Summer Is Here!

I think we can all agree that Summer is finally with us. We might have a spot of rain here and there, but for the most part it’s actually quite lovely weather. When the sun is out and you’re sitting in the park, or going for a walk, you don’t want to be burdened with heavy jeans and thick jumpers, even some ‘light’ shirts can be a bit much. What you need is something light; something bright; something just right for the warm weather. So for my first official ‘Fashion’ post i’ve put together a little outfit that produces a statement of simple yet modern and  lively summer fashion. It’s also worth noting that just because it is summer, you don’t have to use every colour in the rainbow to stand out.


prlFirst up is Polo Ralph Lauren’s white polo shirt. Now i’ve always loved a good polo, somehow they manage to make you look a little smarter than your bog standard T-Shirt, just by adding a two or three button placket. Strange what two buttons and a collar can do isn’t it. This polo is perfect for summer; it’s simple, clean cut and with it’s iconic pony logo on the chest being the only feature, it stands out nicely.  £70.00


prlsTo go with the polo i’ve chosen a nice pair of chino shorts, again by Polo Ralph Lauren for a nice punch of colour to add to your look. The soft pastel orange- which Ralph Lauren call ‘Elite Orange’ (odd), isn’t too much and will not blind passers-by like some wildly excessive colour tones do. Like the polo, these shorts have a classic clean look. With no stripes or dots or any manic attention-grabbing stars or giraffes, they are a perfect addition for a nice understated summer look. £100.00


tsI  love these boat shoes by Timberland; they call them ‘Earthkeepers’ (not sure why), but the orange tongue and heel go well well with the chinos, and that white base fits nicely with the fresh polo.  £100.00


G A sunny'sAnd to finish off, a slick pair of Giorgio Armani sunglasses. You know, to look cool.  £263.00



I hope you might go out and try this outfit for yourself. Now, obviously you don’t have to go out and get everything from this list, some of it is quite expensive; but i’ve tried to pick things that you can find anywhere, the polo shirt, for example, if you don’t want to spend Ralph Lauren amounts of money, can be found in plain white at places such as Topman for less than £20.00, so look around, you might find some amazing bargains whilst still getting the classic look you want.


Until next time…





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