Lego Heroes: Marvel!


I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a Lego X Box game for such a long time. Ever since I played the Indiana Jones game I needed to see if all Lego games were as amazing and as well put together as that one. When I first mentioned to people that I was getting Lego Heroes, one person suggested against buying it; he said it was really disappointing and that i’d get bored of it really quickly. I have to say, that really was not the case. In fact, this is one of the best games I have ever had the privilege to play. EVER. The references to the films are brilliant, the comedic bits that are placed in almost all of it to keep up the ‘fun’ element of the game are very well done and most definitely do not get boring, and the actual game-play is so much better than I was expecting. I knew it was going to be awesome, and so the fact that it was better than I was expecting is really something.

I absolutely have an obsession with the Marvel films; I’m not and have never really been too interested in comic books (actually the only comic  book I think I ever owned was  The Simpsons) and so I was relying on this game to equal my love of the films, and boy has it delivered. My favourite character to control so far being of course Iron Man. I can’t explain it, I guess it might be the fact that all of the characters (because they’re Lego) come across as short and stubby and watching them move about is just hilarious.

There are a few minor things that I find slightly annoying however. I’m not a massive fan of the Fantastic Four franchise, it’s not as captivating as the Avengers or Spiderman or The X Men. This isn’t really an issue but when you have to mess around figuring out where Mr Fantastics limbs are going to end up or when you’re trying frantically to control The Human Torch as he flies around following  the path of a bee that was there earlier on in the day, it gets a little…tiresome to say the least.

Upsides occur whenever you get to control The Hulk or Captain America, or in fact anyone who isn’t part of the Fantastic Four; I even enjoyed being Hawkeye, and that’s a big deal for me because i’m not a huge fan to be honest. But the comedy sketches his character has with Black Widow are just perfect.

The actual game-play is outstanding. When you here that a film is being made in to a Lego game you really have to wonder at first why they bothered. However, Lego games are so brilliantly created with creators going to such painstaking lengths to get every detail perfect that it’s hard not to love them. You might think that it was so well put together that you forget that the characters are Lego at all; not at all, it’s so obviously Lego throughout the game that it’s impossible to think anything else.

I really want to thank the creators of this game for putting so much effort in to every aspect of the experience. They really tried hard to put forward an outstanding piece of work and it paid off. I love it.


If you have the game i’d love to know what you think of it. You might agree with me, you might think i’m completely crazy for liking it so much. Let me know in the comments.





My Top 50 Movies!


This isn’t my usual type of blog post but I figured since I posted my ‘Bucket List’ which went down pretty well, you might also want to know what films I love. You never know, there might be one in the mix that you haven’t seen yet. So let’s go…


1. Independence Day

2. Indiana Jones (All Four Movies)

3. Armageddon

4. Saving Private Ryan

5. Harry Potter (All films)

6. The X Men Trilogy

7. The Men in Black Trilogy (But mostly Men in Black 1)

8. Schindler’s List

9. Titanic (Wouldn’t be a proper Top 50 without it would it)

10. The Godfather

11. Forrest Gump

12. Shaun of the Dead

13. It’s a Wonderful Life (A must see)

14. Toy Story

15. Finding Nemo

16. Monsters Inc

17. Wall E

18. Gladiator

19. Enemy of the State

20. I am Legend

21. I Robot

22. The Pursuit of Happyness

23. In fact you know what. Any Will Smith film.

24. Reservoir Dogs

25. The Great Escape

26. A Matter of Life and Death

27. The Lord of The Ring trilogy

28. Die Hard

29. The Dark Knight

30. The Dark Knight Rises

31. Fight Club

32. The Shawshank Redemption

33. Iron Man

34. The Amazing Spiderman

35. Captain America

36. Avengers Assemble

37. Thor

38. The Incredibles

39. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

40. Full Metal Jacket

41. Hot Fuzz

42. Snatch

43. The Fantastic Four

44. The Proposal

45. Children of Men

46. Mr and Mrs Smith

48. Con Air

49. Tangled

50. King Kong


So there you have it. I would really prefer to do a top 1000 list; that way i’d be able to fit in all of my favourites instead of just a few. But here a my Top 5O films. Or if they’re not my actual Top 50, just 50 films that I love. Independence Day is however my absolute favourite.

So let me know in the comments below, what are YOUR favourite films and why!




The Avengers – vs – The Justice League


I’ve done quite a few something-vs-something posts by now and I think it’s finally time for this pandoras box of an argument to come out and face the world of WordPress…well…my WordPress. We all know that die-hard Marvel and DC Comic fans are ready for an all out war on the subject and they’ll stop at nothing until their side is the victor. So I thought it would a good idea that I settled the argument once and for all; thereby dodging World War 3 and or a complete world civil war. So listen up, people. Also, the more eagle eyed reader will have realised this isn’t a blog post on Marvel-vs-DC, but a post on The Avengers-vs- The Justice League.

I’ll give you my answer right away; going by the films, and that’s about it really…

The Avengers is better and that’s that! The Avengers (what with their having a God, a Hulk, and a billionaire-genius-awesome…person) would beat the living Krypton out of the Justice League of America. But I obviously can’t stop there, because that would be slightly bias. So let me thoroughly explain, character by character why The Avengers kicks Superman’s bunch of spangly little girls dressed in tights any day, besides the fact that film directors and producers clearly see more promise in the Avengers as they have their very own film franchise and Thor, Capt America, Iron Man and Hulk all have their own films as well; AND S.H.E.I.L.D has it’s own T.V show now! It’s safe to say people trust The Avengers, Marvel and it’s creators a little more than DC. I really wouldn’t want to watch a full film of The Justice League.

Captain America

A World War 2 Veteran, Captain America (according to the film, I haven’t read any comic books) crashes in to the arctic ice while trying to destroy the The Tesseract; an ‘ancient Asgardian artifact of unimaginable power’ that Schmidt (The Red Skull) is trying to use to take over the world. When Captain America finally comes round from a deep sleep (around 70 years after the crash), he finds out that Loki, Thors brother is also trying to destroy earth and needs the Tesseract to do so. He Joins S.H.I.E.L.D to attempt to stop Loki and incidentally shows off his bad-ass super-human skills in the fight.

Iron Man

What else can you say about Iron Man other than that fact he is, and I quote the man himself a “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist”. Iron Man is a super rich, extremely intelligent builder-of-weapons-of-mass-destruction-turned-part-time-agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. In some ways he is like Batman (D.C) but he clearly has a bigger wallet. Also, there is nothing ‘Anti-Hero’ about Iron Man like there is with Batman; Iron Man is all good. There’s nothing dark, or bad about him.

The Hulk 

Most of the time when it comes to the films, the actor playing Bruce Banner has got to be great; not good, great. Now when Mr Bana was playing Banner he did a good job; but now that Mark Ruffalo is playing the big man, the Hulk has risen in my opinion. He has always been amazing, I mean, he is pretty much invincible, but Ruffalo does such a great job playing Banner when he’s not the green giant, that the hulk is much more…human, let’s say. He is literally a lean green fighting machine (to quote Donkey from Shrek). And he proves to be a vital component to the team. Like a pet almost.


Thor is a Norse God who pretty much has no problem beating the stuffing out of anyone who crosses him (i’m pretty sure that’s another Shrek quote, Stop it, Danny). Even the Mighty Man of Steel would find it near on impossible to beat him I reckon, especially if Thor fashions a stylish Kryptonite breast plate to add to his armour! I mean really Superman, that’s all it takes to beat you? A stupid green rock!

Black Widow and Hawkeye

I’m grouping these two together as they’re very similar in that they are not ‘Super’ but both highly trained assassins. Black Widow (and you you can correct me if i’m wrong) is only seen in the Avengers film, whereas Hawkeye gets a small role in Thor as well. Nevertheless they both kick some serious booty with their individual fighting talents and good luck Fantastic Four if you think that you could beat them. Can you imagine a fight between The Invisible Woman and The Black Widow! I mean, not only is Black Widow a much cooler name than The Invisible Woman (Fantastic 4 really had no imagination in their name calling) but she is by far the more highly trained fighter and would kick the Invisible Woman’s disappearing ass!

So I’ve explained why I think the Marvel team is the best (I hope) and hopefully successfully compared the two teams with each other to show you guys why The Justice League of America, or at least the few mentioned really don’t stand up to the Avengers in any way. Well come on, if one team has a God on their side, they’re going to win aren’t they.

Tom Welling For Superman!


Now this is obvious, I think all know that this man should be Superman over anyone else. Tom Welling played Clark Kent for ten years and while he only really played a version of Superman in a few of the seasons he knows the guy inside out! As soon as I saw the first episode of Smallville I was like ‘OK, this guy has everything that makes him a strong candidate to become Superman in a few years”, but no; he was completely ignored and the two guys who became Superman were Brandon Routh (2006) and Henry Cavill (2013) and while they were OK in role of Superman (Henry Cavill being better than Routh) they didn’t really settle in to the life of Clark Kent and that’s the problem. Half of the role is Clark and if you can’t play him, you shouldn’t play any of it.

Maybe it’s just because I was so used to seeing all of the Smallville cast doing such a great job in their respective roles that I was a little shocked to see that none of them were chosen for either of the films. I really can not think of anyone from now on who could possibly play Lois Lane as well as Erica Durance, and don’t even get me started on ‘Man of Steels’ choice for General Zod.

I think it’s very strange that movie directors and casting directors feel the need to risk the quality of the film because they want to squeeze all of the big names they can in to it. Welling had everything they could have possibly needed for the part of Superman and if they make another Superman film in the years to come (preferably before he’s old and grey please) then he’s a clear choice. It would be a little like overlooking Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in a re-make (PLEASE DON’T DO THAT) of Potter and casting Nicholas Holt instead. I’m not sure why it would be Holt, I just thought of someone English and someone with dark hair; that’s literally as far as my logic stretched on that one. Anyway.

Also, forget the fact that he can play Clark and Cal, which is awesome and rare anyway, if you’ve ever watched Smallville you know that Welling can switch from good ‘Blur’ (I don’t think he was ever superman in the series) to really bad-ass cool dark blur in the click of finger; or in fact in the click of a red kryptonite wearing finger. He gets this mad, almost completely blank face with a thousand yard stare that would make Lex Luthor fall flat on his face. In fact he’s played so many different versions of Cal-El it’s tricky to keep count. So he would never be in over his head if the director suddenly said “OK, Superman needs to get all mad now and throw the Empire State building across New York!.”

There really is no reason (unless of course Tom Welling turned around and said he wouldn’t do it) that he shouldn’t be Superman; I mean it’s quite clear that he knows the character, nay, both characters really well; he has all the experience, the looks, the acting skills and passion for the role needed to do a perfect job; not just OK like the other two.

OK so leave me a comment letting me know what y’all think of this because I really do feel strongly about this one.


What’s So Great About Football?

Anyone who doesn’t particularly go crazy for football (Me) would wonder why on earth they get paid so much, They act like a bunch of little girls, dive all over the place, and run around a pitch kicking a ball for 90 minutes; Then at the end of the WEEK they get their £100,000 salary. Can someone even attempt to logically defend that?

Now if you’ve seen my ‘Bucket List’ post you’d know i’m a Golf fan and if you’ve ever seen me you’d think I played Basketball, (which I don’t; I just like watching it) but that’s not point, I would much rather watch or play those sports than football. This brings me on to the next part. I think other sports players should be payed more than footballers; there I said it. Well maybe not Basketball players, because lets face it they get paid more than footballers anyway, but maybe Rugby players? I’m not a massive fan of Rugby but I do agree that they put in far more work during one game than a footballer puts in during his entire career. Correct me if i’m wrong but, i’m pretty sure a rugby player  gets paid the same in a year as a footballer gets in a week; and that is just not on.

In Potter’s Britain, footballers wouldn’t be allowed to earn more than £100,000 a year, and then lets see if they are so dedicated to the ‘beautiful game’. Now, a footballer gets paid the same every year regardless of how he does, right. What if we paid them like we pay golfers, only if they win a competition do they get paid, simple.

I’m pretty sure that there are a few football fans reading this thinking ‘what a douche’, but you have to admit that their salary is off the wall ridiculous. There has been the argument as to whether the Soldiers fighting abroad should get a footballers salary for years now and of course it’s true. On top of capping the footballers wage, lets cap it at around £25,000, the same as a Soldier, and if the game starts to fail because all of its little girls quitting through being under-paid. If it does fail, then so be it.

I find it very difficult to sit through a game of football at home without getting beyond bored and completely frustrated at how this game has changed for the absolute worse over the years; and I hope some of you agree with that otherwise this country is messed up. Do you honestly think that a 70’s referee would tolerate any of the crap that the refs of today’s game tolerate? If the referees started penalising divers and pure cheats, every time they cheated then they would eventually realise that it doesn’t work and the game could slowly revert back to the way it once was. Which was alright; I mean i’m not saying i’d automatically start watching it but still, it could work.

I’m going to end it there and that will probably be the last ever post on footbal because it’s even annying my just writing about the damn game.

Give me your views on Football or tell me what your favourite sport is in the comments section 🙂

OK Bye!


You Me At Six

This is a shorter post to explain to you all why You Me At Six are my favourite band. I first heard of them in around 2009 and since then they’ve been a staple ingredient in my iPod. When I heard their album ‘Take Off Your Colours’ I was amazed at how good they were, then Hold Me Down came out and that’s when I truly became a ‘Sixer’.

But it’s their last two albums that really sets them apart from everyone else; ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ was a risky album in my opinion, it was edgy and different to their other two more lighter albums. It was Sinners Never Sleep that made them the band that could potentially go forever. That’s not to say the other albums were not good, they were; but this album is what, in my opinion really shot them to new heights.

The most recent album ‘Cavalier Youth’ was to be another big deal; in fact it was to be the biggest deal in YM@6’s career. This was the album that would get the band their first No.1 Album in the charts. You Me At Six were a very well established band already by this time, but this was something different. Somehow they were now part of ‘popular music’ which could have been dangerous; if they were any other band. You see, this was the moment when You Me At Six needed to show the world that they were here to stay, and thankfully Cavalier Youth managed just that. In fact, I believe this album has cemented You Me At Six in the rock history books for good.

Now unlike a lot of bands, It really is hard for me to pick any song that I like best by YM@6. They all have a brilliance about them which you really can’t say for many bands, or any artist in fact. I think my favourite album is Sinners Never Sleep, but I love ‘Hold Me Down’ and Cavalier Youth is growing on me very very quickly. Maybe they’re just all on par with each other. Josh Franceschi (lead singer) would tell you that he doesn’t like Take Off Your Colours because it’s childish and old; but I think it’s really good; yes the other albums show their maturity but that was their debut album and they should be proud of where it got them. They were always going to improve. It’s a good album, they all are; just listen to a few of their songs and you’ll be hooked yourself.

One of the things I love about the band is their relationship with their fans. They have their own YouTube channel, like other artists but they actually upload videos that aren’t just music videos. I love to watch their Tour Diaries and other little things that they like to upload. Matt Barnes (bass) and Max Helyer (Guitar) even do ‘Matt and Max Munchies’ when on tour, in which they visit local restaurants and try out the food. It’s good fun,

So go check You Me At Six out on YouTube and everywhere else.


That Looks App-ealing

Over the past few years there have been advances in technology that have changed the world for the better. People have been getting ideas that make all kinds of things easier for us mere mortals to do, from online shopping and e-books to anything Apple-branded and Google glasses (Top Tip: Don’t buy them, you’ll look rather silly). But the one thing that has taken technology by storm and that has become one of the most lucrative ideas for anyone to be able achieve is Apps. Yep, those little Applications on your iPhone and Smartphones are steadily taking over our lives. There is literally something for everyone and they are created to be ultra user friendly and mega helpful.

So here is my very own guide to my favourite Apps; both paid and free (excluding Flappy Bird, I can’t be dealing with talking about that evil devil, plus it has been taken down by the owner and therefore you can no longer get it, thankfully.)

1. Social Network Apps. I’m bunching these all in the same point as they are basically the same thing. These Apps make it so much easier for the user to access all of their favourite social networking accounts. Whether it’s Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Keek, Pinterest. You’ll find an App for your favourite one whatever it might be.

2. Pic Collage. Create your very own collages easily with this App. You choose what picture you want to add to your collage directly from your phones images and then arrange them in a way that best suits you. It’s fun, free, and easy to use.

3. Movie FX.  This is such a laugh. Just point and film anything, then watch it explode or get taken out by an alien. Watch a fighter jet crash land in your  back garden or witness the Starship Enterprise rain fire down on your house.

4. Super Stickman Golf 2. You know that boring gap in the day when you find yourself commuting anywhere. Well ususally you’d Facebook or Tweet your heart out but not anymore. Download this App, and whether you like golf or not you will find yourself completely and utterly addicted to this game.

5. Snapseed. One of the best photo editing Apps you will ever download.  The easily maneuverable and user friendly setup allows even the biggest novice in photography to transform their everyday mundane photo, in to something much more aesthetically pleasing.

6. Slopro- 1000fps Slow Motion video. This App gives some outstanding results, and if you practice enough you can create really eye-catching footage. This is a must-have App for anyone.

7. Wow FX. This App really needs no help in explaining why it’s amazing. So simply download it now and let it do the work for you. Simple.

8. Logos Quiz Game. Do you find yourself wanting to be more frustrated? Do you forget things quickly and need an App that reminds you how forgetful you are? Well look no further,  because Logos Quiz App is one of the most addictive and frankly bloody annoying Apps out there. Think you know all of your logos, think again my friend.

9. Deer Hunter 2014. This might not be for everyone. But if you like this type of hunting/sniping game, it really is something else. Best when downloaded on the iPad, the graphics are amazing and really realistic. You can find  yourself spending a very long time trying to get that perfect shot. Another must-have App, this time for gamers.

10. Emoji. I love this one. I use it everyday, you simply download it to your iPhone and you can automatically use the emojis provided in your regular texts. The emojis are far better than your bog standard default emojis and you’ll find yourself using them for everything!

There you have it. My Top Ten Apps. If you have an App that you find amazing and you really want to share it with me, feel free to leave a comment on this post so I can try it out and let you know what I think.


Battle of The Sherlock’s


I was addicted to Sherlock (BBC 1) right from the get-go and other than TopGear it is by far my favourite television program. I watched series 1 and then automatically thought that the modern twist was not only done extremely well, but that it was in fact better than some versions which stick completely to the books. Now this is all after I found out that the best version of Sherlock Holmes was the one in which Robert Downey Jr showed off his awesome English accent. This created a split, and therefore required me to choose between the two; but I couldn’t, obviously. They’re both incredible in their own unique ways, the modern twist of Cumberbatch versus the traditional but epic route taken by the creators of Sherlock Holmes (the film). So instead of this being a something – vs – something blog post, I thought I’d explain why they both deserve to be in the spotlight. It’s elementary really, my dear reader.

By now you should all have realised that my favourite actor on the planet is Will Smith; so nothing I say in this blog post will in any way go back on that; he remains at No.1 and that’s that. I do however maintain that Robert Downey Jr is my second favourite actor and this therefore means that I was always eagerly looking forward to the release of Sherlock Holmes, wherein Jude Law plays Watson, another genius move by the casting director there. Well done, people. The film is set in a late 1900’s London in which Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr) and his trusty partner Watson (Law) follow the story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with remarkable accuracy. The times in which the book was originally set is matched by the films and even the slightest of details are perfectly executed. Downey Jr and Law both portray Holmes and Watson exactly the way I imagined them to be when I read the books. I will add, I’ve only read three! But they were perfect nonetheless. Every movement, every sarcastic comment made by Watson towards Holmes was put across brilliantly.

So the traditional setting and traditional everything works well; but let’s delve a little in to Sherlock (BBC) and see why the modern twist works so well, and why it is that even the most hardcore Holme-ies (see what I did there?) would love it. My favourite book of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is like many of you, The Hound of The Baskervilles. When I heard that this new modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes was going to attempt it, I almost had a heart attack, I worried that they would ruin it and that they’d make it far too modern to be even in the slightest bit recognisable. I was wrong. Very wrong. OK so obviously it was boosted in to the 21st century, but my my did they do it well. In case you haven’t seen it yet (and if you haven’t then why on the good earth haven’t you?) I won’t ruin at all by saying anything about the episode. You just have to watch it to believe how incredible it is. And how out of this world Martin Freeman (Watson) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Holmes) are as the mighty duo.

For anyone that has never read or watched a Sherlock Holmes book/film/TV Series, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend watching the BBC’s adaptation until you’ve either watched the Downey Jr films or have read a Study in Scarlet. Then you can appreciate the genius that is Doyle before you watch a modern version and get all confused as to why he talks like an 18th Century  ‘high-functioning sociopath’ within a 21st century London. You’d get yourselves in a bit of a pickle and wont know what the hell was going on. So watch Downey Jr’s version first, then read the books, then I give you permission to watch Cumberbatch.

I’m pretty sure i’ve stated at least a few reasons why both of these Sherlock adaptations are in their own rights brilliant and deserve an equal place on the top podium. I love both of the actors and I love both of the styles; and when you watch them both I think you’ll agree. It’s very very tricky to choose between the two; in fact I purposefully go out of my way to not choose because I actually can’t.

If however you think that one is better than the other, let me know with a comment.

Bye 🙂

Guess It’s something in the Jeans!

I like fashion, and I like seeing new things come out of it, or things that have re-surfaced thirty years after people realised that that particular item of fashion should never be worn by the public in the first place (leg warmers, i’m looking at you). But there is one item of clothing that I will always and forever keep in my wardrobe, and that I will always love for its versatility and good looks. And that is of course Jeans; yep if you thought this post was going to be about my DNA and that I spelled it wrong in the title, think again.

So i’m going to guide you through the different styles of men’s Jeans telling you on the way why they’re good or why they’re equally horrible and hopefully, if I don’t go off on too many tangents, pick my favourite at the end and tell you why I love them so much!

I’ll countdown from worst to best. Right, let’s get cracking shall we…

Super SKinny6. Super Skinny – A lot of people are going to seriously disagree with me on this one, but I genuinely think these are possibly the worst Jeans for any man (unless said man is literally stick thin) to wear. You will generally going to find these Jeans in places mostly where Joey Essex has butted his big nose in. If you’ve read my other blogs, you may have cottoned on by now that I don’t like TOWIE or Joey Essex. Any way; the main reason for me not liking these jeans is the fact that they make the man look as though he were wearing women’s tights, which is not a good look fellas. Also, how on earth does anyone manage to walk around in these things, let alone sit down or in any way bend you legs.

1969 loose fit jeans (vintage wash) - vintage5. Loose Fit – I must admit, I used to wear loose fit but come on guys, times have moved on and unless you’re a builder working on building a house…or whatever it is builders do, there is no excuse to look this untidy. This is a picture of a model wearing the jeans and even he looks scruffy and really just like he isn’t trying at all; what do you think you look like walking to the shops and back. The only other time, and this is seriously the ONLY other time jeans this loose should be worn is if you are hosting some form of sitting-on-your-bum-all-day-playing-COD-and-FIFA-whilst-equally-wanting-to-be-comfortable-and-eating-pizza-and-drinking-beer-night!

1969 boot fit jeans (indigo wash) - indigo4. Bootcut – There really is nothing wrong with Bootcut style jeans. I wear them all the time and whilst being comfy and flexible, they remain stylish and can go with just about anything. I like these, in fact I might just nip out and get some; back in a bit… Right, I’ve got my new jeans on, lets continue.

1969 straight fit jeans (vintage wash) - vintage3. Straight – We’re finally getting to the styles that you’ll see me wearing ALL the time. I love straight cut jeans and I truly believe that there should be a space for them in every mans wardrobe, simple as that. They’re fashionable, you can mix and match shoes, trainers, boots and T-Shirts, jumpers; anything you can think of, it will go with a pair of straights. Now go get some. GO!

skinny jeans2. Skinny – My favourite pair of jeans at the moment are a pair of grey skinny’s from River Island. If you haven’t already, go check them out; but you really should have done that by now. I really like skinny Jeans; they’re possibly the most stylish of the lot and can be worn by pretty much anyone. The only thing I will say however is that I would never really go for this colour and especially not with a white Tee. I don’t know, there’s something about not wanting to look like a 50’s greaser.

1969 slim fit jeans (pale blue wash) - pale blue1. Slim – Finally we get to the No.1 spot on my listSlim fit jeans have got to be the best because they offer the best overall performance and look. They’re never too tight and definitely never too loose, they’re flexible; so unlike super skinny’s you can actually sit down in them, they generally come up quite long in the leg (even for me, and i’m 6ft 8″) and so really are the best compromise Jeans. Also, it’s worth saying, the Jeans in at 3, 2 and 1 can all be bought at amazing prices. 

So if you’re still wearing Super Skinny and haven’t found regular Skinny or Slim, go get some; And if you’re still wearing Loose cut and haven’t found Boot or Straight, then why on earth not?

I’ve listed my favourites, what are yours?  Be sure to comment on this blog and tell me.


My Bucket List!


I’ve always loved the idea of having a bucket list; it means that you have ambition and dreams for your life. I think if I thought about it hard enough, my bucket list would just go on and on and on. I’d find it very difficult to cap what I want to be doing. From swimming with dolphins and seeing the northern lights, to sky-diving and simply holidaying in Australia.

OK, so this post is going to be a list of 20 things in my bucket list,each with a brief reason why I want to do that particular thing. I’ll agree, most of them, if not all of them are fairly generic, but I might try and add a couple that might get a few of you thinking “Hmmm, I might add that to my list.”

So in no particular order, here we go!…

1. Go on Safari in Africa – This is a big one for me. My favourite animal in the entire world is the Giraffe, I love them; they’re just adorable. So to see one in the wild, I think i’d faint due to pure excitement.

2. Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef – I’m sure this is on most peoples list. Just the feeling of being there, seeing something that amazing. The worlds largest coral reef system, which can be seen from SPACE! Plus i’d quite like to see Nemo and Dori just chilling.

3. Play Golf at Augusta National Golf Club – Only golfers will understand. But the feeling of playing the worlds most prestigious course would be incredible.

4. Publish a Book – I’m not sure whether it would be a novel or something like a poetry book; but i’d love to see my work published on the shelves of a major bookseller. It would give me tingles.

5. Go to an NBA game to see the Lakers in action – This one ranks high in my list. To actually go and see the Lakers play, with court-side seats would be out of this world.

6. Route 66 – My sister did this and she had the most amazing time. I love the idea of driving down a mega long road with nothing either side of you but baron land, wow!

7. Go to the Masters – If I can’t play the course, i’d at the very least like to go to watch the Masters live one day. Just to see all of my favourite golfers at their very best, in the most important major of the golfing year.

8. Make a living doing what I love – If I could one day forge a career out of writing, blogging, YouTubing or anything like those things, I’ll be a happy man.

9. Hold an original copy of anything by William Shakespeare – Strange one, I know, but what can I say I love the man, I even did my university dissertation on him! Someone, anyone, make this happen for me!

10. Visit the 7 wonders of the world – It’s a classic. No explanation needed.

11. Fly First Class – I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that. Actually, maybe people who don’t like flying. But I like flying, so…

12. Send a message in a bottle – I love this one. I love the idea that in 20 years or so, someone will find my message in my bottle and read it, then tell me they found it. Would be amazing.

13. Meet my favourite Musicians – Now who would I meet? You Me At Six, All Time Low, Professor Green, Rizzle Kicks, Coldplay. And i’m sure there are possibly a few more I could think of.

14. Own my own house – This might seem a bit boring to some people, but I reckon one of the best things you could do in your life is get on the property ladder.

15. Own a Dog – I had a dog when I was really little but he was a nuisance and we just couldn’t tame him so we had to give him away. I’d love to own a husky and call him Zeus.

16. Participate in a conservation project – I’d love to work with animals in Africa one day, even if it was for just a few weeks.

17. Meet the Royal Family – Now I’ve seen The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh at the horse racing, but to actually meet a member of the Royal family would simply be the most amazing experience.

18. Be in the audience for TopGear – I’d actually love to be a guest on TopGear, but since that will never happen I’d settle for watching it live in the studio.

19.  Visit the Kremlin in Russia –  It has always been on my list and will always stay there but to be honest, given the current unstable nature of the world, especially Russia at the moment, it probably might not happen any time soon.

20. Sky-Dive – Another classic. Most people want to do this; my dad did do it and loved it so I want to do it too, simple.

So there you have it, a select few of some of the things on my Bucket List. There are i’m sure, dozens more but this is all you’re going to get at the moment.

What I want to know is, what’s on YOUR Bucket List and WHY.