The Great Gatsby

There’s something about this film that isn’t, real, somehow. It has an air of fantasy about it, everything is shaded with a tint of, fake; for lack of a better word, nothing, not even the basic sets look or feel real to the viewer. Strange, i’ll get back to that.

Now everyone always says “I couldn’t think of anyone better to play that person”; well of course not, you’ve never seen anyone else play that person other than the person who actually plays them on screen. But for this, and you can choose not to believe it, I always had Dicaprio in mind for the part of Gatsby. I’ve read the book countless times and every time I have Dicaprio pictured in my head. The one who I was a little but dubious about was Mr Maguire, and everyone would know why I would have some scruples about him; it’s because I just can’t get my head around him being anyone else other than Spider-Man, simple. But he played the part perfectly, I mean I always pictured my Carraway being a lot taller, thinner and with less of a girly whisper about his voice, but he did it well, and you can’t really fault him. 

Now enough of the actors, although they were brilliant, weren’t they.

The story bases it’s self around Nick Carraway telling the story of the time he spent with Jay Gatsby, and the wonder and mystery around him. You would assume that because Carraway is the narrator and he’s in it the whole time that he is the central character but no, it’s Gatsby, the story is focused completely on him and you try and spend the entire film working out who he is and what he’s about. If you try and assume anyone else id the main protagonist, you’ll get a bit lost. Do we ever really work out where his money comes from? I never got that bit. Also, what maniac would throw all his clothes off his bedroom balcony like that; actually come to think of it, who has a bloody balcony in their bedroom?

I’ll quickly mention the bloke who plays Buchanan. Yeah, not good. I’m sorry but he was never the right choice. The right guy needed, and you can’t stress the word NEEDED enough here, to be bigger, with an air of pure wealth and body language that screamed posh spoiled little rich boy, but also with a tough-as-nails demeanour that said i’m a crazy ex-sports captain psychopath. And Joel Edgerton just didn’t have the qualities perfect; he was alright, but not perfect. Carey Mulligan was brilliant, and frankly so was everyone else, sorry Joel.

One of the greatest praises for this film isn’t an actor, or indeed the fact it’s based on a world class book. it’s the fact that Baz Luhrmann found the perfect actors (mostly, i’ll explain in a sec) for a film based on a world class book (which is very brave, it’s worth noting that not many people can pull this off very well) and he did it brilliantly; so hats off to Luhrmann for this absolutely, sticks-very-nicely-to-the-book movie. Congrats.

Well, the film was really great, there’s no doubt about that. I suggest you read the book first though, just to get your own characters in your mind before Edgerton ruins everything for you. But overall, straight 8/10, would have been 9/10 but you know…Edgerton.


ps. I said i’d get back to the unreal nature of the sets and stuff, yeah, I forgot. 



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