I Went Shopping



My last post focused on everything that I can’t stand about modern ‘fashion’ (to use the word very loosely). This blog will then of course focus entirely on the things that I actually like; more specifically my recent purchases of which i’m rather proud. So here they are, Oh and by the way, I will never call one of these posts a ‘Haul’ post; that’s just not how I roll. So naturally ‘recent purchases that i’m rather proud of ‘ is much simpler, obviously.


R I Flower

First up is my new Dark Grey Floral Burnout T-Shirt from River Island. I love this, no really I love it. It definitely is not what I would usually go for but i’m trying to switch the wardrobe up a bit. It’s perfect for summer, light, not too in-your-face and flash and it’s quite long, which may not seem like a particularly big deal but trust me, with my height, it matters.



skinny acid

Next up are my absolute favourite jeans in the world. I have vowed to never again buy a pair of skinny jeans from anywhere but River Island, and for good reason. They’re fantastically priced at £35, they actually do them long enough for my nine and half mile long legs and unlike other retailers they provide the customer with a proper choice. If you’re wondering, this particular pair are the Black Acid Wash Rip Sid Skinny Stretch, I also have the same but in Light Acid Wash.


brown shoes

Next are these Brown Pointed Creased Shoes. These, like almost everything in this blog are from River Island and again are very well priced at £35. I tend to wear them for pretty much any occasion as smart casual; they actually go very nicely with the dark grey skinny’s above. Very comfortable, stylish and compared to other places, an absolute bargain.


denim hoddy

OK, i’ll admit it, this should have been called the ‘River Island Haul’ and yes this Mid Wash Jersey Sleeve Hodded Denim Jacket is from River Island. This Jacket is my complete favourite of the bunch; it’s beyond comfy, the denim is not as heavy as you might imagine and the floral style pattern on the inside of the hood (which by the way can be removed) goes nicely with the floral T-Shirt at the top of the post. This again is well priced at only £50.



Last one and hallelujah it’s not from River Island. No, this plain white T-Shirt with a printed front is from the online store of one of the best YouTubers around, Ben Brown. It, like the rest of the pieces in this blog is well priced at just £19.95 and is well worth it, the quality is brilliant and the designs are well thought through with a perfect finish. Ben Brown is an inspiration to so many people, and with his YouTube channel only getting bigger, his inspiring and contagious positive outlook towards life is reaching more and more people at every corner of the globe. So go check out his YouTube channel at Mr Ben Brown and check him out on Twitter at @MrBenBrown; it’s worth it, trust me.


So there you have it everyone, my recent buys. Alright, granted most of them were from one store but then at least you can call me consistent. If you guys have any clothing lines, both online and…er off make sure to comment in the comments section and let me know.


Until next time.






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