Some Watches Need Some Time Out!

I have confession. I’m an addict. I buy them whenever I get the chance, whether they are expensive or not and I’m sure if I had the money my addiction would grow exponentially. My addiction is watches, yes, watches; time pieces for the wrist that become more of a conversation starter in any situation than anything you could think of. And not to mention they can be outstandingly beautiful as well. They make real fashion statements and to be honest, when someone says to me ‘blimey, that’s a nice watch’, it feels really nice. But there are some watches out there that seriously need a ‘Time’ out. See what I did there?

Prepare yourself for pictures of watches that NEED to be destroyed before a passer-by asks for the time, you show them and they  promptly fall dead on the spot through pure shock of how awful the watch is. It’s possible.

OK, first up…

badWThis, believe it or not is a picture of an actual expensive watch that I imagine would cost the owner a hell of a lot. But this has nothing to do with price; even if I had the money I wouldn’t go anywhere near this monstrosity. I hate watches that look like they are worth £5 from a stall in Majorca; if you have the money to buy a watch this expensive you would definitely need to go for a more refined and classy look. It’s far too flashy and vulgar to be worn by any respectable human being and should therefore, regardless of its worth, be destroyed in the flames of Mordor.

Next Up…

badW2These are some of the most hideous and useless watches on the market, and serve no fashionable purpose what so ever. Confusing watches that are too difficult for even the wearer to tell the time on shouldn’t even be on sale. That way if you ask for the time from someone it would not take nine hours for them to figure out their Da Vinci Code piece of…time…telling.

What could possibly be any worse?  I hear you asking…


Well, allow me to answer. It’s anything that seems to have been sent over from a 1970’s Sci-Fi film. I simply can not begin to tolerate things like this, or in fact the people who wear them. They all think that they look immensely cool and modern and there is a chance that they think everyone looks at them as though they are a time-traveler, come back to save us from our time of medieval backwardness. These are the type of people who want to tell someone the time every five minutes, and they probably drive a Saab or something, whilst talking to their assistant via their Bluetooth ear-piece.

These three examples are only a very small collection of bad watches that need to be selected to spend an eternity in Room 101. I have more, but i’ll wait and use them possibly for another blog at some point in the future; when the watch directly above will still be ridiculous and unnecessary.

About A Message In A Blog

Hi, I'm Danny. Welcome to A Message In A Blog. The name of my blog simply is a play on the phrase 'A Message In A Bottle', but you know, this is a blog so... see what I did there? I always found the idea of a message in a bottle fascinating and thought it was an apt name (I hope this blog proves worthy!). I'm trying to find my niche (truly, I am) but for now my posts are focusing on positivity, happiness and living your life how YOU want to live it. Simple. I very much welcome comments on my posts, love them in fact, so feel free to do that. And if you find yourself reading this, please do click that follow button and you'll never miss a post. Clever, eh!
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