The Avengers – vs – The Justice League


I’ve done quite a few something-vs-something posts by now and I think it’s finally time for this pandoras box of an argument to come out and face the world of WordPress…well…my WordPress. We all know that die-hard Marvel and DC Comic fans are ready for an all out war on the subject and they’ll stop at nothing until their side is the victor. So I thought it would a good idea that I settled the argument once and for all; thereby dodging World War 3 and or a complete world civil war. So listen up, people. Also, the more eagle eyed reader will have realised this isn’t a blog post on Marvel-vs-DC, but a post on The Avengers-vs- The Justice League.

I’ll give you my answer right away; going by the films, and that’s about it really…

The Avengers is better and that’s that! The Avengers (what with their having a God, a Hulk, and a billionaire-genius-awesome…person) would beat the living Krypton out of the Justice League of America. But I obviously can’t stop there, because that would be slightly bias. So let me thoroughly explain, character by character why The Avengers kicks Superman’s bunch of spangly little girls dressed in tights any day, besides the fact that film directors and producers clearly see more promise in the Avengers as they have their very own film franchise and Thor, Capt America, Iron Man and Hulk all have their own films as well; AND S.H.E.I.L.D has it’s own T.V show now! It’s safe to say people trust The Avengers, Marvel and it’s creators a little more than DC. I really wouldn’t want to watch a full film of The Justice League.

Captain America

A World War 2 Veteran, Captain America (according to the film, I haven’t read any comic books) crashes in to the arctic ice while trying to destroy the The Tesseract; an ‘ancient Asgardian artifact of unimaginable power’ that Schmidt (The Red Skull) is trying to use to take over the world. When Captain America finally comes round from a deep sleep (around 70 years after the crash), he finds out that Loki, Thors brother is also trying to destroy earth and needs the Tesseract to do so. He Joins S.H.I.E.L.D to attempt to stop Loki and incidentally shows off his bad-ass super-human skills in the fight.

Iron Man

What else can you say about Iron Man other than that fact he is, and I quote the man himself a “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist”. Iron Man is a super rich, extremely intelligent builder-of-weapons-of-mass-destruction-turned-part-time-agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. In some ways he is like Batman (D.C) but he clearly has a bigger wallet. Also, there is nothing ‘Anti-Hero’ about Iron Man like there is with Batman; Iron Man is all good. There’s nothing dark, or bad about him.

The Hulk 

Most of the time when it comes to the films, the actor playing Bruce Banner has got to be great; not good, great. Now when Mr Bana was playing Banner he did a good job; but now that Mark Ruffalo is playing the big man, the Hulk has risen in my opinion. He has always been amazing, I mean, he is pretty much invincible, but Ruffalo does such a great job playing Banner when he’s not the green giant, that the hulk is much more…human, let’s say. He is literally a lean green fighting machine (to quote Donkey from Shrek). And he proves to be a vital component to the team. Like a pet almost.


Thor is a Norse God who pretty much has no problem beating the stuffing out of anyone who crosses him (i’m pretty sure that’s another Shrek quote, Stop it, Danny). Even the Mighty Man of Steel would find it near on impossible to beat him I reckon, especially if Thor fashions a stylish Kryptonite breast plate to add to his armour! I mean really Superman, that’s all it takes to beat you? A stupid green rock!

Black Widow and Hawkeye

I’m grouping these two together as they’re very similar in that they are not ‘Super’ but both highly trained assassins. Black Widow (and you you can correct me if i’m wrong) is only seen in the Avengers film, whereas Hawkeye gets a small role in Thor as well. Nevertheless they both kick some serious booty with their individual fighting talents and good luck Fantastic Four if you think that you could beat them. Can you imagine a fight between The Invisible Woman and The Black Widow! I mean, not only is Black Widow a much cooler name than The Invisible Woman (Fantastic 4 really had no imagination in their name calling) but she is by far the more highly trained fighter and would kick the Invisible Woman’s disappearing ass!

So I’ve explained why I think the Marvel team is the best (I hope) and hopefully successfully compared the two teams with each other to show you guys why The Justice League of America, or at least the few mentioned really don’t stand up to the Avengers in any way. Well come on, if one team has a God on their side, they’re going to win aren’t they.

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