My Top 10 TV Series

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I’ve been saying over the past few days that i’ll be posting a ‘My Top 20 TV Series’ on here, however, I soon realised that I do not in fact know 20 TV series and therefore have decided to knock it down to 10. So here is a list of My Top 10 TV series.


Top Gear 

This is such an easy one because Top Gear has been my favourite show on television for as long as I can remember. It has everything one could ask for in a TV show; Explosions, Super-cars, Clarkson, May, Hammond, Exploding caravans and The Stig, obviously. If you haven’t yet seen an episode of Top Gear then you absolutely must! Also, if you haven’t seen an episode of Top Gear, how on earth not? It’s showed in I don’t even know how many countries to around 300 million people; so get out from under the rock you’ve been living in; or if you’ve upgraded, remove yourself from your cave and get on BBC iPlayer!


House of Cards

This was not even a series that I was even familiar with up until around four or five days ago, and then all of a sudden I said (to myself) ‘Hey, maybe I should watch House of Cards, it has Kevin Spacey in it after all, and he’s pretty cool’. Needless to say I watched it and it is now my absolute addiction. So go check it out on Netflix if you haven’t already, you definitely will not be disappointed.



This would have been in second place, up until of course four or five days ago when House of Cards came in to my life. I love Suits; it has that general Law type feel about it but it’s deeper; no other law series that I’ve seen focuses so much on the actual law side of things. That might seem strange to say but it’s true; when you watch it you’ll understand, I mean, they use words that I don’t even know the meaning of and I still love it. Again, if you haven’t seen it, I really do recommend it.


Doctor Who

The Doctor has taken pride of place in a previous blog post on here and for obvious reasons, he’s amazing. He is a time-travelling, Police box-spaceship-time-machine owning, sonic-screwdriver wielding genius nutcase. Who wouldn’t love him. I watched Doctor Who from Christopher Eccleston and have been an avid viewer ever since. I’m not entirely convinced by the ‘old’ Doctor Who series but maybe that’s because it was before my time. But if you ever feel like getting in to Doctor Who, i’d recommend starting with Mr Tennant.


Downton Abbey

I have my old University housemate to thank for this one, and I love him for it! Downton Abbey is absolutely what is right about television in England today. It tells the stories of both the servants and the masters in a 20th Century English stately home, through scandal, blackmail, marriages and even war. You can’t not love it. It even got a little cameo in Iron Man 3!


Made in Chelsea

We all have those guilty pleasure series and MIC is most definitely mine. I think along with most people who watch MIC my main reason for watching the show is my fascination with how the ‘other half’ live. I love the idea of living in Chelsea, or Mayfair or even more unrealistically, Belgravia. All of those areas of London are some of the most affluent postcodes in not only Great Britain but the world. You should check this one out for sure!



Sherlock Holmes is one character who I have been obsessed with for years now, but I have only really managed to read 3 of the books. I do however claim to be the TV series biggest EVER fan! Well, not really the biggest ever, but one of its fans for sure. I think Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the top actors around and mix him with Martin Freeman as Watson and you’ve got yourself an absolute goldmine.



I feel really bad that I still haven’t yet got around to seeing the tenth season of Smallville, but seasons 1-9 were by far one of the best series I have ever had the pleasure of watching. It actually surprises me that it’s not higher up on this list, but what can you do! Tom Welling has proven himself time and time again in this series and it baffles me and will always baffle me that he never got the chance to play the big man in an actual film. Maybe if DC comics get their act together and actually decide to make a Justice League series (that’s if they’re brave enough to take on the titan that is The Avengers in the first place) they’ll cast him as Superman then. And they should.


Game of Thrones

Now there’s not much one can say about this that wouldn’t be a spoiler; so i’ll try not to take too long telling you how amazing it is. Again, it was my University housemate who brought me in to the world of Game of Thrones and again I love him for it! Making something of such epic proportions as a TV series was such a great idea, and the fact that it wasn’t just a 3 episode per series thing made it so much better, HBO definitely had some very deep pockets when it came to making this series. Go watch it…NOW!


The O.C

It had to be here somewhere, didn’t it? The O.C was one of my sisters all time favourite American TV series and once she decided to finally trust me in handling the precious DVDs it quickly became one of mine; after Friends, of course. I like the theme which runs seamlessly through the whole thing, which is the massive split between the rich and poor in one of the USA’s richest counties. I also love the way they delve deeper in to the issue by mixing the two societies, with the character Ryan being thrown straight in to the deep end of a world of cocktail parties and million dollar mansions. Brilliant, hats off to the creator of this one. Well done.



So there you have it, my Top 10 TV Series. I think you should all pick one of the series on here that you haven’t seen before, check it out, whether it be a single episode, or if you find yourself getting hooked, a full series and tell me what you think. And be sure to let me know what you’re favourite shows are so that I can check those out as well.



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