Children and Technology. Generation of idiots?



When I was growing up, the most I had to worry about when it came to technology was whether i’d fed my Tamagotchi or not. However in the space from when I was about five (16 years) to now technology has come along so much that 8 year-olds are seen playing on the iPad and iPhones and iPad Minis and Nintendo, ds and 3d and 3ds and hundreds of other things that 8 year olds should not be playing with! 

Maybe i’m being particularly bitter about the subject, but my 8 year old cousin asked his mum the other day if he could have an iPhone for Christmas! call me mad, but when I was 8 I was getting my first Scalextrick for Christmas, or a massive box of K’nex and an Action Man. 

Einstein once said, and I quote “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. This is unfortunately the direction this world is going if we keep allowing children this young to have iPads and the like. The cousin I mentioned before has a younger brother, 4, who one day in school decided he’d turn the teachers computer on, log-in and play some games on the internet. When I was four in school I was running around with my arms out pretending to be a helicopter. Some people say that this technology is good for kids, no it isn’t; what if Einstein is right and one day the ONLY way people will communicate with one another is through Facebook and Twitter. I go around to see them and it’s a miracle if one of them looks up from the iPad or iPad Mini (The older one has now bought himself the mini with saved money)!. Them if the 4 year old wants to play board game or actually decides to use his imagination I’m left stunned in shock!

One of the things which annoys me about this whole subject is the schools. I found out that their (my cousins) school has made it mandatory for children to have a laptop at home because that’s how they will do their homework from now on, at their ‘Office’ online. What the hell was wrong with a few questions that you had to answer in Pencil on Paper? I don’t really care how quickly technology inclines from now to when I have children, but there is no way i’m letting my kids have that sort of thing at 8 or 4! Not a chance, pick up an action figure and throw it out the window to make him fly; or kick a ball, not by flicking it with your finger on a screen but but actually hitting it with your actual feet!


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