This is of course THE biggest debate when it comes to what superhero is the best, FACT! The two big boys have such immense followings that there really is never going to be an end to it; it’s your bog standard unstoppable force meets immovable object debate.

Most people will of course say “yeah superman is invincible, he can’t be beaten by a hyped up billionaire” and then the counter argument will go something like this, “Yeah but Batman will buy all of the Kryptonite in existence and beat the shit out of a now mortal and frankly rubbish alien”. End of argument? You bloody bet it isn’t, these debates between comic book nerds can go on for… actually it’s been going on for about 50 years now; so they never end. Now i’m not a massive comic book enthusiast, and I haven’t seen a lot of the old Superman or Batman films. I also don’t think I ever saw the first in the Dark Knight trilogy, Batman Begins I believe (so what) so i’m going to base my entire argument on the Superman Returns film and The two remaining Dark Knight films.

Here goes nothing…

I don’t care what anyone says about Superman Returns, it. Was. Amazing! And Brandon Routh did the job brillianly; and there’s your first part of your argument right there; the actor. Now I happen to have seen just a few little snippets of some Superman films of old with Mr Reeve and he did a rather good job as well. I’ve also seen some little bits of the series with Dean Cain and as far as I can see they each done a good job. The portrayals of Batman have on the other hand been…questionable, i’ve only seen little tiny snippets of the old school batman and it seems everything is average to say the least.

Something that also strikes as interesting when it comes to comparing the two franchise titans are the baddies. The two obvious ones being Lex Luther and The Joker. No one ever really brings this in to play when this debate is in flow because everyone is always too bothered at the fact a Superman nerd had told a Batman nerd that Mr Wayne is weak and not ‘Super’; and a Batman nerd has told a Superman nerd that Mr Kent can be beaten by a green rock. Baddies are really what make films like these interesting and the modern reincarnations of each of the two villains are the best yet! both Ledger (Joker) and Spacey (Luther) are absolutely flawless and each of the films, (Ledger playing the Joker in The Dark Knight) is made ten times better with their performances. The only thing that slightly edges it for Superman at this point is the fact that every Lex Luther; including the Smallville Lex has been brilliant, and Ledger is, in my eyes, the first really amazing Joker.

Now i’m going to finish by making a verdict, and this is going to shock every one, trust me. Superman is cool, there’s no denying, and Batman is super rich and can afford to equip himself so well he might as well be a super hero. Superman is super strong but can be beaten by a rock, Batman is awesome with his gadgets (made cooler because they’re made by Freeman) but without it he is a bit useless. But, Batman, without his gear is unbelievably well trained and could beat Superman in your average brawl because superman, let’s face it, relies on his powers way too much.

So here’s my verdict. The best superhero, taking in all the evidence given before you is….. THOR. Yep, Thor. He is a god and is a bad-ass everywhere, FACT! End of discussion.

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