River Island Bargains!

If you have read my other posts about fashion and you’ve checked out my YouTube channel’s video ‘Our Favourites’ over on https://www.youtube.com/user/siblingjunction then  it definitely will not come as a big surprise that I love the clothing chain http://www.riverisland.com/. There are such good reasons for this store being my absolute favourite; but just for now, i’ll let you in on a fantastic bargain of a get-up that is perfect for the weather we’re having. It’s so easy to get intimidated by the big brands who charge two million pounds for a T-Shirt, but stores like River Island allow everyone to dress to impress for less; simple. You can find everything that the expensive brand’s offer but at much lower prices.


For today’s style i’ve gone nice and plain again, but to be honest, I prefer that. There really is nothing worse than seeing someone who feels the need to wear everything they own, just let everyone know that they own a lot of clothes, it’s pointless. So something easy, and light, something airy but with pure contemporary style at amazing prices. Here we go…


A nice T-Shirt is an absolute must-have essential for your summer wardrobe, but why go out and spend hundreds of pounds in top brand stores when you can go out to somewhere like River Island and get more for your money.

river teeThis ‘Red Marl’ crew-neck Tee from River Island (of course) features a simple clean-cut design, comfortable slim fit, is a perfect staple for your casual-wear collection and is only £8.00!! EIGHT QUID! If you went in to somewhere like John Lewis they’d charge you over £40.00 for the same thing. Like I said in my last post, look around for bargains, they’re everywhere.


River chinosI have a little bit of an obsession at the moment with chinos and boat shoes, which probably means that in the next few days i’m going to find myself buying some chinos and boat shoes. These chinos are a great colour; River Island call them ‘Stone’ and that’s the perfect name, as they’re are a solid addition (see what I did there?) to your trouser collection. £28.00


river boatsYou may have guessed that these would make an appearance at some point in this post, I mean I did say that I was obsessed with them. You can get away with wearing these boat shoes with so many different combinations, allowing you to really get your money’s worth. Just roll those chinos up slightly and let these boat shoes (NO SOCKS)  and the rest of the outfit do the talking. These boats shoes are another bargain as well, at only £45.00.


I love simplicity when it comes to summer style, and River Island lets anyone, with any price range, get the look they’re after for an absolute steal.

Follow this blog for more of this kind of post, and next time i’ll be posting a smarter outfit, for a casual evening look.


So until next time…



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