My Top 50 Movies!


This isn’t my usual type of blog post but I figured since I posted my ‘Bucket List’ which went down pretty well, you might also want to know what films I love. You never know, there might be one in the mix that you haven’t seen yet. So let’s go…


1. Independence Day

2. Indiana Jones (All Four Movies)

3. Armageddon

4. Saving Private Ryan

5. Harry Potter (All films)

6. The X Men Trilogy

7. The Men in Black Trilogy (But mostly Men in Black 1)

8. Schindler’s List

9. Titanic (Wouldn’t be a proper Top 50 without it would it)

10. The Godfather

11. Forrest Gump

12. Shaun of the Dead

13. It’s a Wonderful Life (A must see)

14. Toy Story

15. Finding Nemo

16. Monsters Inc

17. Wall E

18. Gladiator

19. Enemy of the State

20. I am Legend

21. I Robot

22. The Pursuit of Happyness

23. In fact you know what. Any Will Smith film.

24. Reservoir Dogs

25. The Great Escape

26. A Matter of Life and Death

27. The Lord of The Ring trilogy

28. Die Hard

29. The Dark Knight

30. The Dark Knight Rises

31. Fight Club

32. The Shawshank Redemption

33. Iron Man

34. The Amazing Spiderman

35. Captain America

36. Avengers Assemble

37. Thor

38. The Incredibles

39. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

40. Full Metal Jacket

41. Hot Fuzz

42. Snatch

43. The Fantastic Four

44. The Proposal

45. Children of Men

46. Mr and Mrs Smith

48. Con Air

49. Tangled

50. King Kong


So there you have it. I would really prefer to do a top 1000 list; that way i’d be able to fit in all of my favourites instead of just a few. But here a my Top 5O films. Or if they’re not my actual Top 50, just 50 films that I love. Independence Day is however my absolute favourite.

So let me know in the comments below, what are YOUR favourite films and why!




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6 Responses to My Top 50 Movies!

  1. jenusingword says:

    Have you seen Empire Records? Office Space? Those are two on my short list! I sorta think of them as classics, lol.

  2. Danny P says:

    I haven’t, I’ll have to check them out 🙂

  3. The Breakfast Club! classic 80’s movie…in fact i love anything directed by john hughes…

  4. haha no but you should start!

    • Danny P says:

      I always get stick for not seeing ‘classic’ films! I can feel the world judging me when I say I haven’t seen Jurassic Park, Matrix or Little Mermaid haha

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