Rural -vs- Urban



I think we already know who has won this battle, But just for arguments sake we’ll do it anyway. Here goes nothing… 

Now I grew up in Bromley, which, for those of you who don’t know is about a half hours train ride from central London; so as a child I went to London a lot, all the time with my parents. When I got to Uni and found out that some of my housemates had only been to London once or twice or not at all I was gobsmacked. I thought how could you grow up without EVER visiting the greatest city in the country, nay, the world.

One of my mates insists the country is better than the city, and categorically states that it is better to live in the country than the city. Now he might have a point when it comes to value for money, because lets face it, you can’t really live in central London unless you are super rich, and you can get a five bed detached house with a beautiful garden for the price of a studio flat in London; but there are plenty of opportunities to find a shared house in London for alright prices, so that’s that argument sorted. You can get an alright house in London, which is what I want. Why would you want to live in the country, where there’s nothing to do?!

The other thing which always crops up in these debates is this; “Oh yeah, but what about all the crime in London?”. Now there are a few things wrong with this argument, 1. it’s not all Grand Theft Auto and gun crimes with bank robberies and “Save us Superman, Save us!”, 2. I’m pretty sure there are more guns in the country than the city, maybe, and 3. If you spend anytime in the city you’d realise that 99% of people here don’t give a damn about guns and shit! 99% of people are goodies, there are only a few Lex’s out there, chill. Right so that’s that argument sorted; the crime is way lower than the country folk think; so that’s no excuse to not live in London.

Two of the biggest reasons for people moving out of the city and in to the country are pollution noise; now these little blighters are an actual problem, but it’s no where near as bad as people make out, ask Jeremy (should be Sir) Clarkson, he’ll set you straight. There are plenty of places you can go to avoid the POISONOUS GASES AND LOUD HOOLIGANS!!. Pollution is everywhere and so is noise, and in the country everyone’s driving massive trucks and loud quad bikes, chasing loud arse cows around a muddy field. At least in the city we’re trying to battle the problem with electric motors and small quiet chihuahuas. So there you have another argument settled; it’s actually quieter in the city.

The last thing i’ll mention in this is the main one, fashion. Now i’m sorry to the people of the country but you really don’t help yourselves with this one. Checked shirts, jeans and boots; it’s an OK look, but it’s a stereotype gone mad! In the city people are constantly trying to innovate fashion, and I like checking it all out through Pinterest go check out my Fashion board, it’s Danny Potter, obviously. It’s actually evolving so fast we might all end up looking like the city folk in the Hunger Games! We’ll see.

But as we have decided the city is more quiet, has less pollution, is better for money AND has less murderous gun wielding maniacs. So there you have it, move to the city.






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