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Now today i’m going to be letting you all in on something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. This blog is going to go through some changes over the coming weeks, and I hope that whoever reads this will understand why. I really wanted to make this blog about everything that I like, things I love; but I realise that-by reading loads of other blogs-  a blog needs to have a focus; it needs that one thing that it can revolve around for a reader to truly get involved and enjoy their reading experience, and for the blogger to have a chance of growing their audience.

This blog will become a fashion blog. It wont necessarily be things that I myself have bought, or things that I’m thinking of buying. It will focus on everything that I like; so i’ll be posting about outfits, or individual items that I feel you guy’s need to know about. I’ll be posting about fashion from all over the price scale, from Topman to Polo Ralph Lauren. From things that I like wearing, to things I wish I could afford! There will be images, and hopefully – When i can figure it all out – links to the relevant sites and products.

Also, you guys might have seen that I have put my Twitter account on the left side-bar of the blog, so feel free to click that follow button and find out whenever I post new blogs via Twitter as well as from here.

The first few posts will of course be focused on Summer, on outfits that work well in warm weather, and then i’ll move forward from season to season.

I apologise to anyone who liked the film reviews and all that jazz, but this is something that i’ve wanted to do for a while now. I might, if I feel it really deserves one, post a review every now and then on a particularly impressive film. I said that i’d be creating a fashion category a while ago but it soon became a little too varied for my liking.

So this is quite a big change for me, and I do hope you guys will get involved and comment. Give me tips and advice to help me along the way. Thank You.


Until next time, you beautiful bunch of bloggers.




About A Message In A Blog

Hi, I'm Danny. Welcome to A Message In A Blog. The name of my blog simply is a play on the phrase 'A Message In A Bottle', but you know, this is a blog so... see what I did there? I always found the idea of a message in a bottle fascinating and thought it was an apt name (I hope this blog proves worthy!). I'm trying to find my niche (truly, I am) but for now my posts are focusing on positivity, happiness and living your life how YOU want to live it. Simple. I very much welcome comments on my posts, love them in fact, so feel free to do that. And if you find yourself reading this, please do click that follow button and you'll never miss a post. Clever, eh!
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2 Responses to Changes…

  1. Hey, nice post! I’m Cameron and I’m very interested in fashion and style. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

    • Danny P says:

      Hi Cameron, thanks for following my blog, really appreciate it, I’ve followed you back, I hope you enjoy the rest of my posts. 😊

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