What’s So Great About Football?

Anyone who doesn’t particularly go crazy for football (Me) would wonder why on earth they get paid so much, They act like a bunch of little girls, dive all over the place, and run around a pitch kicking a ball for 90 minutes; Then at the end of the WEEK they get their £100,000 salary. Can someone even attempt to logically defend that?

Now if you’ve seen my ‘Bucket List’ post you’d know i’m a Golf fan and if you’ve ever seen me you’d think I played Basketball, (which I don’t; I just like watching it) but that’s not point, I would much rather watch or play those sports than football. This brings me on to the next part. I think other sports players should be payed more than footballers; there I said it. Well maybe not Basketball players, because lets face it they get paid more than footballers anyway, but maybe Rugby players? I’m not a massive fan of Rugby but I do agree that they put in far more work during one game than a footballer puts in during his entire career. Correct me if i’m wrong but, i’m pretty sure a rugby player  gets paid the same in a year as a footballer gets in a week; and that is just not on.

In Potter’s Britain, footballers wouldn’t be allowed to earn more than £100,000 a year, and then lets see if they are so dedicated to the ‘beautiful game’. Now, a footballer gets paid the same every year regardless of how he does, right. What if we paid them like we pay golfers, only if they win a competition do they get paid, simple.

I’m pretty sure that there are a few football fans reading this thinking ‘what a douche’, but you have to admit that their salary is off the wall ridiculous. There has been the argument as to whether the Soldiers fighting abroad should get a footballers salary for years now and of course it’s true. On top of capping the footballers wage, lets cap it at around £25,000, the same as a Soldier, and if the game starts to fail because all of its little girls quitting through being under-paid. If it does fail, then so be it.

I find it very difficult to sit through a game of football at home without getting beyond bored and completely frustrated at how this game has changed for the absolute worse over the years; and I hope some of you agree with that otherwise this country is messed up. Do you honestly think that a 70’s referee would tolerate any of the crap that the refs of today’s game tolerate? If the referees started penalising divers and pure cheats, every time they cheated then they would eventually realise that it doesn’t work and the game could slowly revert back to the way it once was. Which was alright; I mean i’m not saying i’d automatically start watching it but still, it could work.

I’m going to end it there and that will probably be the last ever post on footbal because it’s even annying my just writing about the damn game.

Give me your views on Football or tell me what your favourite sport is in the comments section 🙂

OK Bye!


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