Gravity is one of those films where you kind of know it’s going to be great before you even step foot in the cinema. And we all know why; the cast, obviously. Mixing Clooney and Bullock was perfect, what with both of them being more than capable of holding an entire film with just the two of them, and Bullock being outstanding by herself for most of it.

The opening scene is full of suspense and you automatically know the budget for the film was out of this world; (see what I did there). The use of the emptiness of space is genius and it helps us understand how alone the characters must feel. No noise, No air, No gravity, nothing; just them and not a lot of time. You get the feeling right at the beginning that the third character is never going to make it, not in a million years; he was always going to be the first ‘man down’.

I think the thing which truly engaged my full attention was the suspense; if the film was full of pure action with no wondering what’s going to happen next it would become predictable, and that’s never good. That’s a bit like putting someone like, oh I don’t know, Tom Cruise in to a distopian future and telling him to fight the crap out of everything!!…oh wait they did that didn’t they, Little dialogue creates even more tension and when Bullock is left alone, when Clooney drifts in to the distance- which is rather sad i’ll admit- you get the loneliness that I believe the director was going for.

Now, there is a moment in the film when the viewer is given a really big slice of false-hope pie. It’s when Bullock is almost passed-out and we see Clooney knocking on the window, having made his way back to her against all odds. We kind of know that this isn’t possible and we know that she’s sleeping, but the suspense and genius directing still make us believe that he is alive, and it’s made all the more annoying when she turns round and he isn’t there, to have such a deeply emotional story-line in a film like this is absolutely brilliant. Clooney’s death is not only unexpected, but I reckon if he didn’t die the whole ending would be a bit, happily ever after for my liking.

That however isn’t the greatest scene; the greatest scene isn’t even when they’re in space, it’s when Bullock gets her feet on solid land again (after almost drowning that is) and she can barely stand up because the ‘Gravity’ is too much for her to take. That and the fact that we have know idea how she’s going to get home from that jungle. So two epic performances from two epic actors who, without them, or with anyone else; and I know this sounds a bit cliche, the film would never have been so epic.

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