Guess It’s something in the Jeans!

I like fashion, and I like seeing new things come out of it, or things that have re-surfaced thirty years after people realised that that particular item of fashion should never be worn by the public in the first place (leg warmers, i’m looking at you). But there is one item of clothing that I will always and forever keep in my wardrobe, and that I will always love for its versatility and good looks. And that is of course Jeans; yep if you thought this post was going to be about my DNA and that I spelled it wrong in the title, think again.

So i’m going to guide you through the different styles of men’s Jeans telling you on the way why they’re good or why they’re equally horrible and hopefully, if I don’t go off on too many tangents, pick my favourite at the end and tell you why I love them so much!

I’ll countdown from worst to best. Right, let’s get cracking shall we…

Super SKinny6. Super Skinny – A lot of people are going to seriously disagree with me on this one, but I genuinely think these are possibly the worst Jeans for any man (unless said man is literally stick thin) to wear. You will generally going to find these Jeans in places mostly where Joey Essex has butted his big nose in. If you’ve read my other blogs, you may have cottoned on by now that I don’t like TOWIE or Joey Essex. Any way; the main reason for me not liking these jeans is the fact that they make the man look as though he were wearing women’s tights, which is not a good look fellas. Also, how on earth does anyone manage to walk around in these things, let alone sit down or in any way bend you legs.

1969 loose fit jeans (vintage wash) - vintage5. Loose Fit – I must admit, I used to wear loose fit but come on guys, times have moved on and unless you’re a builder working on building a house…or whatever it is builders do, there is no excuse to look this untidy. This is a picture of a model wearing the jeans and even he looks scruffy and really just like he isn’t trying at all; what do you think you look like walking to the shops and back. The only other time, and this is seriously the ONLY other time jeans this loose should be worn is if you are hosting some form of sitting-on-your-bum-all-day-playing-COD-and-FIFA-whilst-equally-wanting-to-be-comfortable-and-eating-pizza-and-drinking-beer-night!

1969 boot fit jeans (indigo wash) - indigo4. Bootcut – There really is nothing wrong with Bootcut style jeans. I wear them all the time and whilst being comfy and flexible, they remain stylish and can go with just about anything. I like these, in fact I might just nip out and get some; back in a bit… Right, I’ve got my new jeans on, lets continue.

1969 straight fit jeans (vintage wash) - vintage3. Straight – We’re finally getting to the styles that you’ll see me wearing ALL the time. I love straight cut jeans and I truly believe that there should be a space for them in every mans wardrobe, simple as that. They’re fashionable, you can mix and match shoes, trainers, boots and T-Shirts, jumpers; anything you can think of, it will go with a pair of straights. Now go get some. GO!

skinny jeans2. Skinny – My favourite pair of jeans at the moment are a pair of grey skinny’s from River Island. If you haven’t already, go check them out; but you really should have done that by now. I really like skinny Jeans; they’re possibly the most stylish of the lot and can be worn by pretty much anyone. The only thing I will say however is that I would never really go for this colour and especially not with a white Tee. I don’t know, there’s something about not wanting to look like a 50’s greaser.

1969 slim fit jeans (pale blue wash) - pale blue1. Slim – Finally we get to the No.1 spot on my listSlim fit jeans have got to be the best because they offer the best overall performance and look. They’re never too tight and definitely never too loose, they’re flexible; so unlike super skinny’s you can actually sit down in them, they generally come up quite long in the leg (even for me, and i’m 6ft 8″) and so really are the best compromise Jeans. Also, it’s worth saying, the Jeans in at 3, 2 and 1 can all be bought at amazing prices. 

So if you’re still wearing Super Skinny and haven’t found regular Skinny or Slim, go get some; And if you’re still wearing Loose cut and haven’t found Boot or Straight, then why on earth not?

I’ve listed my favourites, what are yours?  Be sure to comment on this blog and tell me.


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3 Responses to Guess It’s something in the Jeans!

  1. jenusingword says:

    I enjoyed this and I’m now going to follow you! I am a girl so I like several styles of jeans…really all depends on my mood, how comfortable I’m feeling with my body/weight, what look I am going for. My boyfriend is set in his ways and while I’ve educated him in fashion for both women and men, he absolutely refuses to wear anything other than loose fit and boot cut styles. I would like to see him in a style more fitted just to see if he could pull it off but it will never happen, lol! I think what matters most about jeans isn’t even so much the style, it’s all about fit and what flatters you and you feel most confident in. I have a couple pair of super skinny jeans that I don’t wear often, when I do everyone loves them and wants to know what label…it sucks though because often when I wear them I am self conscious and constantly fussing over them. Even though people obsess over these jeans, etc. I hate wearing them just because I don’t feel as confident and constantly worry about how I look-it’s not worth it!

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