It should be Sir Jeremy Clarkson


There’s no doubt this man is one of the most viewed human beings on the planet; he has over 300 million people watching Top Gear each week and is on Dave about 26 hours a day! (that sounded a bit weird) let me continue… he has been in the television business since 1988 with the old Top Gear and has done so much more in between including; Jeremy Clarkson’s Car Years; Jeremy Clarkson’s Speed; Jeremy Clarkson Meets The Neighbours; Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld; Jeremy Clarkson’s Extreme Machines and god knows how many appearances all over the box! He has been active constantly since ’88 and hasn’t stopped and the man is only 53!

If I were to pick a real life hero from the T.V, It would absolutely be Clarkson; he is the embodiment of what I want to be at 53. The fact that he hasn’t yet been given a Knighthood and a cyclist who rode a bike in circles for two weeks has been given one (you know who you are Hoy) baffles me to extremes! 

His co-presenters; James May and Richard Hammond, would both probably try and jokingly justify why he shouldn’t get one but I reckon they would, if off-screen, absolutely agree that Jeremy Clarkson should be given that KBE for services to television entertainment or Cars, or blowing up caravans, or SPEED AND POWER, or something. And just to show how much it would probably mean to him, here’s what I imagine his reaction would be if he got the call.





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