Tom Welling For Superman!


Now this is obvious, I think all know that this man should be Superman over anyone else. Tom Welling played Clark Kent for ten years and while he only really played a version of Superman in a few of the seasons he knows the guy inside out! As soon as I saw the first episode of Smallville I was like ‘OK, this guy has everything that makes him a strong candidate to become Superman in a few years”, but no; he was completely ignored and the two guys who became Superman were Brandon Routh (2006) and Henry Cavill (2013) and while they were OK in role of Superman (Henry Cavill being better than Routh) they didn’t really settle in to the life of Clark Kent and that’s the problem. Half of the role is Clark and if you can’t play him, you shouldn’t play any of it.

Maybe it’s just because I was so used to seeing all of the Smallville cast doing such a great job in their respective roles that I was a little shocked to see that none of them were chosen for either of the films. I really can not think of anyone from now on who could possibly play Lois Lane as well as Erica Durance, and don’t even get me started on ‘Man of Steels’ choice for General Zod.

I think it’s very strange that movie directors and casting directors feel the need to risk the quality of the film because they want to squeeze all of the big names they can in to it. Welling had everything they could have possibly needed for the part of Superman and if they make another Superman film in the years to come (preferably before he’s old and grey please) then he’s a clear choice. It would be a little like overlooking Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in a re-make (PLEASE DON’T DO THAT) of Potter and casting Nicholas Holt instead. I’m not sure why it would be Holt, I just thought of someone English and someone with dark hair; that’s literally as far as my logic stretched on that one. Anyway.

Also, forget the fact that he can play Clark and Cal, which is awesome and rare anyway, if you’ve ever watched Smallville you know that Welling can switch from good ‘Blur’ (I don’t think he was ever superman in the series) to really bad-ass cool dark blur in the click of finger; or in fact in the click of a red kryptonite wearing finger. He gets this mad, almost completely blank face with a thousand yard stare that would make Lex Luthor fall flat on his face. In fact he’s played so many different versions of Cal-El it’s tricky to keep count. So he would never be in over his head if the director suddenly said “OK, Superman needs to get all mad now and throw the Empire State building across New York!.”

There really is no reason (unless of course Tom Welling turned around and said he wouldn’t do it) that he shouldn’t be Superman; I mean it’s quite clear that he knows the character, nay, both characters really well; he has all the experience, the looks, the acting skills and passion for the role needed to do a perfect job; not just OK like the other two.

OK so leave me a comment letting me know what y’all think of this because I really do feel strongly about this one.


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