Gangster Squad



What can I say, put Josh Brolin in any film and it automatically turns it in to a hit. Mix in Gosling, Stone AND Ribisi and you have one epic result. Gangster Squad is that type film that assures the audience is captivated from the get go. There was one little niggle I have about it, and that is unfortunately Penn’s portrayal of a typical Italian-American mob boss; sorry Sean, I know that’s probably what they asked you to be but come on man, put your own spin on the gangster boss instead of being a straight mix between Scarface and Don Corleone.

The story and setting is fantastic, perfect in fact and it all weirdly reminded me more of L.A Noire (Xbox) instead of being compared to any other film; that is of course besides Penn, Obviously. When you make the good guy become the bad guy to beat the real bad guy you have…Well basically a bit of a mess, usually; but this is different somehow and Brolin and Gosling play the bad good guy so well you see them more of a group of batman vigilantes; which is brilliant.

I want to say something in Penn’s defense, just because it’s him, and he’s alright I suppose. He did play the typical, not very original and frankly rather predictable Godfather; but he played it rather well you have to admit. When someone gets so in to their roll, when they get lost in it, they create a character who’s is quite spectacular. There’s only really one actor who I can truly say gets completely lost in every role and that’s Will Smith; but because no actor can ever be as good as Smith, we’ll have to settle for what everyone else is capable of doing, and in Penn’s case here, that’s pretty alright.

OH! When I thought Brolin’s wife was dead with the baby, geez that was tense. That’s that on that subject.

The story is a good one, and that’s really all you need as a foundation for a good film; it doesn’t matter how good the actor is (unless he’s Will Smith of course) if the story is rubbish then the finished piece is going to be average at best. But a ‘gang’ of ex-soldiers playing vigilante on the streets of L.A to take down the big mob boss? yeah that’s always going to be a stunning piece of cinema..

They all played their respective roles well, and they made a good plot a great one, with the final scene, (not the beach scene, the fight scene), although it was quite obvious that Brolin was going to win out in the end, being really well done. In fact it was all well done to be honest, I really can’t fault it without being too picky.

Well done Mr Fleischer. Respect.  



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