You Me At Six

This is a shorter post to explain to you all why You Me At Six are my favourite band. I first heard of them in around 2009 and since then they’ve been a staple ingredient in my iPod. When I heard their album ‘Take Off Your Colours’ I was amazed at how good they were, then Hold Me Down came out and that’s when I truly became a ‘Sixer’.

But it’s their last two albums that really sets them apart from everyone else; ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ was a risky album in my opinion, it was edgy and different to their other two more lighter albums. It was Sinners Never Sleep that made them the band that could potentially go forever. That’s not to say the other albums were not good, they were; but this album is what, in my opinion really shot them to new heights.

The most recent album ‘Cavalier Youth’ was to be another big deal; in fact it was to be the biggest deal in YM@6’s career. This was the album that would get the band their first No.1 Album in the charts. You Me At Six were a very well established band already by this time, but this was something different. Somehow they were now part of ‘popular music’ which could have been dangerous; if they were any other band. You see, this was the moment when You Me At Six needed to show the world that they were here to stay, and thankfully Cavalier Youth managed just that. In fact, I believe this album has cemented You Me At Six in the rock history books for good.

Now unlike a lot of bands, It really is hard for me to pick any song that I like best by YM@6. They all have a brilliance about them which you really can’t say for many bands, or any artist in fact. I think my favourite album is Sinners Never Sleep, but I love ‘Hold Me Down’ and Cavalier Youth is growing on me very very quickly. Maybe they’re just all on par with each other. Josh Franceschi (lead singer) would tell you that he doesn’t like Take Off Your Colours because it’s childish and old; but I think it’s really good; yes the other albums show their maturity but that was their debut album and they should be proud of where it got them. They were always going to improve. It’s a good album, they all are; just listen to a few of their songs and you’ll be hooked yourself.

One of the things I love about the band is their relationship with their fans. They have their own YouTube channel, like other artists but they actually upload videos that aren’t just music videos. I love to watch their Tour Diaries and other little things that they like to upload. Matt Barnes (bass) and Max Helyer (Guitar) even do ‘Matt and Max Munchies’ when on tour, in which they visit local restaurants and try out the food. It’s good fun,

So go check You Me At Six out on YouTube and everywhere else.


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