are perfect for the summer. Good choice, GQ. Wear them with some chino shorts and a white cotton shirt.


Watch_1If you saw my Pinterest you’d know that I have a slight obsession with watches. I have a few myself and I feel naked without my watch on. To me it doesn’t really matter if it’s expensive or really cheap, a watch is a thing of beauty and a piece of art that still baffles me when I try to figure out how they are crafted. This watch is £150.00 and worth every penny. It has a slight stealthy element to it and it definitely has a simple, understated beauty to its design. I love this watch, and am very tempted.

WayFlyerTort2_largeI don’t have many pairs of sunglasses, but I do like them, and these Wayflyer 2.0 Redwood Polarised sunny’s from Johnny Fly Co just make me want to buy more. I love the wooden-look arms and the frames have such a beautiful and warming pattern that they scream summer. Get them for $88.00 USD. No really, get them.

moorgate broguesI have never owned a pair of shoes like these, but I have recently begun to really see why you would. They work on both a formal and casual basis and they are so cheap I wouldn’t be surprised if they are sold out everywhere. £39.00. I mean come on, what more of a bargain can I possibly find you?


I love GQ, it always has something for everyone and it never fails to deliver pure quality products to its readers. Thanks, GQ.

Let me know what your favourites from any of your favourite magazines or websites are, so I can go check them out.


Until next time…






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  1. tinawetshi says:

    Jessica Alba looks amazing on that cover

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