The World! Da Da Daaaaaaaaaa…


I said I’d do a Thor review but I figured it’s a bit soon and no one will want me ruining it for them; which is fair enough.

So i’ll have a little talk about The World. It’s not about how beautiful the world is nor is it about how everyone should go travelling and see the world; it’s perspective.

We see politicians acting all important and ‘running’ the world, and we see the mega rich waltzing about like they own the place. But the only people who truly see the world for what it is (which is essentially a rock, (a small rock) in the middle of space). Yes, I realise I just did a double bracket but hey ho! YOLO!

Oh, also just a quick note because I think it is mildly necessary; all those girls and guys who put up 400 selfies of themselves during one trip to the bathroom remember, most astronauts who have a proper ‘something’ to take a snap of, only take about 5!


We don’t realise quite how beautiful the world is until some brave nutter pops up in to space and takes a picture of it and we see it on Tickld the next day accompanied by a funny caption. But we don’t realise how petty our wars seem, how ridiculous political differences seem until we see quite how insignificant this planet is in the greater scheme of things. No one out there cares whether the Lib Dems or the Tories are in power; no one out there cares what religion you are or what the colour of our skin is. We need to focus on protecting this planet so that future generations can enjoy it.

Now i’m certainly not trying to be a tree hugger or some sort of environmentalist nutcase but I do realise that we are (not very subtly) destroying this Earth at a faster rate than we ought to, but windmills and electric cars are not the way forward.

Bare with me because this sentence may be a bit dull. Little things that do truly help out are things that we take for granted like turning the Tele and the lights off at night and recycling cans and plastics. So it’s nothing drastic but it’s these things that we are already doing without realising that are really helping out, so well done I guess. I’ll put a smiley face to make sure you know i’m not being too serious 🙂

There’s one simple reason why electric cars will never really take over petrol; and that is that they are powered by *drum roll* yep, Electric. There’s  no point getting rid of petrol this soon when you can’t guarantee the use of electric forever either.

Anyway. The main point is that we (people) need to realise that no matter how much we pretend that our problems (no matter where you are or what your situation is) are the biggest and most terrible things ever, we are just a civilisation in a solar system in a galaxy in a universe inside whatever else is out there that could very well not be alone. So buck up!

Bigger picture, people. Bigger Picture.

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