Video Games- What’s the problem?

For years now people have been getting all touchy on the subject of kids playing video games; the two main ones that people get angry at kids for playing are of course the Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto franchises. People only get annoyed when, in extreme circumstances a child of 11 or 12 threatens someone with a knife; and it’s blamed on the game, the producers of the games and in some cases even YouTubers who play the games which, according to ‘experts’ on addiction forces kids to act out violently. In my opinion it boils down to a simple solution, if you don’t want your children becoming violent by playing video games, (which is unlikely, there’s probably some underlining issues going on there, but we’ll skip that particular barrel of fun for another time) then don’t buy your 11 year old the bloody game in the first place.

There is a rather interesting story in the Times about gaming addiction. I think these people are scare mongering to find another way of getting kids off the computer and in to the fresh air, fine, that’s not bad but for gods sake don’t continue saying ‘if your child plays video games such as this and this then they will 100% turn in to violent psychopaths. An addiction Councillor, I wont mention his name, speaks of the issue like we are facing a 5 year old who is addicted to crystal meth! he says “Many addicts are children, but there aren’t a lot of clinics that are licensed for people under 16”. The simple fact is if you stop, nay, forbid you child from going near games like this they’ll just want it more. You need to explain to kids that these games are for people of a certain age that is what the number on the side of the games is for. Telling a child that he needs therapy is the wrong way to do things in my opinion.

The fact that kids get violent may in some ways have a tiny connection to the gaming industry but if you stop and take a look around you it could be something to do with the fact that children are growing up a lot faster these day from even when I was a child. There’s no point in penalizing video games for all of this. I don’t usually agree with people who say ‘Blame the parents’ as soon as an issue like this occurs but just this once, Yeah, blame them a little. If you don’t want a ‘violent’ kid, don’t buy them games based around murdering and violence, or war. But kids grow up quick in the 21st century and the news constantly stamps them with the ‘Yob’ image, maybe they think from an early age that this is the image they must emulate. steer them away from that stereotype early on and when they play these games at the appropriate age, they’ll know that it is all fiction and that that form of behaviour is unacceptable.

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