After Earth is one of those films where you know it’s going to be at least watchable, because, lets face it, it has Will-The Main Man-Smith in it. And he’s great in everything he’s in.


It kind of makes its self out to be a really original and innovative film, but in reality it’s just a bit of a culmination of loads of different films from the same genre. It has the future element, the scary monster element, the father-son element, the injured character, the character who goes it alone to save the day, the brave and rather reckless character (Smith Jr) and finishes on a kind of anti-climactic happily-ever-after ending.

But with all of these factors how can it not be a great film. Even the ending, which I said was a tad anti-climactic, is a relief and a nice ending to such a tense and suspension building film. Smith (Senior) isn’t in the film too much, but even just his presence every now and then makes the film more watchable. I think two hours of Jaden Smith running around panting and passing out wouldn’t have been quite as good. But with his voice in it most of the time, and that calming and controlling authoritative boom in he has controls the film; and I think without Smiths injuries in the film; I mean if he went in to the wilderness with Jaden it would’ve been a bit too inevitable that they would survive; he plays a super has-trained-to-be-invisible-through-no-fear soldier. Come on.

Again, like other films in which Smith has starred with his son you know that even if the story starts to fail,( which it doesn’t) that the the chemistry between the two actors is going to be class A, because how can you get more connected than a father- son combo in a film about a son trying to desperately save himself and his father from impending death. 

I think that when the event happens in which Smith and Smith Jr are left alone, it kind of again feels a little inevitable. Now I wont mention what that is, just in case any of you haven’t yet seen the film, but you’ll know what I mean.

I also like the future element where humans aren’t now living in a post-apocalyptic dystopia; that has definitely been used way too much and needs to stop for a while. Earth has proven too much for humans and they’ve cleared off. and that’s in the trailer and isn’t a spoiler! they leave earth and everything on earth evolves to kills humans. Everything is bigger and more deadly; even the terrain and the air they breathe is against them.

So much for a homecoming. 

If you haven’t seen this film then you definitely should. Everything culminates (I realise i’ve used that word before, but I like it) to make a brilliant film. The cinematography is brilliant, the casting is obviously ace and the story, well even though it isn’t entirely innovative and original it is great nonetheless. So go get it in a store near YOU!

That sounded a bit like an advert, but hey, if it gets you to buy it then why not!


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