Everyone likes Cats and Dogs right, they’re the nations choice for a standard pet. But when someone decides to go all ‘different’ with their choice it begins to get just a bit creepy! I once knew someone who had a ferret; this doesn’t seem that strange to most people but to have something as creepy and vicious as a ferret in your house makes you a strange person, simple as that.

I once, nay, am still, asking my parents to get a naked mole rat! they have said no because it is, and i quote ‘creepy and looks like a wrinkly willy’, but when someone buys a snake; which is creepier and if we’re going for the sex comparison route, looks like a massive prop for a porno and puts it in their bedroom, well that’s just perfectly fine!

Rabbits, why in your right mind would anyone buy a rabbit for their child?, I mean they can be quite cute, but you have to keep the majority of them in a cage (that for some reason over the years no one has been able to make fox proof) and they evidently get eaten by said fox within a few weeks and you have to explain to the child why their rabbit is now living in the big farm in the sky! its just a pointless pet. I know some people don’t love cats but at least they’re cute and get rid of mice from the garden. Rabbits are literally only useful in a stew.

The only reason anyone should buy a mouse would be to feed the porno snake. That’s all i have to say about them.

Allow me to go on to explain why the following animal would be THE greatest pet OF ALL TIME! It’s the Wolf. Now I know they can be a bit mean and I know that they might eat you if you turn your back. They have a bad reputation and they might cost you a fortune in fresh poachers for their dinner. Simple fact is that if you take one for a walk you’ll feel like a bad-ass from Game Of Thrones and that’s that! No arguments.Image 



About A Message In A Blog

Hi, I'm Danny. Welcome to A Message In A Blog. The name of my blog simply is a play on the phrase 'A Message In A Bottle', but you know, this is a blog so... see what I did there? I always found the idea of a message in a bottle fascinating and thought it was an apt name (I hope this blog proves worthy!). I'm trying to find my niche (truly, I am) but for now my posts are focusing on positivity, happiness and living your life how YOU want to live it. Simple. I very much welcome comments on my posts, love them in fact, so feel free to do that. And if you find yourself reading this, please do click that follow button and you'll never miss a post. Clever, eh!
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