Xbox -vs- PlayStation



Now the PlayStation is the old boy in this case, so the Xbox is the one that needs to prove itself. The PlayStation has been knocking about for donkeys years now and you can’t deny has improved throughout those yearS, as it should. One thing which does annoy some gamers about the PS is the pad; it hasn’t changed or improved in all those years and there are so many other pads on offer that are so much better; it’s old fashioned; out-dated. Whereas the Xbox has changed a few times, and has improved with each design, in terms of usability and aesthetics.

Now, i’ll be honest, my experience of the PS is limited to the PS1 AND 2, but I happen to know people who swear the Xbox is better than the PS3, not sure about the 4 yet, but it’s probably not as good as the Xbox One. One thing that does stand in the Xbox favour are the Call of Duty and Halo franchises, arguably two of the greatest franchises in gaming ever, exclusive to Microsoft, whereas (and you can correct me if i’m wrong) I don’t believe there are any major franchises that are exclusive to the PlayStation and Sony. So 1-0 to Mr Gates then.

There really isn’t much I can say that would convince anyone that I prefer PS over Xbox. But i’ll try.

  • It’s, errr, nice to look at. What I mean is it’s not a bad design. So that’s good. But the Xbox is prettier.
  • Ummm, it has FIFA… But so does the Xbox, and the pad is so much nicer for Xbox when playing FIFA, FACT!.
  • It’s got a nice name; PlayStation is quite cool, but, Xbox is cooler. FACT!

So this has been a slightly shorter blog, but the argument is useless; Xbox is better. FACT!


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