We Need To Talk About Jim


For all the messy-haired, skinny-jean wearing ‘stylish’ hipster YouTubers there really isn’t a very big selection who manage to remain stylish in a classy and refined way quite like Jim Chapman. He’s been in GQ’s best dressed list I don’t know how many times now and whenever you spot him on the red carpet or at any event, he’s rocking an outfit that just screams traditional English Gentleman. If you’re a fan of YouTubers (like myself) you’ll know that there are far too many bandanas and snapbacks knocking about these days and style seems to always take second place, but Mr Chapman seems to be subconsciously rebelling against this declining fashion sense among his fellow YouTube creators and is paving the way for the more fashion conscious.


It’s also worth noting that Jim is one of the most genuinely nice guys on the planet. There doesn’t seem to be a bad bone in his very well-dressed body, and it’s quite clearly not a front, either. He’s an inspiration to such a large following on Twitter and YouTube and, well, any other social networking site you can think of. But back to the main point; he manages to film videos, present TV shows, and be everywhere all at the same time AND still manages to do it looking snazzy in Burberry, or Aquascutum or any other iconic brand; incredible. Oh, did I mention he also has his own blog. What else can you do Jim? Are you a professional jet-pack racer? I wouldn’t be surprised; Chapman seems to excel at anything he puts his mind to.


There aren’t many YouTubers who I would say were particularly inspirational, but I’ll list a few of them below.

  1. Jim Chapman (obviously)
  2. Mr Ben Brown
  3. Louis Cole (fun for Louis)
  4. Tyler Oakley

ben and louis tyler

This very short list of people consists of those YouTubers who I believe inspire millions of people in many different ways. Tyler Oakley has been an inspiration to the entire gay community as well his other legions of fans; Ben Brown and Louis Cole inspire budding travellers and send out daily ‘positive vibes’ to their followers and Jim is an absolute role-model to his entire fan-base, and of course, fashion lovers world-wide.

This hasn’t been a long post, nor has it been particularly about fashion; but I just felt like I needed to, at some point, write about Jim. He deserves everything he has and as an avid viewer of his, I’m very pleased for him.

Oh, and nice suits, Jim.


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I Want a Hat…

Well Hello there. Short post today!

I want a hat, but there aren’t many styles of hats that actually suit me. When I graduated from University the mortarboard looked absolutely ridiculous on me; baseball caps look beyond pathetic and you can absolutely forget about flat caps because I neither want to look like a seventy year old man or a beer bellied farmer. The only hats that i’ve found actually suit me are beanies, Russian style hats and now, thankfully, the five panel cap.

I think the first time I saw the five panel cap and realised that i’d quite like one was when I saw Harley from Rizzle Kicks wearing one. The only problem was that back then I had a complete mop style hair cut; and caps were just not built to handle that level of mop…ness. But since i’ve trimmed the barnet and style it properly, I think i’d quite like to try one again, and because it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to get one, I think.

If you don’t know what the five panel cap looks like, here you go. I think it’s no surprise by now that i’m quite a big fan of floral patterns at the moment…

five panel 3 five panel 4 five panel five panel 2


Leave a comment letting me know what you think of this style; and maybe suggest which one I should go for.


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All Hail H&M

A couple of weeks ago we got a stint of really nice weather; which tempted me to go out and get something that matched the summer sun. Unfortunately-this being England-the weather is rather unpredictable and we’re now getting quite a lot of rain. Today for example, is lovely; the sun is shining and it’s actually really warm;  however yesterday I drove through a massive thunder storm and I thought I was going to get washed off a bridge…

I’m an optimistic kind of fellow, however, and I will insist on posting summery blogs until it’s clear that the season is up. So here are a few more things that I recently got from H&M that you guys need to know about, before you go out and spend too much on things for which you are buying the logo and nothing else.

So let us begin…

no collar This now stands at the top of the list of my favourite shirts. You don’t see this style of shirt knocking about too much these days and now that I’ve got one, i’m not entirely sure why. I was slightly dubious at first about getting it and then I saw Steve Booker (award winning fashion blogger) wearing it and I thought; “you know what, that’s a really good look”. It goes amazingly well with a pair of linen shorts and either flip flops or deck shoes; and i’m not sure exactly how, but it feels airier (is that a word?) than most shirts with collars.  £24.99. Great price; great shirt.

green vSay what you want about H&M, but they know how to get people spending. This deep V-Neck tee is only £3.99! and the quality is amazing. Extremely lightweight and great for warm weather (when it holds up). There’s not much I can say about this other than you should absolutely go and get a couple. I say a couple because I had to restrain myself from getting one in every colour because the price was so good. I might actually go and get the rest right now…

linen shortOK, i’m back, and I’ve loaded myself with every colour V-Neck that H&M currently own. Now, these linen shorts are what I was referring to in the first paragraph with the shirt. I recently purchased them and found that they work perfectly together; although I bought them in pink. I always try and get people to make sure they look around before buying anything, because the bargains that are lurking around these days are ridiculous. This pair will cost you a mere £14.99. You’ll  be facing double that anywhere else.

chino s£7.99 for a pair of great quality chinos? Yes please. I love chinos, and recently I’ve started to (literally) get in to chino shorts. These beige chinos go well with almost any colour you choose; but i’d stay plain and match them with a simple white T-Shirt and keep the look fresh.


Well, there you go; get yourselves down to your local H&M and have a search for some of their out-of-this-world bargains.

Thank You for reading, don’t forget to like, comment and follow; it helps me out so much.


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It’s GQ Time!


Whenever I get a GQ I automatically head straight to two things; the main feature interview and the back fashion pages. This month is a treat beyond all measures because not only is the feature article an interview with Jessica Alba (there are also some awesome photos); but the back pages are full to the brim with awesome summer buys. So to sum up, so far it’s pretty awesome.

I’m going to point out a few of my favourites from this months edition that wont break the bank, and hopefully you guys will go out and treat yourselves to.

armandanavyredIt’s no secret by now that I like deck shoes (or boat shoes) and these Armada deck shoes from Chatham for £59.00 are not only a great price, but are perfect for the summer. Good choice, GQ. Wear them with some chino shorts and a white cotton shirt.


Watch_1If you saw my Pinterest you’d know that I have a slight obsession with watches. I have a few myself and I feel naked without my watch on. To me it doesn’t really matter if it’s expensive or really cheap, a watch is a thing of beauty and a piece of art that still baffles me when I try to figure out how they are crafted. This watch is £150.00 and worth every penny. It has a slight stealthy element to it and it definitely has a simple, understated beauty to its design. I love this watch, and am very tempted.

WayFlyerTort2_largeI don’t have many pairs of sunglasses, but I do like them, and these Wayflyer 2.0 Redwood Polarised sunny’s from Johnny Fly Co just make me want to buy more. I love the wooden-look arms and the frames have such a beautiful and warming pattern that they scream summer. Get them for $88.00 USD. No really, get them.

moorgate broguesI have never owned a pair of shoes like these, but I have recently begun to really see why you would. They work on both a formal and casual basis and they are so cheap I wouldn’t be surprised if they are sold out everywhere. £39.00. I mean come on, what more of a bargain can I possibly find you?


I love GQ, it always has something for everyone and it never fails to deliver pure quality products to its readers. Thanks, GQ.

Let me know what your favourites from any of your favourite magazines or websites are, so I can go check them out.


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Summer Traps

f n n

It’s all very well and good posting blogs about outfits that I like, or a T-Shirt i’ve just bought; but I figure I should at some point upload a post where I point out some traps which men often fall in to during the summer season. I’m quite confident that most of you guys know the type of thing I mean, but I really do need to let some people know what they’re doing wrong (in my eyes of course) when they think they look ‘cool’ in the warm weather. Things like sandals and socks, or certain types of snapbacks or wearing 3/4 length tracksuit bottoms.

Now obviously there are people who naturally become exempt from a few of these as soon as they turn fifty; this would include the sandals and socks business or maybe a bucket hat (strictly for fishing). So if you are in that age category please pay no attention!

I’ll try and make it short and sweet and give you the basic mistakes that you guys should be avoiding! Regardless of whether Joey Essex is wearing them or not.

First up are short (really short) shorts that are far too small for any man to be wearing. Now short board-shorts worn on holiday are Ok; but when you’re walking down the high-street in what could quite easily pass as female boxer-shorts then you know you need to draw a prolifically fat line through your list of fashion choices.

Snapbacks really do need to make their way on to this post as they seem to be synonymous with the exact type of person that I can’t stand most in this world. People who refer to themselves as ‘hipsters’ need a swift clip round the ear for trying to be different and at the same time successfully becoming a new addition to the ever-growing herd of copy-cat sheep who strive to be like everyone else. Snapbacks do, however, look ok on people who are genuinely wearing it as a part of an outfit in which it looks like a reasonable addition to the ensemble. I myself prefer the five panel caps that are a lot less wild and conspicuous than the snapback.

Bucket hats used to be confined to the fishing lake, but ever since (in this country at least) yep, you guessed it, Joey Essex wore one, i’ve seen them all over the place on the heads of people who are wearing them thinking that they are a decent fashionable item. They’re just not, lads, and you do not look fashionable. You can not justify looking like a complete wolly just because someone famous has worn the same thing beforehand.

I’m going to leave it there; this will definitely be a post that I will be coming back to as a blog to vent my anger at people who take up ‘phase’ fashion thinking that it looks good.

Please feel free to comment and let me know your fashion hates, I’m intrigued to know what you think about what i’m calling ‘phase fashion’, regarding things people wear that soon fall out of favour once they realise how daft they look.


Until next time…





Have No Fear, Smart-Casual Is Here


There are some things which men fear when it comes to fashion in the summer. We can no longer hide behind big baggy jumpers and long trench coats; we have to find a style that works for the warm weather. But sometimes a polo shirt and shorts just wont cut it. You will one day get invited to a BBQ or a garden party where the invitation states the dreaded ‘Smart-Casual’ on the dress code. I’m not entirely sure what we think is so hard to understand about Smart-Casual dress during the summer months, but I know this. When we get to parties we say one of two things; “Why didn’t you tell me to dress up, I feel silly” or “Wow am I over dressed, I should have just gone with jeans”. When this happens you need to understand that there are combinations which work really well, to ensure you stay smart enough but retain that summer coolness.

In this post i’m going to give you an outfit at a great price, that is a sure fire way to get that ‘Smart-Casual’ look; for when you get invited to a Fosters style garden party; what a ripper.


H&M BlazerSo first up is this herringbone style blazer from H&M. I love blazers, they give you that smart, understated formal look, but worn un-buttoned you can open up your wardrobe to all kinds of combinations, giving a nice touch of casual in to your smart collection. A nice blazer can be a great staple in your wardrobe; it will see you through season to season and they’re often very good quality. This grey (even though H&M call it Dark Blue) blazer will set you back only £49.99. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/27831?article=27831-A


ls shirtAnother must-have in your wardrobe is a classic long-sleeved white shirt. I like to have a few, for different occasions, but this slim-fit easy-iron shirt from H&M is a perfect starting point to build upon. When you get a little too warm and feel like taking off the blazer, just roll up the sleeves, maybe undo one more button (not two though) and you have yourself a brand new look. White is also the obvious colour for hot days; no black! And it’s is only £9.99. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/26339?article=26339-A&cm_vc=GOES_WITH_PD#


H&M ShortsI love denim, i’m not sure what it is; maybe my parents dressed me in so much denim during the 90’s that I gathered an unwanted obsession with the stuff. One of the things that I never really got used to however were denim shorts, but i’d make an exception for these stretched denim shorts from H&M (where else?). For £19.99 you get the classic denim style, feel and durability but with the comfort of the stretch element. This is also the style of denim that I go for when it comes to choosing jeans. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/25198?article=25198-A


I’m not going to add shoes to this post; I feel as though there are far too many options for an outfit like this. I myself would go for either a pair of flip flops, boats shoes (obviously) or a nice pair of smart shoes, to add some more sophistication to the look. If choosing boat shoes or flip flops, go for white to keep the outfit fresh.


So there you have it, gents; a nice way to get the best of both worlds. Smart-Casual isn’t so scary anymore, is it?

If you have any tips for a summer smart-casual look, feel free to comment on this post and let me know. And don’t forget to follow my blog and like this post.


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