I’ve always wanted to knock out a blog on this subject, it just causes so much hassle and so much controversy that it deserves more attention. The only time the subject of Bikes -vs- Cars comes up in the news is when a cyclist (usually the typical kamakaze cyclist) gets either seriously injured or is involved in a fatal collision with a car which should have the right away in all road situations but has to give way to crazy cyclists who think that because they’re vulnerable every motorist should bow down to them on the roads.

Now, it’s easy to see where my allegiance lies with this matter. I think all cyclists whether young or old should have to go through multiple cycling proficiency tests to make sure they’re ready for the roads; there are so many accidents caused by cyclists all the time because they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, and the only time you ever see the police pull them over for skipping a red or cutting up a bus or lorry is when the news crews are out and the fuzz are performing for the camera.

This blog is called Bikes -vs- Cars, but I really can’t think of any situation where cars should be in the wrong, I mean, the government are actually thinking of banning lorries in London during peak hours (when lorries should be delivering and getting around) so that idiot cyclists can bomb about the place!

“Now I don’t mind if they want to poodle about on their silly Victorian distractions, but don’t get in my way” – Jeremy Clarkson, I’m pretty sure that quote goes something like that. He, as usual has a very good point, and the government should be doing something more serious about the situation, by putting a cycle lane that’s two meters long on the busiest roads of London, you’re not helping out at all Boris! You need a complete system of cycle highways that are going to keep the crazy need-to-modernise-and-get-a-car cyclists out of the path of lorries and buses and cars who have an actual right to be on the roads; simple, and forget about the money side of things because by doing this you’ll not only be saving hundreds of lives a year, but you’ll also be saving the motorists from having to go completely insane because a bike has just cut them up due to the fact they are too impatient to wait for the light to go green! 

There are certain things the bus drivers in particular are guilty for doing, this includes driving around the city like they’re in a Mini Cooper, but I mean, if a bus is coming up behind you and you’re a cyclist on a section of road that isn’t a cycle lane, get out of the way, simple.

I tried to stop being so bias against bikes users just then but it didn’t go very well.

I’m going to stop now because it makes me angry just thinking about how ignorant bike users are in London. And before you all say “well fine, we’ll get on the pavements and get out of the way” no, because that is even worse because then you’ll be in my way and I will knock you off! 

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