Starbucks -vs- Costa

Over the years people have argued (unnecessarily) about which of these coffee titans is the best, and a while ago Starbucks made that decision a lot easier for everyone. Let me explain!


Overseas the British and American armies are fighting for their countries and are doing a bloody good job of it! (Nice one chaps.., and chapettes), one of the things among many things i’ll admit which annoys me is the lack of support they get when they return to the countries they are protecting; or in Starbucks case, the lack of support they have been offered whilst still on the frontline!

You see, a while back some American troops kindly called Starbucks and asked for some of their coffee to be sent over-seas for the troops enjoyment because they liked it so much. Starbucks replied with a NO! you’ll have to buy your coffee like everyone else! Now this annoys me for two reasons; One, because all they asked for was some coffee Starbucks, not 50% ownership! and Two, because the big cats in the offices of Starbucks obviously had to make the decision to refuse to send a little coffee to FRONTLINE SOLDIERS, what could it hurt? really!! Maybe this should’nt annoy me quite as much as it does but all i’m getting at is that perhaps they could’ve showed a little love and respect for the men and women risking their lives so that Starbucks can keep ripping people off!

If I ran a multi-national corporation like Starbucks i’d set a bloody store up in Bastion! These people deserve more respect than that guys, come on! 

Another reason I am now boycotting this place is for something that I heard happened during the 9/11 bombings in New York! Now, this is something I heard so it might very well be just a rumour but i’m going to mention it anyway because the way Starbucks are going, I would put it past them to pull a stunt like this. The fire department reportedly asked Starbucks if they would provide some water from their stores to control the fires, and Starbucks apparently thought “Ooo, you know this could be a great business opportunity!” and said thet the fire department have to pay! Now I know America is supposed to be the biggest capitalist nation in the world but, guys, really!! 

I’m going to end this rant with one simple statement! I have lost all respect I had for Starbucks and I believe that in these two (rather extreme) circumstances they should have acted with more professional and humane actions, simple as that! I get my coffee from Costa now, One, because they (so far) haven’t done anything bad enough to warrant me not visiting them and two, their coffee is gooooood! 

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